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Worldwide Protest Events Around WTO Ministerial in Qatar

Anonymous Comrade writes:

Worldwide Events Around the 4th WTO Ministerial in Qatar, November 9-13, 2001

Hundreds of protest events are planned in lots of cities around the world to
coincide with the 4th Ministerial of the World Trade Organization (WTO). We
have counted actions in 36 countries and probably lots will be added.

Choosing Doha, Qatar as the site for the Ministerial in part was designed to
avoid public participation and scrutiny. Civil society is severely restricted
in terms of access to the Ministerial. The anti-corporate globalization
movement that started in Seattle has only grown in depth, diversity and size
since then. This movement cannot be silenced. More and more people around the
world are living with the negative consequences of a cynical globalization
agenda: lack of adequate healthcare; no access to schools; loss of livelihood
and jobs; a deteriorating environment; elimination of family farms and
weakening of food security and safety. If the proponents of the status-quo
globalization model thought that locating the WTO Ministerial in Qatar could
silence civil society they were wrong. Instead we have brought our voices and
our WTO critique home to communities all over the world.

For a list of worldwide actions taking place, including events near you, see:
http://www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=852 12&group=webcast

For more info on the WTO, see:


www.agp.org (see the list in

http://www.nadir.org/nadir/initiativ/agp/free/qata r/ )

www.attac.org (see the list in
http://www.attac.org/nonewround/mob/index.html )





and much more.....

For info on the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior that will be docked in Doha,
Qatar during the 4th Ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization
(WTO), see: http://www.greenpeace.org/politics/wto/Doha/index. html