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Anarchist Portrait Project

Kate writes "Independent online publication, theblowup.com, will be publishing its
first hardcopy issue this summer and is currently recruiting anarchists - of
every age, race, gender, background - to participate in a portrait project.
On a soon to be specified date in late April, theblowup would like to conduct
an editorial photo session with approximately six willing participants and
ask each person for a short comment to be published under his or her image.
Ideally we would like to represent anarchists in the most prolific way
possible and allow subjects to speak for themselves. The nature of this
project intends neither to glamorize nor deem ironic the cause and politics
of the anarchist movement; it seeks rather to capture individuals in a formal
setting one might traditionally associate with 'established' heroes. We hope
to shed some light on the heroism of today's anarchist movement, as
demonstrated in the recent WEF protest here in New York, even if many of its
members might prefer to remain anonymous.
All transportation, meals and production costs will be paid, out of pocket,
by me (editor or cofounder of theblowup). There are no requirements
regarding dress or appearance - only that the project be taken seriously and
best represent this cause and the people taking part in it. This publication
is not for profit and will, most likely, put theblowup media in debt!
However, we are eager to proceed with this endeavor and would seriously
appreciate interest, response, suggestions and so forth. Send all questions
to Kate@theblowup.com. More details about the date, location and specifics
of this project will be provided."