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Mad? Bad? Dangerous to know? A Clown or a strange type of danger? This interview is very Much Silvio B. unplugged and you can be the judge..

The new imperial vision of Silvio Berlusconi

The Spectator began by asking Berlusconi whether he has mended fences with Chancellor Schröder, after he likened the German Social Democrat MEP, Martin Schulz, to a Nazi camp commandant?

It was I who was offended, my government and my country. I replied with a joke. I wanted to be humorous. The whole of the parliament laughed. My reply was taken and exploited against me. But you know what? It was a reply that was virtually impossible for me to resist because I once broadcast 120 episodes of Hogan’s Heroes in which there was this Sergeant Schulz. You remember? I didn’t even think about it. Schulz was shouting at me — no? And it just came to me off the cuff. I always try to be ironical in my speeches. Anyway, I had a phone conversation with Schröder in which I said my intention had not been to offend and that I was sorry that my joke had upset some people.

What provoked him?

In that sitting of the parliament, the speeches had been prepared beforehand under the direction of the MEPs of the Italian Left. So out came this image of Italy as follows: first, that in Italy there is a man who controls 85 per cent of the Italian press — the opposite is the case: I am the most liberal publisher in history; two, that this person also controls all Italian television — when I have one friend in Italian television who has a 7 per cent share; three, that I trample the Italian judges beneath my feet — and so if Italy were to apply today to join the EU, the application would be turned down. This was the theme of all the different speeches by the Left that day.

"On Corporate Journalism"

Noam Chomsky

Telephone interview by Bernie Dwyer for Cuba Debate with Professor Noam Chomsky of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 28th August 2003. The agreed theme of the interview was ‘Corporate Journalism’ but,
like all good interviews, the topic spread to take in many other themes --
always with the rigorous political analysis that we are used to from
Professor Chomsky.

[Bernie Dwyer]  A couple of new popular books have recently been published such as Weapons of Mass Deception and Stupid White Men. Do you see them as a viable alternative to the corporate media?

[Noam Chomsky]  No, they are not trying to be an alternative to the corporate media. They are just books among the many books written about the way the corporate media function and there is by now, in the United States, more than any other Western country that I know, a rather significant popular movement concerned with the corporate media, which is virtually all the media within the United States, and the way they function as a kind of propaganda system.

nolympics submits "Last Update: 04/09/2003 09:40

Auschwitz museum opposes plans for IAF fly-over at camp

By Amiram Barkat, Haaretz Corespondent and Agencies

The Polish museum at the former Nazi death camp of

Auschwitz on Wednesday criticized plans for Israel

Air Force pilots to fly warplanes over the camp's

site to honor the Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

Descendants of Holocaust survivors plan to fly over

Auschwitz in southern Poland on Thursday in three IAF F-15 jets

which had earlier taken part at an air show in the country.

"The National Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau deplores the

demonstration of Israeli military might in this place," the museum said in a statement.

"Bin Laden Family's US Exit 'Approved' "

Bill Andrews, Edinburgh Evening News

The United States allowed members of Osama bin Laden’s family to jet out of the US in the immediate aftermath of September 11, even as American airspace was closed.

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"A George Will Follies Review"

John Chuckman

I used to read George Will occasionally just to see how strange words bent to political purpose could become. No political commentator in America is better able to use large words to say something at times indescribably odd. I don't ask you to take this from me on faith. I offer examples, although none is recent since my tolerance for this sort of stuff has worn thin.

"Hollywood Isn't Holding Its Lines Against the Pentagon"

Jonathan Turley, LA Times

With the reality of entrenched opposition in Iraq resulting in increasing U.S. fatalities there, the opposition at home to the occupation is hardening by the day. The military appears to have come up with a solution: Change reality.

In what has been described as a "Pentagon infomercial," the Defense Department has hired a former producer of the TV show "Cops" to film postwar Iraq from its perspective. Though producer Bertram van Munster has denied that he is shooting a propaganda piece, it is clear that the Pentagon is gearing up to frame its own account — and history — of the Iraq war.

"'Hysterically Happy' 60s Radical Kathy Boudin Paroled"

Associated Press, August 20, 2003

ALBANY, NY -- Kathy Boudin, the '60s radical who has served 22 years in prison for
a 1981 armored car heist in which three men were killed, was granted parole
Wednesday. Boudin, 60, a one-time member of the Weather Underground described as a
model inmate in prison, had been denied parole just three months ago, as
well as two years ago. Thomas Grant, a spokesman for the state Division of Parole, said Boudin
would be released from prison on Oct. 1 or earlier, once her plans for
parole supervision were set.

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"Experts See Hurdles for Suits over USA Patriot Act"

Marcia Coyle, National Law Journal News

Washington--Two new challenges to parts of the USA Patriot Act -- Congress'
massive response to Sept. 11, 2001 -- face daunting hurdles but are likely to
be only the first of several suits.

"This is not the final gunshot. It's the opening salvo," said Charles
Shanor of Emory University School of Law. "It's a complex process that no
doubt will involve the courts, the legislature and public opinion. And it
could turn on matters that are as nonlegal as whether there is another
terrorist attack between now and judicial decision time."

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Suhrkamp Drops 9/11 Book for "Terrorist" Sympathies

Associated Press,

Berlin -- A German publisher has dropped a British-Canadian
philosopher's book dealing with the fallout of the Sept. 11
attacks because of recent statements by the author that
appear to support Palestinian "terrorism."

"Puritanism: the haunting fear that somebody,
might be having a good time."--H.L. Mencken

"America's Incredible Shrinking Vacation"

Ellen Goodman, Boston Globe, August 7, 2003

CASCO BAY, Maine--BACK IN THE DAYS when Hector was a pup and the word
''e-mail'' was a typo, the ''working vacation'' was
more than an oxymoron. After all, you were either
vacationing or working. On the job or off. Now it's
become an emblem of the American economy and George
Bush, its current CEO, is spending this month as a
model on his 1,600-acre Prairie Chapel Ranch in
Crawford, Texas.


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