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nolympics submits "Michigan town rocked by riots. Report from BBC

A state of emergency has been declared in a south-west Michigan town rocked by two nights of disturbances which have seen buildings set on fire and people attacked in their cars.

Up to 15 people are thought to have been injured - at least one of them shot at by rioters, while others were beaten and stabbed, the Associated Press news agency said.

The violent protests in Benton Harbor were triggered by the death of Terrance Shurn during a high-speed police chase early on Monday.

The 28 year-old is reported to have lost control of his motorbike, crashing into an abandoned building.

Some residents have blamed the police for his death and have in the past complained of police harassment.

'Unnecessary, unbelievable'

An initial wave of violence lasting about three hours broke out on Monday night in the town on the shores of Lake Michigan about 100 miles (160 km) from Chicago.

This was followed by further trouble on Tuesday night when 300 people are reported to have joined in the rioting.

The rioters threatened to set fire to Benton Harbor police headquarters, as well as nearby vehicles and the town hall, but police stood by to protect them, local police chief Samuel Harris said, according to AP.

Some reports said a curfew was planned for Wednesday.

"It is so unnecessary. It is unbelievable to see this in our community," Mr Harris said.

State police Lieutenant Jospeh Zangaro said police did not know why Mr Shurn was fleeing, although it emerged that his licence had been suspended and a small amount of cannabis was found on him.

Local officials said it was the worst rioting the town of 12,000 had seen since street violence erupted in August 1966 and more than 1,000 National Guardsmen were sent in.


"Bernard-Henri Levy: 'Je Suis un Superstar' "

Gaby Wood,The London Observer, Sunday June 15, 2003

With his movie-star lifestyle, celebrity friends and best-selling books, writer-philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy is the darling of the French chattering classes. But can 'BHL' be serious?

When I arrive at Bernard-Henri Lévy's sumptuous apartment in the centre of Paris, a film crew is just packing up. There could hardly be a more fitting introduction: Lévy has, as his fellow intellectual Pierre Bourdieu once put it, an 'immoderate taste' for television studios, and his ubiquity has become something of a joke. Lévy is a bestselling writer, philosopher, political campaigner, pundit and luscious-locked superstud in France; but perhaps his greatest facility is for fame itself.

jim submits:

"Anti-Bush Performer Janeane Garofalo Loses TV Show"

World Entertainment News Network 6/10/2003

ABC has dumped a new sitcom by comic Janeane Garofalo from its line-up
season - prompting speculation the move was a result of her anti-Bush

"Reality Bites" star Janeane has received hate mail because of her
anti-war stance and is certain her political views led to the axing of
to screen her show "Slice 'O Life."

A source says ABC is "a network bowing to the perceived power of the

"Janeane is convinced her politics and all the hate mail the
lobby stirred up during the war is behind all this."

An ABC spokesman says the decision to not continue the show was made
independent to the anti-war furore.

anonymous kumquat submits:

Some of the Necon media are getting mighty nervous about the recent outing of their main man...

"What Hath Strauss Wrought?"

Peter Berkowitz, Weekly Standard

The New York Times, the New Yorker, and the Boston Globe, among others, have sounded the alarm: The Bush administration, particularly its foreign policy team, is in the grip of a coterie of neoconservative intellectuals who are themselves in the grip of the antidemocratic and illiberal teachings of Leo Strauss, a political philosopher who taught at the University of Chicago in the '50s and '60s and who died in 1973.

On its face, this scenario is wildly implausible. It supposes that President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of State Powell, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, and National Security Adviser Rice, non-Straussians by all accounts, are stooges and dupes. It insinuates that neoconservative intellectuals--Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz is at the top of everybody's list--have craftily ascended to positions of power in the federal government from which they aim to implement Strauss's teachings. And it invests Strauss, a student of political philosophy whose life's work consisted in writing learnedly about thinkers from Plato to Heidegger, and sharing his discoveries with students, with almost superhuman powers: Through the force of his ideas, we are told, this scholar and teacher is able, a generation and a half after his death, to command the respect and loyalty--and indeed, to compel the actions--of highly successful and well-placed individuals not only in politics but in the media and the academy.

(Link above will get you full story, if you've got the stomach for it.)

Anonymous Comrade submits:

"U.S. Eyes Popular Uprising in Iran

Terrorists in Iran Suspected of Role In Riyadh Blasts"

Glenn Kessler, Washington Post Staff Writer

Sunday, May 25, 2003; Page A01

"America Threatens To Move Nato After Franks Is Charged"

David Wastell, May 18, 2003, Telegraph-UK

America's top military officer has warned that Nato may have to move from its Brussels headquarters after an attempt to bring war crimes charges against General Tommy Franks, the commander of coalition forces in Iraq, in the Belgian courts.

jim submits:

"FCC Chairman Responds to Request for Delay on Media Ownership Proceeding"

Washington, D.C.-Federal Communication Commission Chairman Michael K.
Powell personally delivered his response today to Commissioners Jonathan S.
Adelstein and Michael J. Copps, both of whom had requested a delay of the
June 2nd vote on the broadcast ownership Biennial Review proceeding.

hydrarchist submits: The following article is reprinted from May's Black Commentator

"Treat Corporate Media Like the Enemy,

& No Free Pass for Black Radio"

On June 2, transnational corporations claiming to be
American citizens are likely to win permission to complete
their conquest and consolidation of U.S. mass media, both
broadcast and print. Their servant is Colin Powell's son,
Michael, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission
and the most anti-public overseer of the public airwaves
since passage of the Federal Communications Act of 1934.

"Orwellians Mix It Up at Wellesley"

Matthew Price, Boston Globe

Wellesley, Massachusetts--George Orwell has been called many things: the conscience of his generation, a prophet, a rebel. But was he also a misunderstood Christian, an early gay-rights activist, a latter-day Alexis de Tocqueville, and quite possibly the first blogger? These were but a few of the aspects of Orwell debated last week during a Wellesley College conference marking the centenary of his birth in 1903.

Full story is at Curious George

"The Unthinkable Is Becoming Normal"

 John Pilger, The Independent,
UK, 03.05.2003 [13:10]

Last Sunday, seated in the audience at the Bafta television awards ceremony,
I was struck by the silence. Here were many of the most influential members
of the liberal elite, the writers, producers, dramatists, journalists and
managers of our main source of information, television; and not one broke
the silence. It was as though we were disconnected from the world outside: a
world of rampant, rapacious power and great crimes committed in our name by
our government and its foreign master.


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