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Anonymous Comrade submits:

"Thomas Friedman's Life as a Pet Hamster"

John Chuckman

If you ever had a pet hamster when you were young, you know what I mean about hearing its regular scrambling and spinning on the exercise wheel. The squeak-squeak sound becomes an amusing background noise of everyday life.

There is a powerful analogy in the life of a pet hamster to the work of mainline American columnists, but I think there are few it better suits than Thomas Friedman, and I am not referring to his pudgy, whiskered looks.

nolympics submits:

"Plunder of the Public Airwaves"

Iain Boal

Text of remarks delivered at the Federal Communications Commission Hearing on Media Ownership Rules at the City Hall, San Francisco, Saturday April 27th, 2003:

My name is Iain Boal. I am a historian of science and technics, with a longtime interest both in radio and in the history of enclosure and privatization. I have stood once before in such a room, some eight years ago, in Washington DC, during the effort to derail the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which quite predictably led to a vast plunder of the public airwaves.

The jackals are back again -- this time to scavenge for what is left of the carcass. The hearings were  a travesty then; now they have the makings of a farce. There is only one commissioner here today; Chairman Powell has not seen fit to show himself to the people of Northern California. Nor have the rest of the commission. None of the corporate interests poised to profit from the new ruling has bothered to show up either; the fix is already in. They should know; they paid for it.

Feds Target New Jersey Activists for Animal Rights

Terror Task Force Agents Raid Leader's Home in Somerset County

Brian Donohue, Star-Ledger Staff, Friday, April 25, 2003

Federal agents from the Joint Terrorism Task Force raided a Somerset
County house this week that served as the headquarters for an animal
rights organization, authorites said yesterday. The raid on Wednesday
part of a nationwide investigation into possible criminal activities
the group, authorities said yesterday.

Anonymous Comrade writes:

"The Ruling Class:

A Close-Up View From Davos"

Laurie Garrett
Mon, 3 Mar 2003 09:19:11 EST

[Laurie Garrett of Newsday -- and author of a great work of contemporary

history, The Coming Plagues -- sent this email to a bunch of her

friends. It got around. Then it got loose. Reportedly she is quite

steamed about it, as well she might be. But it's been circulated to

thousands already...]

Anonymous Comrade writes:

http://www.projectcensored.org/stories/2003/defaul t.htm

Censored 2003: Top 25 Censored Stories of 2001-2002

        #1: FCC Moves to Privatize Airwaves


        #2: New Trade Treaty Seeks to Privatize Global Social Services


        #3: United States' Policies in Colombia Support Mass Murder


        #4: Bush Administration Hampered FBI Investigation 46 into Bin Laden Family Before 9-11


        #5: U.S. Intentionally Destroyed Iraq's Water System

Anonymous Comrade writes

"Bush Backer Sponsoring Pro-War Rallies"

Oliver Burkeman in Washington, The Guardian

Wednesday March 26, 2003

They look like spontaneous expressions of pro-war sentiment, "patriotic rallies" drawing crowds of tens of thousands across the American heartland.

In a counterpoint to anti-war demonstrations, supporters of war in Iraq have

descended on cities from Fort Wayne to Cleveland, and Atlanta to

Philadelphia. They wave flags, messages of support for the troops - and also

banners attacking liberals, excoriating the UN, and in one case, advising:

"Bomb France Now."

But many of the rallies, it turns out, have been organised and paid for by

Clear Channel Inc - the country's largest radio conglomerate, owning 1,200

stations - which is not only reporting on the war at the same time, but

whose close links with President Bush stretch back to his earliest,

much-criticised financial dealings as governor of Texas. The company has

paid advertising costs and for the hire of musicians for the rallies.

hydrarchist writes:

"Live From Iraq, an Un-Embedded Journalist:

Robert Fisk on Washington's 'Quagmire' in Iraq, Civilian Deaths and the Fallacy of Bush's 'War of Liberation' "

By Robert Fisk, Amy Goodman and Jeremy Scahill




Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! Host: Set the scene for us in Baghdad right now.

Robert Fisk, The Independent: Well, it?s been a relatively?relatively being the word?quiet night, there?s been quite a lot of explosions about an hour ago. There have obviously been an awful lot of missiles arriving on some target, but I would say it was about 4 or 5 miles away. You can hear the change in air pressure and you can hear this long, low rumble like drums or like someone banging on a drum deep beneath the ground, but quite a ways away. There have only been 2 or 3 explosions near the center of the city, which is where I am, in the last 12 hours. So, I suppose you could say that, comparatively, to anyone living in central Baghdad, it?s been a quiet night.

hydrarchist writes:

The Media Companies' FCC Wishlist

By Jeffrey Chester, Center for Digital Democracy

March 18, 2003

With war looming on the horizon, the U.S. news media are already moving to wall-to-wall coverage of the conflict. But even as the outlets report on the war, their corporate bosses are seeking political favors from the Bush administration ? and the media executives know it.

Anonymous Comrade writes


Ida Dominijanni

Il Manifesto, 16 feb 2003


Translated by Snafu

"We, the people, do not want this war: millions of Americans are with you and challenge President Bush" says from the stage of San Giovanni in Rome, Mss Campbell the first woman priest of the council of churches of United States - firstly welcomed with coldness and then applauded with warmth. "We the people", the signature that inaugurate the American Constitution, a formula than returns a plural conception of "the people", which is one, just as long as it is aware to be made of many and different, "we". "We the people" will say few hours later the demonstrators of New York. But even in Rome, it is not only from the mouth of Mss Cambpell that the formula resounds in the air.


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