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"Bloomberg Sparks Speculation: Giuliani As Convention Keynote Speaker?"


NEW YORK -- Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani as the keynote speaker for the
Republican National Convention?

Organizers of the event that begins Aug. 30 in Manhattan say they haven't
nailed down those details, but Giuliani's successor, Michael Bloomberg,
caused a stir when he suggested the idea on Monday.

Anonymous Comrade writes

"BBC is saying:
Blair and Bush Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize"

The pair have been put forward by a Norwegian politician who said toppling the Iraqi dictator had reduced the threat of weapons of mass destruction. It had also laid the foundations for a democratic Iraq, said Jan Simonsen of the right-wing Party of Progress.

Anti-war campaigners condemned the move as "completely unbelievable" and said it made a mockery of the prize."

And i say, we should get out there and demand the withdrawal of the two from the list of nominees. They (Bush and Blair) are under investigation for the crimes they committed in Iraq,and Nobel prizes will give them a bonus?
Write to the Nobel Commitee and demand to stop this hypocritical show.
Tell them what you think of the 2 criminals.

The email of Nobel prizes:

postmaster@nobel.no (Peace Prize Commitee)

info@nobel.se (General)

hydrarchist writes

"Waging War on the BBC
By Greg Palast, January 29, 2004

He did not say, "hello," or even his name, just left a one-word message: "Whitewash."

It came from an embattled journalist whispering from inside the bowels of a television and radio station under siege, on a small island off the coast of Ireland: from BBC London. And another call, a colleague at the Guardian, said, "The future of British journalism is very bleak."

"New York City Cops Training for GOP Convention"

Glenn Thrush, Newsday

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the NYPD is creating a specialized
training program for rookie cops to prepare them for possible disturbances
at this summer's Republican National Convention.

The commissioner plans to deploy many of the 730 recruits who were sworn
in Wednesday to the area surrounding the convention at Madison Square
Garden after they graduate in July.

k-hello.org writes

"Play Infowarmation"


We live among information: TV news, radio, newspaper, web pages. Everyday, everyone dedicates some time to inform about world news. How information is distributed?

FCC Chief Wants Crackdown on Airwaves Obscenity

Bono's On-Air Comment Stirs Cry for Increased Broadcaster Fines

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- FCC Commissioner Michael Powell said Wednesday he
is calling for a dramatic increase in fines for broadcasters that
allow the "F-word" and other obscenities on the air.

"Facts Must Be Free Whatever The Cost"

Patti Waldmeir, Financial Times, January 12, 2004

Talk is cheap on thc internet but facts, for the most part, are free. That
is the best thing about life in thc digital age: free music is a sideshow;
free information is what really makes the internet worth having.

"Suicide Terrorism"

The Economist

“I have always dreamed”, says an anarchist in Joseph Conrad's novel “The Secret Agent”, “of a band of men absolute in their resolve to discard all scruples...No pity for anything on earth, including themselves, and death enlisted for good and all in the service of humanity.” But, Conrad's anarchist complains, “I could never get as many as three such men together.” These days, there seems to be a superabundance of people willing to die in order to commit murder: in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Chechnya and Russia, Pakistan, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Is this phenomenon new? If so, what explains it? And what can be done about it?

"Professors at War:

Searching for Dissent at the MLA"

Scott Jaschik, Boston Globe

"Why are you headed to San Diego?" asked the man next to me on the plane. "I'm going to a meeting of English professors to hear what they have to say about the war with Iraq," I replied.

"English professors? On the war?" The man smirked. "I can't imagine what they would have to say."

Plenty, it turns out. This past week, about 8,000 professors and graduate students gathered here for the annual meeting of the Modern Language Association. Most came for job interviews, to catch up with old friends, and to attend some of the 763 panels of scholars. But among the panels on topics ranging from Hawthorne to Asian cinema to "The Aesthetics of Trash" were a surprising number of sessions dealing with the war in Iraq, terrorism, patriotism, and American foreign policy.

"Michael Straight, Who Wrote of Connection to Spy Ring, Dies at 87"

Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, NY Times, January 5, 2004

Michael Straight, the patrician former magazine publisher who described in a political memoir his lingering involvement with Soviet spies whom he had first met when they were all students at Cambridge University, died yesterday at home in Chicago. He was 87 and also had a home on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.


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