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redbarronblackbarron writes: "On Sunday, July 8th, Long Island's only daily news paper, Newsday, did a piece on the local anarchist/autonomist Modern Times Collective.. it was the first attempt we have seen in the mainstream media to do justice to the complexities of revolutionary ideas... of course as a mainstream media outlet they got more than a few things wrong and we expected them to discount our proposals and projects... but shit we got a plug for Guy Debord!

read the newsday article here

Anonymous Comrade writes: "The New York Post is reporting that Washington, DC has requested the assistance of New York Police Department officers in guarding the trade bureaucrats at this September's WTO meeting.

Mayor Giuliani has agreed to allow 1,000 officers to participate, providing insurance and liability issues are resolved."

grumpy writes: "The BBC is reporting that Yugoslavia's Government looks set to pass a decree paving the way for the ex-leader to be handed to the war crimes tribunal in The Hague."


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