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Porno-military internet, anarcho-capitalism and patriotic cyber chauvinism

The tools – The individual – The state – The society

1. The perverted historical development of "humanity. 2. The perverted historical development of hierarchy. 3. The onto-epistemological spectacle/surveillance. 4. The anarcho-symbiosis and nihilo-metamorphosis. 5. Theoretico-practical meta-synthesis. 6. Creation of anarcho-alternative paths of progression. 7. Meta-dialectical and post-materialist emancipation. 8. Anarcho-communist revolutionary advance.

Free individuals like anarchism are the fundamental precondition for a free and equal society. Nihilo-revolutionary thinking and acting for the liquidation of anti-human forces and cyber annihilation of all ideologies and religions, thus ending quasi-theory and ignorant behavior. The foundation of capitalism (1760-1840) is based on criminality and illegality, the new economy of punishment, the ghetto and prison for the masses. Anarcho-capitalism is a dead fish stinking from its head, pity-bourgeoisie greed without state interference. The western civilization the creator of unnatural capitalism 200 years ago is half liberal and half fascist. All ideologies and religions were created for the sole purpose of controlling the mind and gold. Politics and economy like science, ethics and morality were designed for the purpose of manipulating and managing the feudo-industrial modern slave. All systems are rotten and are very destructive to life and must be abolished to rescue the human race from its self-made extinction. What we need is an anti-system, the meta-system, a system-less harmony and creation which means in pragmatic term, economical happiness to all people on earth. Yours in the anarchic social revolution 2005CIA.


See also spartacus 483

[During the summer of 2003 I took part in a border camp in Frassanito along with friends from Rome and further afield. It's a small town on the Salento coast, but was chosen because it is nearby the CPT mentioned below. For the moment, however, just some facts.]

In March 2005 don Cesare Lodeserto, director of the immigrant detention centre (CPT, "centri di permanenza temporanea") "Regina Pacis" di San Foca a Melendugno, on the southeast coast of Italy near Lecce, was arrested for a range of abuses (assault, illegal detention) carried out against those incarcerated in his care.

On 12 May 5 people from involved in this campaign, all from Lecce, were arrested on charges of subversive association with intent to subvert democratic order. Press coverage has sensationalized them as anarcho-insurrectionalists, a recurring obsession of several italian newspapers who regularly publish creative writing presented as 'news' speculating on the danger posed by this tendency. Little or no attention has been spent on examining the maltreatment suffered by those unfortunate enough to be in the custody of this employee of the Curia of Lecce (bishop Rupi). Simultaneous with their arrest occurred at least 20 searches in Aosta, Cagliari, Torino, Trento, Trieste, Chieti, Taranto and Catania. The arrest warrants were issued by a local prosecutor in Lecce, Antonio Del Coco. Those under arrest are always been investigated for direct actions against Benetton and Esso.

On May 26th the prelate was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment for having faked death threats to himself. Meanwhile his trial (alongside eighteen others accused of similar offenses including members of the police and other personnel in the CPT) continues. Some of these offenses occurred in the context of an attempted escape by thirty migrants from Regina Pacis in november 2002. The priest recounted how there had subsequently been 17 other similar incidents.

On the same day further arrests took place in Viterbo and Pescara as part of the same investigation for subversive association.

A grassroots inquiry into legal action against protagonists of social struggles estimates the total number of those accused in recent years at 8000.

Dear revolutionaries – Greetings still from the hell of the future

The "development" of capitalism is a total and permanent human crisis, physically and psycho-emotionally. The forces of politico-economical powers are one and the same thing but in different periods and faces, operating within historical conditioning on a global scale. The head, body and tail of the capitalist beast which is humanly sick and perverted in its social relations, based on usurers, conmen and speculators. Under the disguise of post-barter exchange they legalize their stolen profit and labor loot. A system of universal suffering wars and poverty, a global system of robbery of all resources, exploitation and then after ruining the planet and human life they hide in remote country sides or well hidden bunkers. A system of violent and viscous powers ruled and conducted by politico-fiscal tyrants and rich megalomaniacs, who swindled humanity in controlling its entire human and natural resources. Crimes against humanity what this system does because it is based on a capitalist legal form of socio-economical criminality, an officially recognized egoism and ambitious lust and greed as a substitute for the lack of genuine pleasure. The hierarchy is severely perverted; it has created monsters of powers that were encouraged to become so, leaders who are mentally shallow and instable, like the ones we have today and as it always in the past. Neither left nor right of capital will save us from a determined doom, but a conscious socio-anarchic revolution lead by the people themselves with a little help from anarcho-revolutionary friends. The anarcho-social revolution is a real solution to a real problem; only anarchy can dissolve capitalism and bring it to a halt. How to stop capitalism from killing humanity quickly and gradually in the name of free marketeering and a ruling class democracy? We can stop this destructive self-blinded march in the quest for more and more billions of dollars and universal domination. How long capitalism is going to devour us and later excrete us for recycling our submission and obedience? When will the capitalist system become obsolete? Can we fasten the process of its disintegration as was the case in the socialist system. When will this criminal and brutal system disappear and free humanity from its nasty yoke? When will it self-destruct and how? Well, the answer to all these urgent problems is our anarcho-revolutionary activity in the last fifty years. Freedom fighters in theory and practice, as living example, in words and deeds, courageously digging the grave of international-state capitalism. Now the grave is deep and ready and what remain it just to push it down there and on the surface plant some ganja weeds. The freedom of all is the freedom of the one and the well being of each, so we can go on living without coercion and oppression. Let's accompany humanity in our journey of intellectual creativity and constructive alterations. Start with subverting your immediate environment and the internet.

[please do not circulate, this is a draft for a magazine, composed some time ago and now needing renovation ;-) Comments and criticisms on the other hand are needed!]

Vampires of Value, Masters of Repression

As the lawyer triumphantly heralds the prosecution of a 12 year old girl for activity carried out from her own bedroom I can hardly keep a sense of disbelief at bay. The girl resides in a council flat in Brooklyn, just a couple of miles from the manhattan venue of this "intellectual property" industry meet. He is celebrating this ghastly event because the music industry jihad against file-sharing is understood to be a fight over the definition of norms, and demonstrations that even children and pensioners are not safe from the disciplinary intrusions of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is exactly the type of fearful lesson they wish to impart. In truth the prosecutions being conducted are intended as spectacles for the consumption of the criminal mass, seated in front of their televisions. And gallingly this at a time when music industry sales are increasing for the first time since 1999.

Developments in the US put us on notice last year that the intensity of the p2p wars stood ready to escalate, and industry has initiated litigation against 6,500 individuals so far. No surprise then when hostilities commenced in Europe in April, opening with nearly three hundred actions against users in Italy, Germany and Denmark. Shortly afterwards France followed suit, and in October the UK and Austria joined the modern-day witch hunt, whilst in Iceland raids have been carried out in at the behest of the Motion Picture Association of America's local arm. (MPAA). Elsewhere the offensive remains purely at the level of threats (Ireland) or attempts by the private sector to coerce state action (Spain). Industry's strategy now revolves around four pillars: prosecutions, the indoctrination of children, a high-profile re-education campaign and moves to introduce legalized channels for commodity downloading such as Apple's iTunes.

The tools of industry-driven pedagogy range from the grotesque to the merely absurd. MPAA ads depict the industry as a sort of friendly society for the working class (please don't download, I'll lose my McJob!). These advocacy ads include unlikely defenders such as cinema employees whom enjoy no union and hyper-exploitation. In the UK one copyright-partisan, obviously an admirer of Borges, encouraged children to add that holy of holies, the circled c, to their homework - has he forgotten the anthropological centrality of cogging amongst pre-teens? Meanwhile, a variety of talking heads roll out tired shibboleths about p2p as an endless vault of paedofilia and, as is now quasi-liturgical, how piracy is funding terrorism. This ritual canard was most recently hoisted anew by John Ashcroft whilst presenting the latest installment of the Mills & Boon tale that is the relationship between state and the entertainment industry.

The report uses the threat of poor quality counterfeit merchandise as the pretext to embark on a widescale expansion of the criminal justice apparatus dedicated to sniffing out IP crime. The means to do so are of course institution creep, or the use of the IP question to demand budget and recruitment boosting of the FBI and Department of Justice. Music to industry's ears, as there is little they could more desire than to transfer the cost of enforcement - technical surveillance, gathering of evidence, lawyers fees - from their own coffers to those of the state. Beefing up domestic enforcement is twinned with an intensification on the international level, where government is to institute law-enforcement treaties, prioritize IP expansion and policing in trade agreements, and the specific suggestion to second DOJ agents to Budapest and Hong Kong and involve FBI legal attaches already implanted within US embassies abroad (executors of the recent seizure of indymedia servers in London?). It was the DOJ's CCIPS that recently, and to great fanfare, dedicated huge resources to busting a Direct Connect ring called the Underground Network (http://www.udgnet.com/), composed entirely of amateurs, for criminal copyright infringement.

"Today's investigative action sends a clear message to online thieves who steal the hard work and innovation of others. And it sends a clear message to those who think nothing of downloading those stolen goods to their computers or MP3 players. You can pay the fair value for music, movies, software and games like every other consumer, or you can pay an even higher price when you are caught committing online theft." John Ashcroft

213 separate lawsuits in the US have been filed against named defendants refused RIAA overtures to pay up $3,000 and promise to behave.


Beyond the futility of this campaign there lies also a perversity. The music industry is founded on constructing and capitalizing niche and youth cultures, producing or amplifying styles and generally exploiting the cultivation of the self which the attraction of tends is based upon. Viral promotion of bands by their fans combined with an adroit PR campaign have been staples of celebrity-manufacture. Music companies are pioneers in online promotion through chat-rooms and the use of undercover marketing in the streets. And the commercial result - thanks to a stern dosage of commodity fetichism - manifests itself in the purchase of CDs whose retail price obviously has no relationship to the cost of production. So in what way is file-sharing a nuisance rather than free labour allowing a greater penetration of the target market? This is the crux of immaterial value. And it is precisely because of its fugitive and intangible nature that the processes of exploitation upon which it depends are ignored or taken for granted. If repetitive motion of the hands characterized labour in the industrial era, it is the persuasive and explanatory power of the word and the smile of reassurance on the face that denote our time. The exploitation of relational abilities is key in the era of market super-saturation; only the personal touch, the soothing word of the telephone-operator, the personalized recommendation can create brand loyalty.

Filesharing will eventually result in the relocation of monetization in the productive process, a tendency already plain in the software industry and which some see emerging in pornography as well. Other forms of scarcity can be manufactured around celebrity than mere plastic disks. Furthermore numerous commercial revenue streams can be policed easier than before.

What is true in production is echoed in research and development - oceans of diffuse innovation and the archipelagoes of specialist knowledge networked, achieve what was once enclosed within specialist labs and universities; teenagers code the systems underlying transnational corporations, users create new applications of existing technologies, workers equip one another with knowledge between peers.

This everyday catastrophe produces anger, anxiety and frustration. In other times these were the base metals for dissident alchemy; from them arose the desire to understand and change everything. Today, the atomization of social and working life undermines tentative steps towards social rebellion. Overwhelmed by a dizzying production of images, nonsensical and mendacious messages from a media oligopoly with a vital function within semiotic capitalism, the individual has difficulty in making sense of an environment so obviously flawed. Follywood excludes any collective reflection and canals the viewers dissatisfactions into individual alienation, with consumption and self-reliance the only antidotes offered.

It is impossible to imagine how to exit the present without understanding (1) the way in which value is now created, the productive process which reorganizes power within the relations of production and the desires of those who bring it labour. (b) Intellectual property laws determine redefine how wealth is divided and the relative power of employers and employees (c) With the end of the point of physical production as the place where value is concentrated and supply can be stopped, conflicts cannot unfold as before. Each individual piece is substitutable both in terms of factory sites and personnel. Stoppages and sabotage of course continue to disrupt but they cannot provoke the crisis within an individual firm so as to change the balance of power. A communications strategy poses the problem in terms of the popular perception of a struggle (is it right? are common interests made visible? is it inspiring? are the protagonists people like us?) which will be determinant in deciding the success of any other industrial action or workplace agitation.

An industry where the ability to monetize the product is entirely based on laws artificially restricting reproduction, thereby eliminating competition and the enabling imposition of monopoly prices on consumers. The cultural product's ability to create revenue derives from pervasive media's capacity to promote it, associate its consumption with a desirable state of being and ultimately assign it iconic status; the success of these pitches are determined however by the user/consumer, whose decision to employ a given totem as a tool of identity or relations with others determines success or failure. The manufacturing and distribution process complies with the predicates of postfordist economics: manufactured in a location chosen on the basis of the global cost of labour, distributed and sold using a casualised flexible workforce. The contingent nature of the production process makes it imperative for industry to intervene in the course of technological development to disable uncontrolled reproduction and to erect repressive legal machinery to wage war on insubordination from the businness model.

Copyright violation arises as a diffuse conflict because the means of production are immediately available. Trademark law, enabling the generalized accumulation of immaterial value as brand and has a more pervasive effect on working life but yet is not challenged in such a diffuse way simply because few people have the means to open a MacDonalds or a Nike Store anyway. Likewise patent laws have devastating effects which are more difficult to impose with immediacy because the complexity and capital inputs required are beyond the scope of anyone but the super-rich or the corporation. The current drive to introduce software patents is an exception to this and is being widely opposed, for the moment by political means but later other strategies will be used, probably akin to what has ahppened to CSS and DRM. In addition both of these contexts require fixed production/distribution centres vulnerable to police targeting. Illegal drug laboratories, commercial counterfeiting operations.

The rupture between price and cost is rendered clear in cultural goods by the fact that that there is little difference between the price of CDs or between the that of books or movies. Of course the costs of production are not the same; stephen king will not write a short story for less than a million, over 90% of the books published finish with authors being paid buttons. Likewise there are massive divergences in the outlays on promotion. The price structure is determined by and for industry purposes and 'authors are merely an input, notwithstanding the trade associations pretensions to chivalry in their defense. Business stands to lose because as soon as the scarcity resides in the author the boot is very much on the other foot, although the industry in many countries control the infrastructure for live performance to a substantial degree. Cultural symbols effectively benefit from a sort of non-linear and frequently niche-focused type of network effect. The concept originated in the telphone system where the it was understood that the addition of every individual user made the network more valuable to everybody. Developments in compatability today have made this less relevenat in telephony and now it is usually discussed in relation to software. The point is that in all these cases the work of adding value is done by the user, not the producer, a function of the common even though the fiscal benefits accrue to the private.

In France the SCPP (collective rights society) is the agent of the repressive turn: filing complaints that result in house searches, examination of users' computers and seizure of mastered CDs. Such was the case for Anne-Sophie Lainnemé, a 27 year old unemployed woman from Rennes, charged with downloading and making available music via Kazaa. The approach of the SCPP make the RIAA as they proceed without sending a mail of warning or using the ISP as an intermediary to pressurize.


That trademarks constitute the giuridico-divinities of the brand universe is news to no-one, but the tendency towards their naturalization should be resisted. GM note that the ability of Nike to sell their shoes at $100 poses a problem in terms of understanding the contemporary nature of exploitation, the intensified penetration of the accumulation process into leisure time and lifestyle, and the rewards that await products that can insinuate themselves into the space of peer evaluation. But let's consider another example: pharmaceuticals. Until 2001 Eli Lilly held a patent on fluoxetine, the prescription drug marketed as Prozac. The latter continues to be synonymous with depression medication and it sells at up to twenty times the cost of unbranded fluoxetine which is identical in every respect but the packaging and the marketing campaign.This is also why most pharmaceutical companies spend twice as much on marketing as they do on research and development.

This redefinition of value by a combination of a fetish added tax (F.A.T.) and consumer created utility is a death sentence for the centrality of live labour in the field of production of goods. The effectiveness of strike action at the point of production is set on a descending slope. New tools are needed; forms of sabotage of the affective and relational skills put to work, and as p2p shows there are large potential spaces for users to reappropriate rather than just working as unwitting ancillaries to immaterial business strategies.

If "progress" had any sense of sportsmanship, then the manner of distributing wealth would modulate in line with this increasing collectivization of the production process. Instead we are witness to increasing income polarization, the repeal of mechanisms of collective guarantee established through struggles of labour over hundreds of years, often paid for in blood, and the resurgence of forms of exploitation akin to slavery and feudalism. As the extension of working life is extended against the grain of technological development, let us rail with Raoul Vaneigem:

"The tripalium is an instrument of torture. The Latin word labor means "suffering". We are unwise to forget this origin of the words "travail" and "labour".

The system that destroys mind and matter

The capitalist system is the cause of all modern barbarism. Capitalism is an economical cannibalism; it kills and devours people for profit. Capitalism is a mass killing machine just like the Romans and Chingis Khan but in the disguise of finance and personal investments. Capitalism is an amalgamation of pain, blood and sweat. Capitalism is the concentration of stolen labor and confiscated land. Capitalism is the primary cause of disease, mental and medical. Capitalism causes 90% of all violence in the world, the blood/sweat thirst of capital. The toxic fangs of capital, the vampires are the ruling class and their lackey's, the parasite lurking over other people's labor, the executioners of freedom and love. Capitalists are sucker parasites feeding on humanity, predation on all collective benefits, accumulating their loot for further infinite expansion called the business cycle. The rich and their banks and stock exchange will have learned to live without them; their parasitic practices will be terminated for ever. No more excuses for neither buying nor selling. The people of the world will take control over their food and shelter and all the rest of it and get rid of the leaders of capital and terminate their beloved pyramid the state. Capitalism makes the world ugly and by its nature it is greedy and stingy. On the ruins of modern capitalism we will have free people living without barter or exchange, without a need for a symbolic mediation, living through direct conscious distribution of production and consumption. God and capital and the state are dead, anarchists have killed them in the last 200 years. We have killed them because they deserve to vanish from our existence, what they have left behind in their glorious historic march is nothing but slavery, global misery and devastation. We destroy capital and the state to liberate humanity from its hypnotic social grip and its desperate repulsive reappearance as a spectacle of the negative dimension. Capitalism is an historical perversion and the state is a manic deviation. Anarchism defeats the state and capitalism and offers humanity something that is worthy of their posture, a labor of love or the love of labor, beauty instead of horror

C I A – Communist Individualist Anarchism

Tuesday night was song night, a small event put on by the education department of the union. A small collection of people gathered, the sort that a friend calls 'cultural wobblies'. My partner and I served as the youth crew, since we're under 50 (pretty far under). I brought my little red songbook (the only little red book worth mentioning) and the banjo and guitar wielding trio kindly obliged my requests for We Have Fed You All A Thousand Years and Dump the Bosses Off Your Back.

My ear is terrible but it was fun singing with the small group. Sure, the songs and the style are dated - a little too 'Kumbaya' around the campfire for my hipster tastes - but I like the portability of it, and the 'everybody join in!' kind of vibe. Hip Hop Piquetero is awesome, but I have no idea how to participate.

One woman sang a song by a folk singer named Charlie King, called Bring Back The Eight Hour Day. I heard it a labor movement related thing a few years ago, before I really got what was at stake. I'm older now, older in part form working and hating it, so it hit closer to home. There are lines about overtime (not having time to enjoy the extra money) and about salaried work and how it just means extra hours. Like Dalla Costa says, if you're not paid hourly then who cares how long it takes you to get your work done? There's also a line about commuting,more of that unpaid work for the boss, and uncompensated expenses that the bosses are happy to see expand.

On the salaried work thing, my wrists have been hurting at my office job. I'm on the computer all day and I must doing something not ergonomically kosher. I have to watch that. "Immaterial" labor can still fuck up your body, especially for those of us who don't take adequate steps (enough sleep or exercise, etc) to preserve the saleability of our commodity.

I went to another union thing last night, spoke with some folks in a shop who are organizing. They've done great stuff, and are keeping together despite management hitting back. It was really energizing and inspiring to be there. We told them how people are paying attention to their campaign all over the US in our union, and we expressed our support. And we said we want to work with them to develop support beyond moral support, that's being developed right now.

One of the people at the meeting has some health problems partly connected to the work. Management makes the workers go to a company doctor - in their time off - to get excuses for work missed due to these types of health issues. More unpaid work. One thought that comes to mind is about this potentiality stuff in Virno and others. Clearly we have a potential to work, a subset of other potentials. And work can sometimes reduce both these sets of potentials - I can't play music when my wrists hurt, if I can't sleep I don't want to socialize or I'm less fun to be around, and these same conditions make me less productive on the clock. Capital digs own grave, maybe? Maybe, but who wants to get buried alive with it?

One thing I thought of as part of my new job is about the continued erosions of the protection in place for people whose commodity (their body) becomes unsaleable. There's proceses to exclude people from unemployment, health care, social security pensions and disability, etc. Where I work now we have the option to pay certain expenses (commuting costs, health costs) with pre-tax dollars, reducing the amount of wages we pay tax on. And reducing the amoung paid into social security funds by employees, and the matching funds paid in by employeres. My partner, who has worked a lot in informal work, got her social security statement a while back. She has not paid in enough money to earn _any_ monthly stipend should she find herself permanently disabled and unable to work. I guess we'll just have to hope we find jobs that provide pensions and retirement health insurance before we're too old and worn out.

This last makes me wonder again (or maybe I should say, admit my disagreement with) the idea that we're always productive all the time. (All the time? value productive? at the same rate?) I prefer to think in terms of a capacity, sometimes actualized for capital, sometimes actualized otherwise, maybe sometimes both at once, and maybe sometimes neither. This is I think particularly important with regard to the idea of a general income.

Arguments, demands, actions, and practices for our reproduction and survival just can't be based on our productivity for the boss. That concedes way too much for me. "We are productive so we should get income" implies that anyone shown unproductive should NOT get income.

On a micro-level it seems to me to mean that un- or less productive moments should be un- or less compensated, like my wrists and sleeplessness, or the person at the union meeting having to spend unpaid time to go to the doctor to keep a job after calling in due to health problems. Fuck that. Maybe this gets back to the legitimation stuff that Angela and I have been talking about. Wages, whether direct or part of the social wage, are not set by good arguments but by balances of force. Good arguments matter in so far as they impact balances of forces.

That's all from me, my wrist's a little sore (it's a good think I took a break today at work and wrote this out on paper, I'm preserving my health and my productivity for the boss!) and I need to do the dishes. I'll try to remember sometime later to complain about the US healthcare system, labor law, and workplace organizing models.

Over and out.

There's a punk band I quite like, called J Church. They have a song which includes the line "even my dreams these days have work related scenes". Ouch. At the last organizer job I had I started having work related dreams. Awful.

My new job is more of a 40 hour a week thing, with normal daytime hours. Less hours but still tiring, especially since I'm an insomniac used to staying up and getting up late. Anyway, I stayed up super late downloading music Friday night, and at 7:20am saturday, four or so hours after turning in, I jolted awake, convinced I had slept through my alarm. I jumped out of bed, then realized it was Saturday. Like in that one Franca Rame monologue. It's really funny, unless one thinks much about it. Then it's awful.

In the intro to Nights of Labor, Ranciere writes about some workers in 19th century France - "What they found intolerable was not exactly the poverty, the low wages, the uncomfortable housing, or the ever-present specter of hunger. It was something more basic: the anguish of time shot every day working up wood or iron, sewing clothes, or stitching footwear, for no other reason than to maintain indefinitely the forces of servitude with those of domination; the humiliating absurdity of having to go out begging, day after day, for this labor in which one's life was lost."

He goes on to talk about the workers' "nights of studying, nights of boozing", as part of "other forms of existence beyond death, which may be beginning at this very moment in the attempt to put off as long as possible the entry into sleep, which will repair the powers of the servile machine." Reminds me of a quote by US punk icon Aaron Cometbus, talking about his time in high school. Having been told that he and his friends would be the building blocks of future society, Cometbus and his punk pals decided to fuck themselves up so badly that they could be the building blocks for nothing, nothing would be built on/out of them. I'll have to remember that the next time I can't sleep, it's somatic class war.

I wonder about that, actually. My new job is a proper office job, tie and everything. I have to shave every morning, and had to buy new dress pants, dress shirt, and dress shoes (got a good deal on second hand stuff, outfitted myself completely for less than $100 including new shoes, in large part due to some creative - and time intensive - ebay searching by my partner). This is a cost of time, and of money. It means the wages are effectively less and/or it's additional unpaid work time. Housework? Maybe. Certainly reproductive labor, and makes it clear that reproductive labor is not the generic maintenance of bodies and making of new ones, but is reproduction of labor power in the specific form required for its sale in particular instances - clean shaven well groomed labor power with a tie at my newest place, labor power that is pursuing a Masters degree in education for one of my friends.

Off to bed now, have to repair the commodity for its sale tomorrow morning, and its malcontent fantasizing tomorrow evening.

Non-armed revolution and how to destroy capitalism completely

A revolution for the total destruction of capital and classes. Anarchy is without poor or rich, without bosses and workers and without leaders and lead. Acting directly and indirectly towards the abolishment of the capitalist system. The fall of science, philosophy and ethics. The collapse of the state and the creation instead of a coordinated cooperation without any form of formal or informal hierarchical organization. Words and knowledge that will stay true and correct for centuries to come. We live today as there is no tomorrow and we live tomorrow as we are dead today. Consciousness is anti-dialectical, like anarchism it is meta-dialectically materialist. Metaphysical idealism causes ignorance and semi-consciousness. Anarcho-meta-dialectical materialism.

Religion, capitalism and the state are going to disappear from the face of the planet, it is their last decade, i.e., from the years 2005 to 2015 CIA – we will treat our bloody and sweaty past history as a lesson to be well remember and never forgotten.

Abolish business – it is a permanent chain around your neck – break it away – liberate your self with the help of others – don’t let anyone ever rule you – never rule anyone else. Sack the bosses – expel the leaders – don't choose a representative but yourself – break your oppressor and bring down the state and capital. Take back what is yours – your freedom and joy – take all the wealth and distribute it equally amongst all – the people are always robbed of everything, it is time to demand everything back and have the courage to conquer their punishment. Down to private ownership of the means of substance – down to private ownership of social production – down to private ownership over our lives.

An awakening stimulation to raise the dead brains. Anti-psychiatric anti-therapy. The meta-job. We forget but never forgive. Alone together.

Enough shit has been produced since 1705 – 2005 – 300 hundred years of war and slavery -it is time for some thing human – we need something different and new – not hunger and destitution. Can we achieve this post-capital-shit situation or are we doomed to infinite pain and suffering. Structural collapse of so the called brutal modernity – save your sovereignty whilst you still can – the quality of your destiny is at stake here – you either submit or fight. First, shock and shake that system and then demolish it completely – we put an anarchic society instead. Capitalists make their profits by stealing our lives and labor – the ruling class is a gangster clique that uses violence and exploitation to prosper and increase profit. The upper class causes the rest to suffer and die young – the leaders of finance and politics are tyrants without borders or limits. They sell us the water we drink – they sell us the food we eat – the rent us the shelter to sleep and sell us the clothe to wear – but not for long – no one has the right to turn my survival into a very profitable business for the few. We will not self-destruct and disappear as they might wish – we are here to stay a win our freedom and live our equality.

The change = the revolt that shook the universe. In such a reactionary condition in an extreme state of organizational control there is secrecy and subversion. The masses, the internet, local people, the national bourgeoisie and its ideology all philosophy and science intellectuals are all the product of the perverted mentality of state capitalist history called the past.

Anti-paranoiac local exposition = negative Post-paranoid global non-exposition = positive

Alteration of internet communication and the continuation of the unexposed cooperation:

Work - Survival Capital ownership - Profit Wage - Poverty Wealth - Sub-existence Money - Worker Boss - Revolution

The abolishment of private property and the state and the creation of anarchy. If you are all so wonderful, then how come things never happen or change.

Revolution in economy - Meta-economy Revolution in law - Meta-law Revolution in politics - Meta-politics

Democracy means the dictatorship of capital and the capitalists. Voting democratically for parliament/government means extending your slavery and continuing your oppression. The whole capitalist system with its religions and philosophies will be thrown to the garbage of history and in its place an anti-capitalist meta-system will be created the blossoming of anarchy. The Micro & Macro revolutions - The abolishment of money and exchange and the destruction of all authorities and all states. The abolishment of banks and all state capitalist institutions and establishment and on their ruins to build a healthy and harmonious coordinative self-managed planning. The termination of labor management and control over people and matter and the dismantling of the politico-economical and juridical hierarchical infrastructure. Capitalism causes severe mental and physical problems; it turns us all into an alienated, perverted, violent and sick individuals, called the consumer society the new pithy cliental stupid mentality and manners. The capitalists well have to learn to live with us without capitalism and comprehend the necessity and intelligence of the anarcho-communist theory. All the poor will become rich during and after the revolution, transforming the dispossessed class into a rich anti-class magnitude the final fall of the empire. A new social relation that is based on all being rich and equal - this the future for humanity, and we are the grave diggers of the state, law and capitalism. Everyone will live free and equal in anarchy without capital or its circulation of mass misery. What has capitalism gave us since its inception but destroyed peoples and raped and looted planet. It is we who have to live on this ruined, abused and toxic environment called planet earth what the next generation is going do, where they are going to breathe and drink. The free market is the name given for collective poverty and social misery capitalism like state communism are anachronistic and authoritarian and should be overcome immediately. Capitalism and religion bring about the worst in everyone ideology makes people obedient and frightened. Save yourselves or be saved by someone else if capitalism defeated socialism then anarchism will defeat capitalism.

[[spartacus = spartac = me]]


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