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The change = The revolt that shook the universe

The change = the revolt that shook the universe. In such a reactionary condition in an extreme state of organizational control there is secrecy and subversion. The masses, the internet, local people, the national bourgeoisie and its ideology all philosophy and science intellectuals are all the product of the perverted mentality of state capitalist history called the past.

Anti-paranoiac local exposition = negative Post-paranoid global non-exposition = positive

Alteration of internet communication and the continuation of the unexposed cooperation:

Work - Survival Capital ownership - Profit Wage - Poverty Wealth - Sub-existence Money - Worker Boss - Revolution

The abolishment of private property and the state and the creation of anarchy. If you are all so wonderful, then how come things never happen or change.

Revolution in economy - Meta-economy Revolution in law - Meta-law Revolution in politics - Meta-politics

Democracy means the dictatorship of capital and the capitalists. Voting democratically for parliament/government means extending your slavery and continuing your oppression. The whole capitalist system with its religions and philosophies will be thrown to the garbage of history and in its place an anti-capitalist meta-system will be created the blossoming of anarchy. The Micro & Macro revolutions - The abolishment of money and exchange and the destruction of all authorities and all states. The abolishment of banks and all state capitalist institutions and establishment and on their ruins to build a healthy and harmonious coordinative self-managed planning. The termination of labor management and control over people and matter and the dismantling of the politico-economical and juridical hierarchical infrastructure. Capitalism causes severe mental and physical problems; it turns us all into an alienated, perverted, violent and sick individuals, called the consumer society the new pithy cliental stupid mentality and manners. The capitalists well have to learn to live with us without capitalism and comprehend the necessity and intelligence of the anarcho-communist theory. All the poor will become rich during and after the revolution, transforming the dispossessed class into a rich anti-class magnitude the final fall of the empire. A new social relation that is based on all being rich and equal - this the future for humanity, and we are the grave diggers of the state, law and capitalism. Everyone will live free and equal in anarchy without capital or its circulation of mass misery. What has capitalism gave us since its inception but destroyed peoples and raped and looted planet. It is we who have to live on this ruined, abused and toxic environment called planet earth what the next generation is going do, where they are going to breathe and drink. The free market is the name given for collective poverty and social misery capitalism like state communism are anachronistic and authoritarian and should be overcome immediately. Capitalism and religion bring about the worst in everyone ideology makes people obedient and frightened. Save yourselves or be saved by someone else if capitalism defeated socialism then anarchism will defeat capitalism.

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