Radical media, politics and culture.


Porno-military internet, anarcho-capitalism and patriotic cyber chauvinism

The tools – The individual – The state – The society

1. The perverted historical development of "humanity. 2. The perverted historical development of hierarchy. 3. The onto-epistemological spectacle/surveillance. 4. The anarcho-symbiosis and nihilo-metamorphosis. 5. Theoretico-practical meta-synthesis. 6. Creation of anarcho-alternative paths of progression. 7. Meta-dialectical and post-materialist emancipation. 8. Anarcho-communist revolutionary advance.

Free individuals like anarchism are the fundamental precondition for a free and equal society. Nihilo-revolutionary thinking and acting for the liquidation of anti-human forces and cyber annihilation of all ideologies and religions, thus ending quasi-theory and ignorant behavior. The foundation of capitalism (1760-1840) is based on criminality and illegality, the new economy of punishment, the ghetto and prison for the masses. Anarcho-capitalism is a dead fish stinking from its head, pity-bourgeoisie greed without state interference. The western civilization the creator of unnatural capitalism 200 years ago is half liberal and half fascist. All ideologies and religions were created for the sole purpose of controlling the mind and gold. Politics and economy like science, ethics and morality were designed for the purpose of manipulating and managing the feudo-industrial modern slave. All systems are rotten and are very destructive to life and must be abolished to rescue the human race from its self-made extinction. What we need is an anti-system, the meta-system, a system-less harmony and creation which means in pragmatic term, economical happiness to all people on earth. Yours in the anarchic social revolution 2005CIA.


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