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Dear revolutionaries – Greetings still from the hell of the

Dear revolutionaries – Greetings still from the hell of the future

The "development" of capitalism is a total and permanent human crisis, physically and psycho-emotionally. The forces of politico-economical powers are one and the same thing but in different periods and faces, operating within historical conditioning on a global scale. The head, body and tail of the capitalist beast which is humanly sick and perverted in its social relations, based on usurers, conmen and speculators. Under the disguise of post-barter exchange they legalize their stolen profit and labor loot. A system of universal suffering wars and poverty, a global system of robbery of all resources, exploitation and then after ruining the planet and human life they hide in remote country sides or well hidden bunkers. A system of violent and viscous powers ruled and conducted by politico-fiscal tyrants and rich megalomaniacs, who swindled humanity in controlling its entire human and natural resources. Crimes against humanity what this system does because it is based on a capitalist legal form of socio-economical criminality, an officially recognized egoism and ambitious lust and greed as a substitute for the lack of genuine pleasure. The hierarchy is severely perverted; it has created monsters of powers that were encouraged to become so, leaders who are mentally shallow and instable, like the ones we have today and as it always in the past. Neither left nor right of capital will save us from a determined doom, but a conscious socio-anarchic revolution lead by the people themselves with a little help from anarcho-revolutionary friends. The anarcho-social revolution is a real solution to a real problem; only anarchy can dissolve capitalism and bring it to a halt. How to stop capitalism from killing humanity quickly and gradually in the name of free marketeering and a ruling class democracy? We can stop this destructive self-blinded march in the quest for more and more billions of dollars and universal domination. How long capitalism is going to devour us and later excrete us for recycling our submission and obedience? When will the capitalist system become obsolete? Can we fasten the process of its disintegration as was the case in the socialist system. When will this criminal and brutal system disappear and free humanity from its nasty yoke? When will it self-destruct and how? Well, the answer to all these urgent problems is our anarcho-revolutionary activity in the last fifty years. Freedom fighters in theory and practice, as living example, in words and deeds, courageously digging the grave of international-state capitalism. Now the grave is deep and ready and what remain it just to push it down there and on the surface plant some ganja weeds. The freedom of all is the freedom of the one and the well being of each, so we can go on living without coercion and oppression. Let's accompany humanity in our journey of intellectual creativity and constructive alterations. Start with subverting your immediate environment and the internet.