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Non-armed revolution and how to destroy capitalism

Non-armed revolution and how to destroy capitalism completely

A revolution for the total destruction of capital and classes. Anarchy is without poor or rich, without bosses and workers and without leaders and lead. Acting directly and indirectly towards the abolishment of the capitalist system. The fall of science, philosophy and ethics. The collapse of the state and the creation instead of a coordinated cooperation without any form of formal or informal hierarchical organization. Words and knowledge that will stay true and correct for centuries to come. We live today as there is no tomorrow and we live tomorrow as we are dead today. Consciousness is anti-dialectical, like anarchism it is meta-dialectically materialist. Metaphysical idealism causes ignorance and semi-consciousness. Anarcho-meta-dialectical materialism.

Religion, capitalism and the state are going to disappear from the face of the planet, it is their last decade, i.e., from the years 2005 to 2015 CIA – we will treat our bloody and sweaty past history as a lesson to be well remember and never forgotten.

Abolish business – it is a permanent chain around your neck – break it away – liberate your self with the help of others – don’t let anyone ever rule you – never rule anyone else. Sack the bosses – expel the leaders – don't choose a representative but yourself – break your oppressor and bring down the state and capital. Take back what is yours – your freedom and joy – take all the wealth and distribute it equally amongst all – the people are always robbed of everything, it is time to demand everything back and have the courage to conquer their punishment. Down to private ownership of the means of substance – down to private ownership of social production – down to private ownership over our lives.

An awakening stimulation to raise the dead brains. Anti-psychiatric anti-therapy. The meta-job. We forget but never forgive. Alone together.

Enough shit has been produced since 1705 – 2005 – 300 hundred years of war and slavery -it is time for some thing human – we need something different and new – not hunger and destitution. Can we achieve this post-capital-shit situation or are we doomed to infinite pain and suffering. Structural collapse of so the called brutal modernity – save your sovereignty whilst you still can – the quality of your destiny is at stake here – you either submit or fight. First, shock and shake that system and then demolish it completely – we put an anarchic society instead. Capitalists make their profits by stealing our lives and labor – the ruling class is a gangster clique that uses violence and exploitation to prosper and increase profit. The upper class causes the rest to suffer and die young – the leaders of finance and politics are tyrants without borders or limits. They sell us the water we drink – they sell us the food we eat – the rent us the shelter to sleep and sell us the clothe to wear – but not for long – no one has the right to turn my survival into a very profitable business for the few. We will not self-destruct and disappear as they might wish – we are here to stay a win our freedom and live our equality.