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Wyclef Jean for President of Haiti? Look beyond the Hype Charlie Hinton and Kiilu Nyasha, Haiti Action Committee

The “New Normal”: More than One in Five Americans at Risk of DestitutionBarry Grey

More than one in five Americans in 2009 suffered a household income loss of 25 percent or more over the previous year, according to a new report sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation and entitled “Economic Security at Risk.” The report documents a steady increase in economic insecurity since the 1960s, and concludes that annual income losses of 25 percent or greater increased by 49.9 percent between 1985 and 2009.

Marx and Makhno Meet McDonald's Loren Goldner

Over the last several years, a revolving network of militants in Paris, France, have developed a strategy and tactics for winning strikes by marginal, low-paid, outsourced and immigrant workers against international chains, in situations where the strikers are often ignored by unions to which they nominally belong, or are actually obstructed by them.

Football and Class Struggle In Italy, catenaccio was class struggle!

In June of 2006, Negri talks with Renaud Dely and Rico Rizzitelli, journalists from Liberation. Football, Fordism and class struggle are some of the topics which come up throughout the interview.

More Optimistic Today Than Ever: A Talk with Pete Seeger David Kupfer in conversation with Pete Seeger, Reality Sandwich

"There is hardly anything bad in the world that doesn't have something good connected to it."

Great Decoupling of Corporate Profits from JobsRobert Reich

Second-quarter earnings reports are coming in, and they're making Wall Street smile. Corporate profits are up. And big American companies are sitting on a gigantic pile of money. The 500 largest non-financial firms held almost a trillion dollars in the second quarter, and that money pile is growing larger this quarter. Profits that plummeted in the recession have bounced back. Big businesses have recovered almost 90 percent of what they lost.

Jailbreaking Your iPhone: Now Perfectly Legal Josh Levy, FreePress.net

The Library of Congress made a big, unexpected decision today, announcing that users who unlock or jailbreak their mobile phones are within the legal clear — they're not violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It's a big win for openness.

This decision is a first step toward opening up wireless networks and releasing the stranglehold that companies have on consumers who, until now, were legally restricted from doing whatever they want to their phones.

Militarization of Central America and the Caribbean: The U.S. Military Moves Into Costa Rica Mark Vorpahl

Nestled between Panama to its south and Nicaragua to its north, Costa Rica is a Central American nation roughly the size of Rhode Island.

Capitalism The 'Real Culprit Behind Climate Change' Faranaaz Parker

“The best thing about Copenhagen is its failure. What I most dread about Copenhagen is that the public relations apparatus will manage to patch together propoganda or some sort of token agreement,” says Joel Kovel, a proponent of eco-socialism.

For Kovel and others, including top climatologist James Hansen, who referred to Copenhagen as a “disaster track”, the negotiations – which stalled primarily over emission reduction targets and financing for developing countries -- are a forgone conclusion.

Christopher Hitchens, 1949–2011
Louis Proyect

About a year or so after Hitchens began writing defenses of the war in Iraq, I stopped reading him. Bombarded as I am from wall-to-wall stupidity on network and cable television, op ed articles by Thomas Friedman, and all the rest, I just found no reason to add Hitchens to the menu.

But when I learned that he had cancer, I began reading everything he had to say about his illness including the final riveting piece in Vanity Fair that made it clear that the end was near:


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