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"Why I Got Fired From Teaching American History"Thaddeus Russell

Five years ago, I had every reason to believe that my job as a history professor at Barnard College was secure. I had been teaching there for four years, I had published my dissertation with a major publisher, and because I had tripled the sizes of the introductory US history course and the American Studies program, colleagues told me they "would be shocked" if I were not promoted to a tenure-track position.

Liberal Multiculturalism Masks an Old Barbarism with a Human Face Slavoj Zizek

[This is the article referenced in the 10-17-10 "Democracy Now" interview with Zizek.]

Anarchism DemystifiedRalph Shaw

Although the anarchists are unanimous in their detestation of state-sponsored capitalism, they have divergent views on capitalism if state sponsorship is removed. To the individualists, the evil is not capitalism itself, rather it is the collusion between the state and those who own capital.

IMF Considers Replacing the Dollar as Key CurrencyTelepolis

Introduction of a World Currency Could Follow Attacks on the Dollar Ralf Streck

Interview: Noam ChomskyHicham Yezza, Ceasefire

Little of novelty or substance can be added to the millions of words that have already been written or spoken about Noam Chomsky. But it’s worth repeating a couple of them, if only to underscore the sheer, breathtaking scale of his achievements.

"The End of Capitalism" Lewis Lapham and Lynn Parramore

[This is the second installment of "The Influencers," a six-part interview series that Lynn Parramore, the editor of New Deal 2.0 and a media fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, is conducting for Salon. She talked to Lewis Lapham, the former longtime editor of Harper’s and the founder of Lapham’s Quarterly, about the nature of American-style capitalism — its beginning, its historical manifestation and, possibly, its end.

Q: Historically, what do you see as the dominant characteristics of America?


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