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Callout for Global Days of Action Against G8 Canada Meeting, June 26-27, 2002

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JUNE 26-27, 2002

This coming June 26-27, the executive board of global capitalism is
retreating to the foothills of Alberta, Canada. Jean Chretien, George W.
Bush, Tony Blair and the other so-called leaders of the industrialized
world continue planning for war at home and abroad, surrounded by
pristine wilderness, putting greens, and thousands of police and

The self-serving "war on terrorism", orchestrated by the leaders of the
G8, continues to militarize and brutalize the world, while cynically
making appeals to civilization and freedom. From Afghanistan to
Colombia, from the Philippines to Somalia, Western powers continue to
exercise their self-proclaimed right to dominate and determine the
destiny of the global South at an ever more accelerated pace.
War is spreading its weapons everywhere. For example in Canada, all
levels of government, in particular the far-right governments in the
provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, unabashedly pursue
economic policies at the service of big business, contributing to
poverty, environmental destruction, social service cutbacks and more.
Their arsenal ranges from privatization schemes to well-armed tactical
police units.

In particular, the war at home includes the scapegoating and attacks on
immigrant and refugee communities, as well as so-called "anti-terrorist"
laws that are nothing but a judicial assault on civil rights and political
organizing, with clear racist implications.

The agenda of capitalist globalization -- embodied by institutions and
treaties like the IMF, World Bank, WTO, NAFTA, FTAA and G8 -- is the
relentless transfer of power and wealth to the economic and political
elites of Canada.

Last July, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered in Genoa,
Italy against the G8, and were met with state-sponsored police brutality
that included the murder of activist Carlo Giuliani. The Genoa protests
were accompanied by protests worldwide in opposition to the agenda
of the G8.

The global uprising is led by grassroots movements in the global
South. The recent popular rebellions in Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia
stand out as inspiring and empowering examples and models of
resistance to imperialism and capitalism, in the face of violent
day-to-day state repression.

And so, in clear opposition to the G8, in solidarity with protests in
Alberta and worldwide, and in ongoing support of local and regional
grassroots social justice efforts, activists from Ontario and Quebec are
making a call to all groups and movements across the planet who share
the political philosophy of the PGA network for global days of actions
on June 26-27, 2002.

Show your resistance to the G8's war politics and express your
solidarity with the many activists that will mobilize in Ottawa -- Canada's
national capital -- Alberta, and elsewhere on these days of actions. The
two days of protest will involve demonstrations of all kinds, popular
education, civil disobedience and direct action, targeting many
manifestations of political and economic power.

For direct solidarity between our communities and global coordination
of resistance! On June 26 and 27: Take the capital! Take your


For more information, or to get involved:

Email: take the capital

Website: take the capital

Phone: 613-788-3310 (messages only)

Of your affinity group or organization endorses the callout above, please
let us know.