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jim submits:

Media Architecture

The 6th International New Media Cultural "Art+Communication" Festival

May 15 - 18, 2003, Riga Latvia


The 6th International ART+COMMUNICATION festival will comprise a series of
events from May 15-18, 2003 conceptually located at the intersection of
information networks and post-modern architectonics; while physically
located in Latvia in Riga, as well as in Karosta, Liepaja and at the VIRAC
Radiotelecope in Irbene.

conference: media architecture

The Media Architecture international conference will take place in Riga,
from May 16-17. Discussions will include: how lessons from the social
dynamic of 'virtual 'networks, can be applied to the creation of open,
public physical spaces; designs for process-based architecture, and hybrid
spaces; and how mapping/positioning and wireless networking impact on
notions of space time and social organization.

art up north writes:

A Cobra exhibition featuring a radical post-war arts movement currently on show in Manchester has already caused a stir in the UK national arts scene.

The fact that the Cobra exhibition has bucked the accepted norm by not going to London maybe causing some annoyance in the capital but can only be a good thing for Manchester art lovers.

Full story available at:
http://www.manchesteronline.co.uk/entertainment/ar ts/stories/Detail_LinkStory=58306.html

jim submits:

Libertarian Book Club's May 2003 Anarchist Forum

The Bush-Ashcroft War on Civil Liberties

On Tuesday May 13, at 7:30pm, the Libertarian Book Club's Anarchist Forum will present a forum on The Bush-Ashcroft War on Civil Liberties.  The speaker will be Frederick H.Cohn, a noted civil liberties and criminal defense lawyer. For many years, Fred Cohn has engaged in the defense of political defendents, of persons unjustly accused, and of harassed minorities. He represented the antiwar protesters of the Vietnam War era. Now he defends Muslims who are being persecuted. He is both indignant at and apprehensive of how the Bush-Ashcroft administration is limiting civil rights. He will discuss this and show that, if it continues, many of our traditional rights will soon only be memories. After his presentation Fred Cohn will answer questions and respond to whatever comments the audience wishes to make.


Anonymous Comrade submits:

Volunteers Needed & For More Information: (212) 777-7969

8 Hour-Theatrical Parade & Performance Celebrating the Recent Victory

Saving Many Lower East Side Gardens!!!!!!!!!!!!

View  Slideshow:  http://www.earthcelebrations.com/springslideshow.h tm

Rites of Spring: Procession to Save Our Gardens!

SATURDAY 17, 2003

(raindate: Sunday, May 18),

The 13th annual,  Earth Celebrations' Rites of Spring: Procession to Save

Our Gardens,  enacts a day-long parade and mythic pageant to celebrate and

preserve the community gardens of New York City. The 8-hour pageant, begins

at Forsyth Street (between Broome & Delancey), at 10am and weaves

throughout the day until 6pm, visiting over 35 magnificent gardens on the

Lower East Side. The parade features: giant puppets, musical bands,

spectacular costume garden characters. Performances of dance, music, and

poetry performed at gardens along the route.

Dear Greens and friends,

This weekend, May 10-11, the NY State Greens/Green Party of NY is holding
its semi-annual (and sometimes more often) Assembly in Manhattan. You are
invited to join us there, at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, 445 West
59th Street (and 10th Avenue) in Manhattan.

The Assembly begins at 9 a.m. We ask people to come at 8 a.m. for
breakfast, registering and setting the agenda. The full schedule is
outlined below.

Connecticut Anarchism Conference
May 17th, 2003

University of Hartford

Check www.gpjo.org/ctanarchism.htm for More Info as it Becomes Available

The Agenda for the Conference has Yet to be Made. Please Email Us for Submissions. Ideas so far:

- Creative Resistance 

The general purpose is to bring anti-authoritarians from across the state together so we may coordinate our efforts and bring a strong presence into the local peace and justice movement. Out-of-staters are welcomed so we may perhaps get an idea for what already-established anarchist communities are doing.

For some dumb reason, the University of Hartford website seems to be down, so for directions go to www.mapquest.com and get directions to 200 Bloomfield Ave, West Hartford, CT. 

To get in touch with local CT anarchists, send a blank email to ctanarchism-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

For more information on the CT Anarchism Conference, email m(A)tt at mmcl@erols.com

Anonymous Comrade writes:

"The Law Enforcement Intelligience Unit is holding their annual meeting in Seattle to discuss such topics as left-wing terrorism. this is homeland security and both patriot acts PUT INTO EFFECT!! they target and monitor individuals and groups posing any threat whatsoever. Even Starbuck's and 7-11 put up cameras nationwide for these guys!

What is the LEIU?

The LEIU is a loosely-associated group of law enforcement and intelligence officers, whose private network of affiliations allows information to be shared between agencies. It was created in 1956 by the California Department of Justice. It first included 26 law enforcement agencies from seven western states but now includes more than 250 agencies from the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, and Britain. What is the purpose of the LEIU?

jim submits:

"The 4th Annual
Montreal Anarchist Bookkfair"

Part of the Festival of Anarchy

Saturday, May 17, 2003

10am - 6pm


2515, rue Delisle

(near metro Lionel-Groulx)


Childcare available

Mainspace wheelchair accessible

Anonymous Comrade submits:
You're Invited!

Who: Serenade, You, Urban Pirates, pied-pipers and our mom

 What: A streetwide noise riot in psychogeographical spirit through instruments composed of decadent garbage, landscape reconstruction and chaotic evening burlesque.

 When: Friday, May 9th at 9:30 PM

 Where: Departs from ABC No Rio (156 Rivington) and onto the streets.

nolympics submits:

"Plunder of the Public Airwaves"

Iain Boal

Text of remarks delivered at the Federal Communications Commission Hearing on Media Ownership Rules at the City Hall, San Francisco, Saturday April 27th, 2003:

My name is Iain Boal. I am a historian of science and technics, with a longtime interest both in radio and in the history of enclosure and privatization. I have stood once before in such a room, some eight years ago, in Washington DC, during the effort to derail the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which quite predictably led to a vast plunder of the public airwaves.

The jackals are back again -- this time to scavenge for what is left of the carcass. The hearings were  a travesty then; now they have the makings of a farce. There is only one commissioner here today; Chairman Powell has not seen fit to show himself to the people of Northern California. Nor have the rest of the commission. None of the corporate interests poised to profit from the new ruling has bothered to show up either; the fix is already in. They should know; they paid for it.


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