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Anonymous Comrade writes "Come join the largest peace convergence in Pittsburgh in over 30 years! This event will have thousands taking part in a variety of ways and we need you to make it amazing. The events are organized around the need for direct action against the war and with respect for a diversity of tactics. The events are endorsed by a ton of groups. for complete info see www.organizepittsburgh.org/war.htm

This should be the largest local peace mobilization in 30 years and we need your help to make it happen. The majority of convergence events are being organized by the Pittsburgh Organizing Group, The Thomas Merton Center, and the TMC's Anti-War Committee.

Tactics: Since September the Pittsburgh Organizing Group, the Thomas Merton Center and organizations/affinity groups from throughout the region have been working on different elements of a regional convergence against war to take place January 24-26th, 2003 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This includes pog's organizing of a framework for large scale direct action against war as part of a larger mobilization that weekend. Groups are working together to put on a comprehensive weekend of actions and events. The events include: a large permitted rally, numerous teach-ins, forums, and other educational events, marches of all kinds, direct action, street threatre, 15+ hours of concerts, a vigil, a parade procession, radical cheering and signing, dancing, various bloc's, and many other to be determined activities. If you are opposed to the Government’s militaristic policies at home and abroad there is a place for you at these events. Not everyone will want to attend every event and that's ok. Each of us can take part as we see fit. Effectiveness is in diversity. We support a diversity of non-violent tactics from flyering, vigils, holding signs on the corner, pre-announced (to the police) symbolic arrests, and active blockades. We also welcome coordinated autonomous actions. There are MANY opinions within the peace movement on what an effective direct action entails and it's likely that Jan 24-26th will reflect a multitude of these. We encourage all groups and individuals opposed to the ongoing war to open the lines of communication so that we can come together and figure out ways to have our actions work in tandem.

MutualAid writes

NEWS RELEASE - 31st October 2002

Armed Badgers Storm Oxford Street Starbucks in Central London to Build Illegal Settlement - "If Israel can, we can"

On Thursday 31st October at 3.00pm, 30 badgers armed with waterpistols stormed the Starbucks on Oxford St claiming it as their ancestral home. Using the logic of Israeli settlers1 the badgers evicted some of the customers and erected the first badger settlement in London.

With placards proclaiming "If it works in Palestine why not here" and "It's ours because we say so" the self-styled Badger Defence Force set up checkpoints to inspect shoppers and tourists for concealed weapons. "If they're not a badger, they could be a terrorist" a spokesbadger said. They handed out copies of the badger bible which proves their ownership of Starbucks and a fact sheet which answered Frequently Asked Questions about their activities (see documents attached together with 9 photos).

The badgers have selected the store for their settlement because of the role of its CEO as a major supporter of the Israeli state. The company has become a prime target of an international boycott of companies with ties to Israel.

A spokesbadger said "Since the chief executive of this company clearly believes it is ok for one group of people to grab land belonging to another and say they have a right to it, we believe they won't mind if we take some of theirs".



Sunday 8 December 2002 1-6pm

Kurdish Community Centre

11 Portland Gardens

London N4

Tube: Manor House (Piccadilly line)

Bus: 29, 141, 341

What has been the impact of Western investment in key communities such as the Kurds, Colombians, Afghans and Tamils? ....... What’s behind the threats to abolish the 1951 Geneva Convention, the only legal protection for people fleeing persecution and oppression? ....... How does the British Government contribute to human rights violations? ........ Why are UK backed infrastructure projects (such as dams and oil and gas pipelines) anything but benign? ........... How do arms sales support repressive regimes? ........ How is the ‘War on Terrorism’ being used to criminalise communities? ..........

Asylum seekers are increasingly demonised as ‘economic migrants’ in search of easy welfare. But the vast majority are fleeing social or economic oppression. The seminar will examine the broader links between enforced migration and globalisation, as well as how the ‘War on Terrorism’ is demonising those forced to migrate.............

Corporate-led trade liberalisation ensures that labour costs are kept punishingly low throughout the developing world, subjecting millions to destitution. Similarly, the IMF's structural adjustment programmes imposed on weaker economies benefits Northern consumers and local elites at the expense of the lives of the poor in the South. Meanwhile, life is being made increasingly intolerable for those forced to migrate by such policies............


On the busiest shopping day of the year, citizens of Naperville, IL will join people in over 30 countries around the world to enjoy a holiday from the consumer frenzy.

Now in its eleventh year, Buy Nothing Day is a 24-hour consumer fast and celebration of sustainable living. Over one million people around the world are expected to help BND 2002 break through First World denial about the consequences of overconsumption.

People in the industrialized countries make up just 20% of the world population but consume 80% of the world's resources and produce 80% of the toxic wastes.

This year's local Buy Nothing Day celebration will feature a large gathering outside of Barnes and Noble at downtown Naperville, 47 East Chicago Ave, at 5:00pm.

Don't miss the first party of the Christmas season!

godo chance to hand out flyers if you are with an organization!


Anonymous Comrade writes "MAPPING THE AEROSOL KINGDOM:

The Past, Present, and Future of Aerosol Art

Friday, November 22, 2002 at 6pm

Scholar Ivor Miller will present his new book, Aerosol Kingdom, and
a panel discussion featuring world-famous writers DAZE, DOZE, FUTURA,
PINK, and VULCAN, and photographer/filmmakers Charlie Ahearn (Director
Wildstyle and author of Yes Yes Y'all: The Experience Music Project
History of Hip-Hop's First Decade) and David Schmidlapp (Publisher of
the IG
Times and Director of Big Time Operator).

Feed The Herd writes:

"Feed the Herd Theatre Company  proudly presents:

The Foundation

Written by Antonio Buero-Vallejo

Translated by Marion Peter Holt

Directed by Brian Snapp

The Trilogy Theatre (341 W. 44th St, NY, NY)

November 6–23 (Wed.–Sat. at 8pm)

Tickets are $15 ($10 students/seniors)

Reservations: 212.501.2282

BUY TICKETS ONLINE: http://www.theatermania.com/ny/shows/foundation/

The Foundation is a play about the effects of political imprisonment. Seen through the eyes of an aspiring writer and prisoner of war, Thomas. His imagination and severe disillusionment allows him to change his reality — that of being in a bare cell with five other inmates in a nondescript era — into a fanciful world where he is a free man in a research lab with his girlfriend. The guards become vaulted servants in a world of refinement.  It is only when the layers of reality become unclouded in Thomas’s eyes that the audience truly sees the hopeless world he lives in; the setting deteriorates from ornate to decrepit and unadorned.

antiNATO.cz writes:

A Call for Solidarity to Stop the NATO Summit in Prague, November 17–21, 2002

Our Official Actions:

Sunday, November 17: demonstration against NATO and capitalism

after 13 years of capitalism we need a new revolution

12:00, Albertov

Wednesday, November 20: the oficial dinner for summit delegates

loud protest against this dinner and food not bombs action

*Argentina solidarity block: bring pats and pons for showing solidarity with Argentina's protests

17:00, Na Prikope street

Thursday, November 21: main day of action

the first day of summit and our biggest protest

autonomous actions all around a city and then

14:00, demo on Namesti Miru

* we call groups from abroad coming with their own ideas for
autonomous decentralised actions during morning

Greetings from the welcome committee, a group that has
been formed for the mobilizations in Quito this
October. We are a group of both Ecuadorians and
foreigners that has come together to help find and
pass on information for those foreigners who have
plans to travel to Quito this October to participate
in the events during the days of the ministerial

We have created two lists (one in English and
one in Spanish) as well as an email address,
bienvenidoquito by which you can write
us any questions you may have. Anyone with plans to
come down who needs more information or wants updates
can subscribe to the English listserve by writing to
subscribe, and
to the Spanish listserve at

Discuss & Deploy:

A Convergence of Media and Technology Activists

September 27 -- September 29


ABC No Rio, Autonomedia, FREE.THE.MEDIA!, InterActivist Network, Openflows Networks Ltd and TAO invite you to attend a conference addressing issues related to media autonomy and self-determination.

Discuss & Deploy will explore the convergence of technology, activism and culture, examining what this digital convergence means in terms of public access and the rights of noncommercial networks to exist in the corporate-owned digital world.

The conference will include panel presentations, workshops, and conversations/dialogues on topics including open source software, models of autonomous networks, security culture and more.

Registration is $10--$30 US (sliding scale). Registered conference attendees receive complimentary breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings; free admission to the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Saturday evening; and $1 off all beer and drinks at the Lotus Club.

All panels, discussions and workshops will take place in locations on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York. All venues are within walking distance of each other.

More detailed information about Discuss & Deploy can be found at http://www.abcnorio.org/conference.

hmt writes

"Check-out my current exhibition at -
horror vacui"


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