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Through the generous support of a number of top Canadian and
American musicians such as Ani DiFranco, The Barenaked Ladies, Bruce Cockburn,Sarah Harmer, Bill Frisell, Michael Fronti and others, the GASCD project have put together a double CD album, now available online and across North America. Visit our website (gascd) to find out where.

The CD and the web site were launched to raise awareness about the growing anti-globalization movement and to raise money to help those who are at the front line of the movement. Some of the initial money raised will be going to aid the legal defence of those arrested during the Quebec Summit of the Americas; while the GASCD Board will continue to look to assist other groups around the world as the project grows.

This project was inspired by the events at the the Summit of the Americas held this past April from April 17th- 21st. Between 40,000 and 80,000 people from all over the Americas gathered in Quebec City to protest the FTAA (the Free Trade Area of the Americas), to oppose the dominance of transnational corporations over local communities, and to demand that our
governments be accountable to the people they're supposed to represent.

We hope to create a space where people can learn, share stories and information, and make the links between the impact of corporate power around the globe and what's going on in our own backyards.

To learn more, visit us at gascd

Anonymous Comrade writes " Free.The.Media!

Afternoon Seminar

Tuesday, April 9 at 1 PM


Name.Space Lab

11 East 4th Street 2nd Floor (2F)

New York, NY 10003

between broadway/lafayette sts.

R train to 8th and Broadway, 6 train to Astor Place
or Bleecker Street

Presented by:

Jim Costanzo of Repo History

instructor at Parsons School of Design

Deconstructing Media:

Art, Perception and Society

Works by Paul Garrin:

Video Revolution to Internet Liberation


Artist, Activist and Media Pioneer Paul Garrin will screen his video works
and art installation documentation, and
discuss his explorations of the politics
and practices of media technology, art,
surveillance, public and private space,
ownership and access to media and
the liberation of the infosphere through
art, activism and practice.

Admission is free to Parsons students with ID

all others admission is $3

RSVP: events@freethemedia.org

seating limited! so reserve!

More info on Free.The.Media!:


more info on Paul Garrin:


more info on Repo History:


"Under Fire"

Critical Arts:
A Journal of South-North
Cultural and Media Studies

The post-millennium world has seen a rapid escalation of violent conflicts in the Middle East, West, Central and some areas of Southern Africa, and ongoing civil wars and human rights abuses in a variety of other regions across the world.

In keeping with its interpretation of cultural studies as a form
of praxis, of experience, and of strategic intervention, in which
individuals find themselves caught up in broader process over
which they may have little or no control, Critical Arts has
instituted a new Section, "Under Fire". The aim of this section
is to invite short theorised autobiographies and dramatic
narratives of what it is like living under fire, of the relevance
of cultural studies in such circumstances, and how it could be
deployed to challenge such conditions. (Length: anything up to
2000 words.) How does one explain the contradictions, the
opposing ir/rationalities, the fracturing of logics which so
brutally feed political solidarities at any cost?

Shuffle Boil Poetry and Music Magazine Debuts

Edited by David Meltzer & Steve Dickison

Issue No. 1 is now available, 48pp. + 8pp chapbook insert, saddlestapled, b&w cover-art on glossy cover stock. Published tri-annually (winter, spring, fall).

Featuring: poets & other artists writing on music, musicians' poetry & song.

Bono Bloody Bono

Dave Bleakney

Every generation has an Elvis. Being an Elvis is not only about shaking
your hips or making teenagers scream. When things are going bad in the
public relations department, a famous entertainer can add pop, sizzle
and glamour to the message. Performers sell soap, cars and coca cola.
And lately, rich corporations have been in need of a little sizzle to
sell corporate globalization.

Nixon needed Elvis. He saw a good 'ol southern boy that loved his Mama
cruise into the White house to join hands with the Administration in one
of the many wars on drugs. Elvis, heavily medicated, was more than ready
to expose his peers to extra scrutiny.

Mussolini had Ezra Pound. The Macarthyites had Ronald Reagan, who, at
the time a Democrat, spent his career at the Screen Actors Guild ratting
out so-called subversives in his Union.

Bono, the 80's inspired politico warbler is the latest in a long line of
performers who are trotted out on behalf of the power holders. Poor
Bono, he doesn't get it. At first I thought he looked silly. But now I
see him as dangerous. Okay, well, silly and dangerous. At least that's
how he looked at the World Economic Forum held recently in New York.
"Bono steals spotlight at forum," said the Globe and Mail byline of
February 5. While distribution of the Earth Times may have been banned
at the exclusive Waldorf-Astoria for the WEF, the corporate and political
elite made a home for Bono.

"Decaying Empire/Exuberant Alternatives" Conference

Announced for Madison, Wisconsin, October, 2002

Call for Participation

The 2002 meetings of the Association for Humanist Sociology will be held
October 10-13 in Madison, WI. The deadline is April 15, 2002. Theme:
"Decaying Empire/Exuberant Alternatives."

Presentations do not need to be
directly related to the conference theme. Various forms of participation
are possible, including poster presentations, single presentations,
organization of sessions, panel discussions, and presentations on teaching.
Performance art, installation art and political theater pieces are also
welcome, as is simply moderating a session.

Send a three-sentence summary to Diane Schaefer, AHS Program Chair,
Department of Sociology, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL 61920;
Phone: 217-581-7831; Fax: 217-581-7067; Email: cfds2@eiu.edu. Please
include phone and fax numbers and e-mail address, if applicable. Please
specify any a-v needs. At present we are not able to accomodate PowerPoint

For more information about AHS or the annual meetings see the website
at: http://www.humanistsoc.org or contact Steve McGuire at 740.826.8288.

Marxism and the Visual Arts Now

University College London

8-10 April 2002

Plenary Themes:

Marxism and Cultural Practice Today

Art or Aesthetics?

Session Themes

Methodology: Dialectic, Negative Dialectics and other Materialist Modes of

Marxism and Aesthetic Value

Stages in the Formation of the Popular and the Crisis of Cultural Studies

The Cultural Heritage of the Eastern Bloc

Racialization, Gendering and Sexing of Class and its Implications for
Marxist Cultural Work

Psychoanalysis and Materialist Theories of the Subject

Technology, Commodification, and Cultural Form in the Era of Globalization

What is Living and What is Dead in the Situationist International?

Issues in Cultural Production in Second and Third World Countries

The Sociology of the Contemporary Art World

Anonymous Comrade writes: "Drawing Resistance--A Traveling Political Art Show

ABC No Rio--January 10 thru February 14

Gallery Hours: Sundays 1:00-3:00pm; Tues & Thurs 5:00-7:00pm

Drawing Resistance is a group show featuring work by 31 artist/activists from North America. The show speaks to subjects vital to understanding the world today, including globalization, working class rights, environmental destruction, corporate control, police brutality, homelessness, gentrification and the Zapatista movement in Mexico.

hydrarchist writes: "Some readers will be aware that one of the Italian sections of the Luther Blissett Project encountered serious legal problems in 1998, owing to a book they penned named "Let the Children.....". The bad news is that the decision of the court has finally arrived, and they lost. The good news is that they remain undaunted, and the text remians available. You can enjoy the offending text at this location. Some of the individuals formerly involved in LB now animate the Wu Ming Foundation .


Luther Blissett must pay compensation to the public official Lucia Musti and their book "Let the Children Play" must be destroyed. It's an outright victory, obtained by the magistrate that coordinated the investigations into "Satan's children", over the collective name signatory to the text. The civil tribunal found in her favor on all fronts, declaring that two chapters "Satan's children: Anatomy of a Frame Up" and the "The Dimitry case is closed" of the book edited and published by Castelvecchi and distributed on the internet "are damaging to her reputation". The sentence thus specifies the sentencing of the publishing company to the book’s "withdrawal from commerce and the destruction of the copies" ……... present in bookshops or in storage".....

Louis Lingg writes: "Some have argued that the aggressive response by the U.S. to the 9/11 atrocity is inflaming jehadi militancy and will result in additional terrorist attacks. More recently, other analysts, correspondents and pundits are suggesting that the capitulation and defeat of the Taliban and Al Qaida is leading to a generalized disillusionment with the jehadi parties and their programs; introspection among muslim people world-wide; and perhaps a renewed openness to values presumptuously claimed by the West: reason, secularism, democracy.

dawn.com has posted an examination of these complexities by Pakistani activist and physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy (Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad):

Muslims and the West Part I

Muslims and the West Part II

Some additional writings by Pervez Hoodbhoy can be found on Pervez Hoodbhoy's ZNet HomePage."


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