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'Drawing Resistance' at ABC No Rio

Anonymous Comrade writes: "Drawing Resistance--A Traveling Political Art Show

ABC No Rio--January 10 thru February 14

Gallery Hours: Sundays 1:00-3:00pm; Tues & Thurs 5:00-7:00pm

Drawing Resistance is a group show featuring work by 31 artist/activists from North America. The show speaks to subjects vital to understanding the world today, including globalization, working class rights, environmental destruction, corporate control, police brutality, homelessness, gentrification and the Zapatista movement in Mexico.Organized by Sue Simensky Bietila (Milwaukee) and Nicolas Lampert (Minneapolis), Drawing Resistance will travel for up to five years to cities in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The shows tour began in September 2001 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and will come to New York at ABC No Rio in January. The show opens on January 10th; a reception for the artists will be held on Thursday, January 17th.

The artists in Drawing Resistance range in age from their twenties to their eighties. Familiar names include Seth Tobocman and Peter Kuper of New York City, founders of the magazine World War III Illustrated. A number of artists in Drawing Resistance have been published in World War III, including Eric Drooker (San Francisco), creator of some of the most memorable protest images of the last decade.

Other participants include the collage artist, Freddie Baer (San Francisco) and the block print artist, Richard Mock (New York City), whose work can often be seen in the Detroit anarchist paper, The Fifth Estate. The albums and posters of legendary San Francisco punk band the Dead Kennedys, and the label, Alternative Tentacles, are known as much for the visual impact of Winston Smith (San Francisco) and John Yates (England/San Francisco) collages as for the music.

For the last half-century, the woodcut medium and the posters of the Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.) are best known by the work of Carlos Cortez (Chicago). Recently, Domitila Dominguez and Antonio Ramirez of Mexico beautifully illustrated the childrens book, Questions and Swords: Folktales of the Zapatista Revolution by Subcomandante Marcos.

Other artists include Rocky Tobey (Toronto), designer of the poster found in the streets of Quebec during the protest of the Summit of the Americas (FTAA) in April 2001. The urban streets and alleys are home to the stencils and posters of Josh Macphee (Chicago) and Robbie Conal (Los Angeles). The work of Corinne Rhodes (New York City) and Emily Abendroth (Oakland) are both directly inspired by their human rights work in Chiapas, Mexico.

More information about Drawing Resistance and participating artists can be found on the web at http://www.drawingresistance.org.

"Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it."

--Bertolt Brecht

List of Participating Artists-- Drawing Resistance :

Emily Abendroth, Freddie Baer, Diana Berek, Julie Beauchamp, Sue Simensky Bietila,
Katie Burkart, Robbie Conal, Carlos Cortez, Domitila Dominquez, Eric Drooker,
Kehben Grifter / Juan Manchu, Sabrina Jones, Peter Kuper, Nicolas Lampert, Josh Macphee,
Fernando Marti, Mac Mcgill, Doug Minkler, Richard Mock, Ricardo Levins Morales,
Mabel Negrete, Iris Pasic, Antonio Ramirez, Corinne Rhodes, Nicole Schulman, Andy Singer,
Winston Smith, Rocky Tobey, Seth Tobocman, John Yates

ABC No Rio is located in Manhattan at 156 Rivington Street (between Clinton & Suffolk)."