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Great agit-prop art! Go to photo album and click on: start the slide show.

Alan Moore writes:

From Chicago, Greg Sholette sends this announcement of a new European website, Republicart.net. Here is the flak:

“The new website of republicart is now online. the transnational research
project on progressive practices in public art starts with a tool-kit
including manifesto, news, calendar and more about the discourse and
practices of participatory, interventionist and activist art.

nomadlab writes "The BBC is reporting that a sportswear company is taking some heat for the name of their new sneakers. They aparently have already started marketing the Zyklon. I find it hard to believe that no one in their marketing or development team realized that the name was rather close to the name of the gas used by the Nazis to exterminate millions during WWII (zyklon b).

Stupidity, neo-fascist shoe makers or a simple PR stunt? I am not sure.

the BBC story is here

and cnn has a decent story at http://www.cnn.com/2002/WORLD/europe/08/28/france. shoes/index.html"

Kisinis writes "Kisinis Web Art present creations to squats' artists in Paris

Kisinis Web Art, the site of art and artists, announces a rubric dedicated to artists' squats.

In collaboration with squatter's artists from three squats in Paris, "La Maison de la Plage" (The Beach's House), "Chez Robert, Electrons Libres" (At Robert, Free Electrons) and "Hors Champs" (Out of Bounds), KWA offers a virtual visit to see their works in the quarters they are occupying.

Numerous photos allow visitors to discover the creativity of artists outside gallery walls. These reports reveal the diverse creativity that bubbles among artist outside all institutions and galleries, in unoccupied, abandoned spaces.

You might also find information provided by artists' associations, musicians, painters and sculptors, actors, jugglers, video artists, photographers about the numerous artistic activities they offer to the public, as well as a mailing list diffusion dedicated.

Come visit these artists' squats and learn about what squatter artists are doing.

"La Maison de la Plage", no profit organisation for the creative and temporary occupation of uncultivated urban places, is at first a place of life and creation opened to the artists. She would like to arouse of the social link through the space and its actions of creation where each is invited to be more an actor than a spectator.

Also a reportage to the eviction of the squat of the street of Pyrenees, in Paris, with the troops assaults the building occupied by the squatters and oust the rebellious out the roof.


Michel Kisinis



hydrarchist writes

Spectres of the Spectrum and Sonic Outlaws

The Transmission Interview with Filmmaker Craig Baldwin

Craig Baldwin is something of an underground icon. With found art as his instrument, for over twenty years he has been creatively expressing his views about media democracy and "evil" applications of technology, important issues of our time that -- surprise, surprise -- fail to garner adequate attention by our mass communications corporate behemoths.

Hosting micro-cinema events and editing an online alternative "zine," Craig continues to bring compelling and bold written and filmed work to audiences that crave material beyond the mainstream.

Banana writes "

'Big Brother' TV Show and Death

by Banana

In discussing [1] the report of the 'Slaughter the Pig' demonstration against one of the participants in the 'Big Brother' TV 'reality' show (Sunday Times, 21 July 2002), I asked whether the demonstrators had been paid. I also asked what lies next in the development of this horrendous shit. In particular, I mentioned that one victim of a version of the show shown elsewhere in Europe "killed themselves shortly after being 'ejected'."

Arkline Political Art writes :

Arkline Art features the American Dream Renew Art series including The Clinton Years -- The American Dream Reversed, The American Dream is Burning and The American Worker Locked out of the American Dream. A top newspaper did a story on this art titled Power to the People Art -- see http://www.tapsnewstory.filetap.com The artist and advocate for human dignity in the workday and fair trade mixes thought provoking social economic messages in his art.

hydrarchist writes

"The Financial
Advantages of Anti-copyright

Speed and wealth go hand in hand.

—Paul Virilio

One of the constant concerns of cultural producers
about the anti-copyright movement is how they
can be compensated for their labor and not lose
their work without engaging legitimized procedures
for obtaining ownership. This problem has
not been addressed by prominent figures in the
plagiarism, electronic mirroring, and anti-copyright
movements, who seem content to develop
the principles of the movements more on theoretical
rather than practical levels.

Frank Shifreen writes

We packed the work of a hundred New York artists into a borrowed Winnebago and drove 600 miles to Detroit, where we then mounted and hung an exhibition called " Ground Zero" July 13th-Aug. 24th 2002
at Musuem of New Art in Detroit (www.detroitmona.com)

hydrarchist writes

Here's a nice article from the UK based direct action eco-journal 'Do Or Die'. The mag is also notable for its creative critique of recent political effort coming from a perspective that appears part Reclaim the Streets, part Earth Firts and part Bakhtino-Situationist.

It's All Kicking Off!

The Radical History of Football

There are some questions
about football that may remain forever obscured by the murky, swirling mists of
Years Gone By. Like who exactly decided that Bob Wilson was a natural TV
presenter. Or how it ever came to pass that Chris Sutton thought he was too good
for the England B team. Or how much exactly Man. United have to pay the referee
for every minute of Mystery Stoppage Time. Oh yeah, and there's a few other bits
and bobs as well. Like why did football ever happen in the first place, how did
it end up like it is today and what has any of it got to do with Doing or Dying
for the global resistance movement?


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