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Judy Fahys, Japan Sending Radioactive Toxins to Utah

Japan Sending Radioactive Toxins to Utah

Material Ruled 'Ore' Instead of Waste

Judy Fahys, Salt Lake Tribune

Five-hundred tons of uranium-contaminated soil from Japan is headed to Utah's southeastern desert.

That's good news for International Uranium Corp.'s White Mesa mill, which has not processed ore for six years.
But, for environmental activists, the shipment signals that the state has opened a Pandora's box, making Utah not just a national destination for radioactive discards but now a global one.

"It's the precedent," said Claire Geddes, pointing out that the state already has the nation's largest privately owned and operated low-level radioactive waste site and that a high-level storage facility also is planned. "This [Japanese waste] is a scenario for a nightmare to me."Full story: here.