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Post Gothenburg - New Wave of Arrests of Radicals

Anonymous Comrade writes: "
A short update about the situation in Sweden after the Gothenburg Riots, from AFA Sweden:

17 new arrests of swedish activists

Today major Swedish papers reported that 17 new
arrests had been made early on Tuesday morning in
association with the so called riots in Gothenburg,
Sweden, in June. 15 people have been taken into
custody and a further 2 await trial on free foot,
raids were made on a number of the arrestees
homes.Most of the charges are for rioting, both stone
throwing and property damage.It is reported that the
arrests are the result of alalysis of police fotage,
filmed during the 3 days of demonstrations.Police warn
that more than 50 new arrests could be made throughoutthe winter.
Approximatly 50 people have already faced charges in
association with the demonstrations, resulting in
sentences of between 9 months and 4.5 years. The
sentences have come under criticism for being heavy,
political sentencing, particularly as the swedish
system uses local gothenburg politicians in the local
court instead of a jury."The quality of the
prosecutors case has sunk to low levels and
gullability has been a huge factor in the local court
and court of appeal in Gothenburg, after the riots in
June.Some of the sentences pushed by the prosecutors
have been as long as those for murder.The sentences
have, to the highest degree, been political.

New Arrests

On Tuesday morning the 16th of October, 17 people in several cities and towns
across Sweden were arrested in pre-dawn raids at their homes. The arrests were
in conjunction with the riots at the EU Top Meeting in Gothenburg this past
June. This is the "second phase" of the judicial proceedings in the aftermath of
the Gothenburg riots. The final trial in the "first phase", that against the
critically gunshot wounded 19-year old Hannes Westerberg recently ended.
Upon arrest for the crimes of "violent rioting" and "incitement to riot", the
detainees were transported to Gothenburg. An additional 3 individuals are
arrested in their absence and are currently being sought after by the police. Of
the 17, 2 were released the same day after admitting guilt. The rest are
awaiting arraignment. The oldest arrested was born in 1977.
The arrests were based primarily on police video materials from the riots in
June. Other evidence used include witness testimonies and surveillance
intelligence. During the next 9 months, the police expect to initiate an
additional 60 - 80 cases in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland as well as

The arrestees were from the following locations in Sweden; Linköping,
Norrköoping, Malmöe, Sundsvall, Uppsala, Örebro, Jönköping and Stockholm.
The Gothenburg Solidarity Group has the names of the arrested. Arraignment of
the arrested must occur on or before Friday the 19th of October.

Trial of the Gunshot Wounded 19 Year Old

Hannes Westerberg's trail has now reached the conclusion of it's first stage.
Hannes declared remorse for his actions but demanded an impartial investigation
into the shooting incident and the police involved. The initial verdict against
Hannes will be made public in a weeks time.

The Other Trials

Most of the people arrested in connection with the riots in Gothenburg have gone
through the appeal stage of the judicial process. One German citizen was found
innocent and released. The rest have had their sentences confirmed by the
appeals court, some have been judged with harder sentences as more video
evidence of their alleged participation in the riots have been found, a very few
have had their sentences reduced.

Still in Jail

4 people are still in police custody since the riots in June. Although convicted
in the first appeals court, none have been transported to prison as the Swedish
prison system has no vacancies at the moment. This prolonged jailing has been
criticised by many human rights groups around the world as inhumane punishment.
These prisoners are allowed visits by relatives, but others are still denied
access. They are allowed to receive books, cards, letters and money - but as
time goes on people are sending them fewer and fewer things! Please take the
time to write to your comrades and contribute with books in English and German!
Money is also greatly appreciated! The detained individuals are:

Paul Robinson, 33 yrs, London, UK. Sentence: 12 month
S.S., 20 yrs, Germany. Sentence: 18 month (SS was also gunshot wounded)
J-B.B., 25 yrs, Berlin, Gemany. Sentence: 24 month
Luigino Longo, 43 yrs, Oslo, Norway (Italian citizen). Sentence: 24 months

Anarchist Book Fair

Representatives from the Gothenburg Solidarity Group will attend the Anarchist
Book Fair in London on the 20th of October. They will share a stall with the
WOMBLES. Please feel free to come and talk to us. You may also give us letters
and money to deliver to your comrades, but please, no books. We'll have
difficulties transportring them to Sweden. Send them (and anything else) instead
to .

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