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In the Streets

Bishops Speaks Out On the Attacks on Abahlali baseMjondolo in Durban Bishop Rubin Phillip

Democracy Under Attack in Kennedy Road

G-20 Resistance Protests Grip Pittsburgh

Police Fail to Contain People's Uprising, Groups Reunite across City

The Pittsburgh G-20 Resistance Project (PGRP) held its mass unpermitted march today starting in Lawrenceville, with attendance of about 2,000. Despite the use of rubber bullets, chemical weapons, and LRAD attacks, demonstrators have remained on the street for over four hours and actions continue across the city.

Could the great recession lead to a great revolution? Immanuel Ness From the Christian Science Monitor

For the first time in generations, people are challenging the view that a free-market order – the system that dominates the globe today – is the destiny of all nations. The free market's uncanny ability to enrich the elite, coupled with its inability to soften the sharp experiences of staggering poverty, has pushed inequality to the breaking point.

Fanonian Practices and the Politics of Space in Postapartheid South Africa: The Challenge of the Shack Dwellers Movement (Abahlali baseMjondolo) Presentation at the Frantz Fanon Colloque, Algers July 7, 2009 Nigel C. Gibson

The nation does not exist in the program which has been worked out by revolutionary leaders … [but] in the muscles and intelligences of men and women. Fanon, Les damnés

South Africa: A Cry for Deep Structural Change Imraan Buccus

The protests that have swept the country are a demand for an end to the contempt of the ruling elites for the poor. Our country is burning, and the leading lights in the new cabinet are out shopping for expensive cars. The long-standing disconnect between the political class and ordinary people has become a chasm.

The rebellions have made it abundantly clear that we cannot go on as before.

New York CIty's "Picture the Homeless" Forms Tent City Beka Economopoulos

On Thursday at 11:00 AM, members of Picture the Homeless orchestrated a spirited occupation of a warehoused (vacant) lot, currently owned by the firm JPMorgan Chase, a recent beneficiary of billions in taxpayer bailout money.

Calais No Border Camp 2009, (In)visible Subjects?

Petition in Solidarity with Italian Arrestees

Please sign and circulate (http://www.petitiononline.com/wave/petition.html)

The perfect Wave cannot be arrested! Call in solidarity with the students arrested the 6th of July in Italy

In the night between the 5th and the 6th of July, 21 students were arrested in a sweeping police operation. They were charged with being involved in the mobilization of the 19th of May in Turin against the G8 University Summit. On that day more than 10,000 undergraduate and PhD students, as well as

Italian State Attempts to Arrest Anomalous Wavewww.edu-factory.org

Last night 21 Italian students of the universities of Turin, Padua, Naples and Bologna have been arrested through a violent act of the Italian police. Sixteen students have been imprisoned, and other five have to stay under house arrest. Moreover two social centres and several houses have been raided and searched in Turin, Padua and Naples.


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