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Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Occupied

On Tuesday, October 20 2009 the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna was squatted, here is the statement and the demands of the occupants:

Party Politics Versus Living Politics

University of KwaZulu-Natal Forum Lecture Thursday 22 October 2009

Party Politic Vs Living Politic in Kennedy Road

The Kennedy Road settlement, like all other Abahlali baseMjondolo settlements, has been embarking on a living politic.

This politic is a living politic because it talks about the realities of our democracy – a democracy that serves the interests of a minority while the majority our people continue to live and to die in inhuman conditions.

Single-Payer Health Care Sit-Ins and Rallies

The next day for Single-Payer Healthcare sit-ins and rallies is October 28!

Visit www.mobilizeforhealthcare.org to sign up!

Protest as Embodied State Practices: An Examination of Hegemonic and Counter-Hegemonic Protest Tactics Sabrina Alimahomed and Jake Alimahomed-Wilson[1]

From Institute for Anarchist Studies

All Charges Dropped Against Tent City Ten in New York City Picture the Homeless

At 100 Centre Street this morning, all charges were dropped against the Tent City Ten -- homeless/community activists arrested in Picture the Homeless's July action liberating land & fighting for housing for all.

Against All Forms of Authoritarianism! No to Islamism, No to Nationalism! Anonymous Comrade

*Anti-Fascist developments in England*

Just read an excellent post on an upcoming “march for Shariah” law which will be happening on the 31st of October in London organised by Anjem Choudary who was criticised in the British press for holding an anti-war demonstration at a military parade in Luton in March.

Istanbul Days of Resistance Conclusion report of 1-8 October anti-capitalist resistance days against the IMF and WB summit

We are informed that on 7th of October while we were sieging İstanbul from all sides, the IMF and the World Bank meeting had to be finished in a haste. So we, as the ungovernable of resistanbul, gathered here to announce our own riotistanbul decisions against the so-called Istanbul decisions of the governors.

When They Kick Out Your Front Door, How You Gonna Come? Tortuga Defense

On October 1st, 2009, at 6:00am, the Joint Terrorism Task Force (a union of local police departments and the FBI), kicked out the front door to our home—an anarchist collective house in Queens, NY, affectionately known as Tortuga. The first crashes of the battering ram were quickly followed by more upstairs, as the police broke in on 3 sleeping people, destroying bedroom doors that were unlocked.

New York Anarchist Accused of Using Twitter to Direct G-20 Protesters

Elliott Madison was arrested by FBI and charged with using social networking site to help demonstrators evade Pittsburgh police

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/oct/04/man-arrested-twitter-g20- us/print


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