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G-20 Resistance Protests Grip Pittsburgh

G-20 Resistance Protests Grip Pittsburgh

Police Fail to Contain People's Uprising, Groups Reunite across City

The Pittsburgh G-20 Resistance Project (PGRP) held its mass unpermitted march today starting in Lawrenceville, with attendance of about 2,000. Despite the use of rubber bullets, chemical weapons, and LRAD attacks, demonstrators have remained on the street for over four hours and actions continue across the city.

Says media spokesperson Jesse Ericson, "What we've seen today is people's willingness to resist global capitalism despite the combined forces of state repression. The police have rampantly abused their so-called less lethal weapons. What less lethal means is that they are willing to kill to silence those voices which are already excluded from these summits. We've seen it in Argentina, we've seen it in South Korea and now we're living it ourselves".

Despite today's massive show of force and increased police brutality, protestors were able to stay in the streets and continue their event.

Says media spokesperson Noah Williams, "It was wonderful to see the supportive reaction of our neighbors here in Lawrenceville, Bloomfield and the Strip. We've had a very affirmative response from people who see their communities being torn apart and neglected by their so called representatives every day. They know the police aren't there to protect them; they're there to protect the rich. The city government has continued to put corporate profit over people's interests."

Even with the enormous security spending and the assembling of a militarized policed force, protestors successfully demonstrated active forms of dissent. Says Jesse Ericson "Every cent of this money is money that could gone to feed, house or employ people in Pittsburgh. Instead millions have been wasted on this bumbling and violent police action".

The PRGP moves forwards with its week of events tomorrow, calling for decentralized actions at local institutions which embody the neoliberal policies of the G-20 on the local level. In the mean time, protestors remain on the streets.