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Second Day of Street Protests Across GreeceLibcom

A second day of protest marches occupations and clashes across Greece marked the first anniversary of Alexandros Grigoropoulos murder as pupils take to the streets

The second day of the anniversary of Alexandros Girgoropoulos murder was marked with protest marches, occupations and large scale riots in major greek cities.

Monday was the day of pupils as pan-educational marches against police brutality and in memory of Alexis were staged in all major greek cities

Riots in Greek Cities on Anniversary of Grigoropoulos Murder Anonymous Comrade

Riots have broken out in Athens and Salonica during the first day of A. Grigoropoulos murder anniversary with police demonstrating extreme brutality leaving two people seriously wounded by a motorised charge on the Athens march.

Want to Sneak into U.S.? There's an App for That American College Prof Develops Cell-Phone Tool to Help Illegals Cross BorderChelsea Schilling

Illegal aliens crossing the U.S.-Mexico border now have a cell-phone tool to chart the best route, find food and locate people who will help them enter the country – courtesy of a professor at a state-funded university.

We Want the Full Loaf (not just a child support grant) Mnikelo Ndabankulu

[Presentation at the Development Action Group Workshop, Cape Town, South Africa, 18 November 2009]

The Slums Act

The Slums Act first came to our ears as a Bill in 2006. The information about this Bill came to us indirectly through our sources.

"Eyes Closed and Covered:" The "Internationalist" Blockade in GermanyVolker Weiss

[The long-standing conflicts inside the Left in Germany on the issue of nationalism emerged again a few weeks ago in Hamburg when some activists violently blockaded the showing of the film "Why Israel?" by former Jewish anti-fascist partisan Claude Lanzmann. This text analyzes the incident, and attempts to contextualize it within a broader political and historical framework.]

The NecrosocialOccupied UC Berkeley

18 November 2009

"Being president of the University of California is like being manager of a cemetery: there are many people under you, but no one is listening." UC President Mark Yudof

"Capital is dead labor which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor." Karl Marx

"Politics is death that lives a human life." Achille Mbembe

Grave Concerns about the Detention without Trial of the Kennedy Thirteen: This Travesty Must End Rubin Phillip

18 November 2009

All Charges Dropped Against the Pemary 13, But Someone Needs to Answer for Police Attacks Abahlali basePemary Ridge Press Statement

16 November, 20:42

Abahlali basePemary Ridge is happy that all charges were dropped against 13 of our members, who were arrested in a brutal attack last Friday by the Sydenham police.

"Two New Publications on Greece's 2008 Revolt" Anonymous Comrade

With only weeks to go before December 6th, the day marking one year from the assassination of Alexis Grigoropoulos, two new excellent publications on the uprising of 2008 have come out by comrades in the UK and the US.


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