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hydrarchist writes:

What is X-Evian?

X-evian is a self-booting, self-installing distribution copy of Debian Gnu-Linux

X-evian is a Live-CD, a complete operating system which installs automatically from the CD-Rom in RAM memory by means of a process of automatic hardware detection. This makes it possible to "parasite" a PC without leaving any trace?without touching the hard disk and without interfering with the operating system or the files already installed on the PC. X-evian also includes a utility for installing the contents of the CD automatically onto the hard disk (without having to erase Windows).

Debian GNU/Linux is much more than an operating system: it is an entire system of program distribution, installation and management built around the Linux kernel (the core of the operating system). Debian GNU/Linux consists of about 10,000 different programs, nearly all of which are free software, bundled and classified for integrated operation. X-evian is a selection and compilation which has been carefully chosen and configured for activist users, for liberated cultural, technological and social production. But Debian is much more than "a complete operating system and an infinite number of programs". Debian is the largest independent free software community on the Net and one of the most firmly established and stable techno-political projects in cyberspace. X-evian is an easy preconfigured way of introducing the user to the best of the resources of this Debian.

hydrarchist writes:

"The State of Copyright Activism"

Siva Vaidhyanathan

One of the great hopes I had while I researched and wrote Copyrights and Copywrongs (New York: New York University Press, 2001), a cultural history of American copyright, during the late 1990s was that copyright debates might puncture the bubble of public consciousness and become important global policy questions. My wish has come true.

Since 1998 questions about whether the United States has constructed an equitable or effective copyright system frequently appear on the pages of daily newspapers. Activist movements for both stronger and looser copyright systems have grown in volume and furor. And the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in early 2003 that the foundations of American copyright, as expressed in the Constitution, are barely relevant in an age in which both media companies and clever consumers enjoy unprecedented power over the use of works.

hydrarchist writes:

"Wealth by Copyleft: Creativity in the Digital Age"

3rd Oekonux Conference, Vienna, May 20-23, 2004


Project Oekonux [http://www.oekonux.org/] does research on the
economical, political and social forms of Free Software. Similar to
the development of Free Software, different people with different
reasons and different approaches get together in this project to build
something new. One question, a lot of people are interested in, is,
whether and if so, how, the principles of the development of Free
Software can serve as a basis for a new society.

The 3rd Oekonux conference [http://www.oekonux-conference.org/]
"Wealth by copyleft -- Creativity in the digital age" takes up the
diversity of the project. Among other things it aims at learning
something about how the example of Free Software is perceived and
realized in other fields. Together with our co-organizers Bureau for
Philosophy in Vienna we are proud to welcome more than 30 invited
contributors which will share their experience, studies and insights
with us on topics like:

"First Internet Commons Congress Gives Voice to Internet Freedom Advocates"

Grant Gross, IDG News Service, March 31, 2004

The politically minded group of people meeting last week near Washington,
D.C., weren't wearing enough navy suits and power ties to be confused with
the U.S. Congress, but there was a much deeper concern for the Internet than
most congressmen can muster.

RunMe DorkBot CityCamp 2004

Aarhus, Denmark, Aug. 25–27

You are cordially invited to leave your tents and sleeping bags safely at home and join us in
Aarhus, Denmark for the Runme Dorkbot citycamp 2004. From the 25th-27th August, Aarhus will be
filled with 'people doing strange things with software', as well as more traditional campfire
activities such as eating, drinking, talking, socialising, showing off and relaxing together.

Russia Claims New Missle Developments Nullify ABM Systems


Moscow, 28 March: Russia's latest projects in the ballistic weapons field,
which allow for manoeuvring in terms of altitude and course, are an "almost
revolutionary step", according to a senior source in the Russian Defence
Ministry. The source clarified that he was talking of the experiments
conducted during the latest large-scale exercises in Russia. "This is a
serious step that really does change the philosophy of military-strategic
interaction," the source said. According to the expert, "the existence of
such a weapons system nullifies any anti-missile defence system".

James Lindenschmidt writes:

"From Virtual Commons to Virtual Enclosures"

James Landenschmidt

This article provides an analysis of the structure and the value of the virtual commons as it is transformed into the virtual enclosures by capital. It was written to be informative to both the free software community and political activists.

This article is available in both HTML and PDF format.

"Dark Nets and Social Software"

Robert Kaye

[At the recent O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in
San Diego, CA, Robert Kaye lead a talk on Next Generation File Sharing
with Social Software. For those who were able to attend, this essay builds
upon that session. And if you missed the talk all together, you can now
get up to speed.]

Open file sharing systems like Kazaa welcome everyone on the net and enjoy
a broad selection of content. The selection is so vast that Cory Doctorow
calls it "The largest library ever created." (Personally, I'd call it the
"largest and messiest library ever created," but that is another essay
entirely.) However, this vast selection comes with a significant risk
attached — outsider attackers who want to stop you from sharing files and
would like to throw you in jail or pilfer your college fund.

An anonymous coward writes:

Mondo2000 alum R.U. Sirius has posted a fascinating interview with author and boingboing editor Cory Doctorow.

"Notes on the State of Networking"

Geert Lovink and Florian Schneider, February 2004

No longer the society, the political party or even the movement, networks
are the emerging form of organization of our time. By marching through the
institutions the idea of networking has lost its mysterious and subversive
character. Sandpapered by legions of consultants, supervisors, and
sociologists, as a buzzword networking superseded the latest fashions of
sustainability, outsourcing, and lean organization.


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