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An anonymous coward writes:

"To Greet G.O.P., Protests of Varying Volume"

Michael Slackman, New York Times

When the Republican National Convention comes to town, the Rev. Peter
Laarman hopes to greet it with a quiet, reserved defiance. He wants
religious leaders to hold discussion groups on concerns about politicizing
Sept. 11. He wants to have seminars to discuss lost jobs. And he wants to
bring experts to New York to discuss national security.

What he does not want to do is take to the streets with huge protests.
Instead, through a campaign he calls the Accountability Project, he hopes
to offer a thoughtful counterpoint when the Republicans stage their
nominating convention in New York, scheduled for Aug. 30 through Sept. 2.

But Mr. Laarman may find his tempered voice drowned out in what may well
be a tense and angry time on the streets of Manhattan.

Anonymous Comrade writes

"Coming Soon: The Dirtiest Show on Earth!"

John Chuckman

Crowds cheering, bands marching, costumes glittering, high-wire stunts, and even animal acts (if the latest Bush stories about Kerry are to believed) -- all these and more are coming this fall to America's local fairgrounds and national airwaves.

American elections are not noted for depth of content. Despite constant disparagement, sound-bites often are the only way to know what all the racket is about.

$2.4 Trillion US Budget to Boost Defense Spending

Reuters, Feb. 03, 2004

WASHINGTON -- President Bush proposed a $2.4 trillion election-year
budget on Monday that would boost defense spending, slash 128 programs
and seek to cut this year's record deficit in half -- a goal even fellow
Republicans were skeptical he could achieve.

Anonymous Comrade writes

"The President from Podunk Drilling Inc."

John Chuckman, January 15, 2004

Thinking people aren't surprised to be told that failed-oilman George Bush qualifies as a moral and intellectual dry hole.

Bush's halting words come from a mouth so long smugly-set it can scarcely form the shapes of vowels, but enormous ignorance also manages to come through. Still, it never hurts to have a first-hand account, expert testimony, to reinforce even our strongest perceptions, and former Bush Cabinet-member Paul O'Neill has now supplied that in spades.

"RNC Not Welcome"

The Good Riddance

The Good Riddance [TGR] recently met with one of the founders of RNC [Republican National Convention] Not Welcome to talk about organizing against the upcoming Republican National Convention, which is scheduled to occur in New York City, close to the anniversary of the September 11th attacks. We started off by talking about the Demilitarize the Police rally that occurred at One Police Plaza a few days earlier. The rally focused partially on the use of "less-than-lethal weapons," such as rubber bullets and tear gas to control demonstrators.

RNCNW: I wouldn't be satisfied if, for instance, the cops decided that they weren't going to use less-than-lethal weapons, because in New York, they rely more on systems of control than they do on brute force.

"Anti-War Protest Set for Republican Convention"


NEW YORK (Reuters) -- A coalition of anti-war groups plan to greet
delegates to next summer's Republican National Convention with a massive
protest against U.S. foreign policy, hoping to keep the Iraqi war alive as
an issue in the 2004 election, organizers said on Tuesday.

The march could be one of the largest demonstrations in U.S. history,
organizers said.

Anonymous Comrade writes:

"The Doomsday Machine"

John Chuckman, November 27, 2003

It occurred to me to write a satire about Osama and the boys sitting around in the mountains somewhere holding a conference about the worst possible damage they could inflict on the United States and deciding that it would be whatever act got Bush re-elected.

But retired American General Tommy Franks came along and spoiled the fun. General Franks has followed the advice of the fictional Doctor Strangelove by announcing to the world what he believes will happen if the United States is attacked by terrorists using strategic weapons: he says Americans will scrap the Constitution and set up a military government.

Anonymous Comrade writes:

"Forty Years of Lies"

John Chuckman, November 12, 2003

"If, as we are told, Oswald was the lone assassin, where is the issue of national security?" -- Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell's penetrating question, one of sixteen he asked at the time of the Warren Commission Report, remains unanswered after forty years. That should trouble Americans, but then again there are many things around national secrecy today that should trouble Americans.

Karantina writes:

"Diebold Voting Systems"


DIEBOLD! If “Perception is Reality” what is Diebold afraid of?

Recently a string of leaked e-mails has come to light that are creating
panic amongst the  executives of Diebold
Election Systems
. Diebold is the second largest, and fastest
growing electronic voting corporation in the world, and produces touch
screen voting stations used in 37 states in the country. Touch screen
voting booths will sound familiar to many Californian voters because
these were the same machines that were used throughout the state during
the Oct. 7th Recall Election.

Anonymous Comrade writes:


John Chuckman, October 10, 2003

California has just elected an adolescent fantasy as governor. One imagines fans, used to paying for Schwarzenegger's image projected on a screen, leaving rallies feeling blessed at having glimpsed him in the flesh -- dyed hair, induced tan, eyebrow-waxing, capped teeth, and all -- much as winners from a church bingo go home feeling blessed.


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