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Electoral Politics

rncnotwelcome.org writes:

We have just launched a new site called RNC Not Welcome.

The site is meant to be a resource for local activists and for people planning to travel here to protest, disrupt [etc.] the Republican National Convention in September 2004.

ya basta writes


Like in Genoa 2 years ago, the forces of order have responded with a military use of police, and only chance has saved the life of our brother Martin Shaw to whom goes all of our solidarity. As we write this, news of mass arrests comes from Losanna.

hydrarchist writes:

"The following interview is from issue 19 of the New Left Review, and is provided for the purpose of understanding the enemy better. Enmity after all is possible only towards one we actually know. The discussion ranges from the history and culture of LeMonde Diplomatique, the role of ATTAC and LMD in the organization of the World Social Forum and the current political and intellectual topography in France. "

The founder of the single most successful movement against neoliberal globalization, and architect of the World Social Forum,
discusses the French origins and international growth of ATTAC. Its connexions with Le Monde diplomatique and vision of the battles against financial markets and privatization to come.

"On the ATTAC"

Bernard Cassen

What are the origins of the movement that has developed so strongly in France against neoliberal globalization?

Lula and the Markets

Gwynne Dyer

George Soros, the world's leading currency speculator, told a
Brazilian newspaper in August that the 170 million Brazilians simply
wouldn't be allowed to have Labour Party leader Luiz Inacio 'Lula' da
Silva as their president. The higher his standing rose in the opinion
polls, the fiercer would be the speculative attacks on Brazil's currency,
the real. If he actually won the presidency, the markets' reaction would
be so negative that the country would have to declare a moratorium on its
huge $260 billion foreign debt.

The Marijuana Reform Party of NY MRP writes:

Our petition drive was successful and the MRP will be on the New York
statewide ballot in the November election. We look forward to a campaign to
reach the 50,000 vote threshold in order to become an official political
party in New York State.

Most of the major rock radio stations have welcomed us to their morning
show and we hope to be on the air with all of them one or two more times
before the election. In addition, all of the other press outlets that have
covered the campaign so far have said they will give us more coverage
before the election. For a complete list of media so far, check the MRP
News page on our web site

How can you help? Our main needs are the following:

(1) money -- either direct donations or fundraising parties/events (any size)

(2) photocopies of campaign literature and fliers

(3) distributing literature and fliers throughout the state

(4) making calls to radio talk shows to talk about our campaign

(5) writing letters to the editor of your local newspaper

We hope to make two upstate campaign swings that will include Buffalo,
Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany, with a visit to the morning show in the
studio of WPDH FM in Poughkeepsie (we also will go to visit the morning
show in the studio at WBAB FM in Long Island). The tentative timing for
these two campaign tours is September 23-October 1st and October 21-28.
In Buffalo, Rochester, and Albany we will also visit the studios for the
morning shows of the main rock stations there.

If you live in any of the four above cities and can help organize or would
like to attend a campaign event, please reply to this E-mail.

We are also looking for medical marijuana patients in the above 4 cities
and New York city for press events/conferences. If you are a legitimate
medical marijuana patient and would like to participate in any such event,
or if you know a patient who would like to participate, please reply to
this message, providing any details and you name and phone number.

The Green Party of the United States writes:



For immediate release: Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Lavender Green Caucus, winning accreditation in the Green Party, challenges
gay support for Democrats

WASHINGTON, DC -- The Lavender Green Caucus, representing gay, lesbian,
bisexual, and transgendered (GLBT) members of the Green Party, has emerged
as a national force in the Green Party of the United States, after becoming
the first caucus to gain a voting seat on the party's Coordinating
Committee. Other caucuses, representing African-American and Latino Greens,
are also planning to win seats on the Coordinating Committee, the party's
central decision-making body which includes delegates from 39 states.

New York State Green Party Nominates Stanley Aronowitz for Governor

Dr. Jennifer Daniels Accepts Lt. Governor Nomination

Hawkins and Long Receive Nomination for Comptroller, Attorney General

Stanley Aronowitz received more than 70% of the vote for Governor at the
Green Party statewide nomination meeting in Ithaca on Saturday.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels, who recently received the highest vote total in
for a third party candidate for Mayor of Syracuse, was overwhelmingly
endorsed for Lt. Governor.

Mary Jo Long, an attorney from Afton NY, was nominated for Attorney General,
along with Howie Hawkins for State Comptroller.

Louis Lingg writes "The liberal Israeli paper Ha'aretz has posted a profile of and interview with French extreme right-nationalist and presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen: Le Pen ultimate by Adar Primo.

Equally disturbing: Le Pen's victory: The Beginning of the End of the Jewish Post-War Ascendancy?-- a rant by Israeli journalist Israel Shamir posted at the Palestine Chronicle. Shamir argues that Le Pen's surprising electoral upset was due to French fears of a 'Judeo-Nazi occupation.'

On a-infos the French syndicalists of Cercle Social proclaim the big winner to be abstentionism, and rather than a vote for Chirac to defeat Le Pen, they urge a General Strike."

Electoral Landslide in Holland

Joost van Steenis

Fast change occurs.

We had in The Netherlands a stable political system in which the big traditional parties formed coalitions to rule the country. It seemed this this could go on for ages. But the last Town Council elections proved that people can suddenly change their minds. It is not yet a catastrophe but
nevertheless is again proved that stability is not eternal, that unexpected
things can happen.

"Mussolini's Ghost"

Dario Fo

We are witnessing in Italy a never-ending series of
aberrations and hypocrisies by various political groups that
are invoking -- almost to the point of reclaiming the same
words and gestures -- a fascist climate. They use the same
repertoire and shout the same slogans: freedom, effort,
fatherland, Italy, defense of the race, culture of our
civilization, original civilization.


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