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On October 31, the National Journal posted the following item, #6,
on its daily briefing (NJ Hotline):

FLORIDA FALLOUT: Just A Mere One Year Late

http://nationaljournal.com/pubs/hotline/h011031.ht m#6>  

Final data from the media consortium's recount of the state of FL presidential results will be delivered to members of the consortium on 11/5. And according to various sources, the data will be made public on 11/11 or 11/12.

After the attack on September 11, the seven corporate members of the media Consortium announced that they would be unable to report the results of the Florida presidential ballot study because the war on terrorism would monopolize the time and attention of their political reporters. Richard Berke of The New York Times and Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post each wrote that their Consortium member employers did not feel any urgency to publish the results because the terrorist attacks had made the Florida election dispute "unimportant". On October 17, MakeThemAccountable interviewed Craig Coelen of the National Opinion Research Center (NORC), which conducted the ballot coding and data accumulation for the Consortium. At that time, just two weeks ago, Coelen said that the Consortium might get back to the project, "around the first of the year".

Now, there is an announcement that the Consortium has decided to release the results by November 12.

Well, these folks are a bit too reformist for my taste, but ...
--uncle fluffy

Douglas Lichterman writes: "I thought some of you may be interested in joining the NYC chapter of a volunteer citizen's action group to end hunger and poverty in America. I've volunteered for this national group during the past 10 years and have enjoyed it immeasurably. It's called RESULTS (www.ResultsUSA.org), and I'm the Manhattan Group Leader and a regional coordinator for the national organization. We're always looking for new members.

What we do: We meet with politicians in NY and in Washington, D.C., lobbying on issues related to hunger, poverty reduction and education in the United States. We also write op-ed articles and meet once a month for a national conference call with other volunteers to get updated on new issues. Once a year, there's a national conference in Washington, D.C. where hundreds of volunteers from all over the country meet.

We've already made a huge impact funding for domestic hunger, poverty, and early education programs and have the support of many politicians -- including Hillary Clinton (see our "What People Are Saying About Us" page at www.ResultsUSA.org). If you're interested in getting involved in lobbying, writing or politics, this is certainly a great "hands-on" introduction.

If you're interested in joining the NYC chapter of RESULTS, check out our website at http://www.ResultsUSA.org. Then give me a call at (212) 987-6768. This is a great non-profit action group that requires only very little time (3 hours a month!) to make a HUGE impact on millions of people's lives.



more_gardens writes: The More Gardens Coalition, along with a dedicated group of gardeners & activists are gathering signatures for a PEOPLES REFERENDUM TO SAVE OUR COMMUNITY GARDENS! We are determined to make all community gardens permanent and with your help, dedication and commitment we can. Our deadline for filing petitions is JULY 6th, so we have to move quickly.

Deadline July 6: Only 14 more days!


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