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Critical Art Ensemble's Steve Kurtz Cleared of All Charges

Department of Justice Fails to Appeal Dismissal Kurtz Speaks about Four-Year Ordeal

The Living Theater presents A Reading of

Three Movements in an Enclosed Area By Jim Feast

Tuesday, June 17th at 8pm.

Tensions and passions flare as a trio of anarchists try to elude “killers in blue.”


The Living Theater 212-792-8050 19-21 Clinton Street

(between Stanton and Houston) F train to 2nd Avenue (exit front of train, when traveling toward Brooklyn, walk east on Houston to Clinton)

"From the Acteal Massacre to the Merida Initiative" Rafael Landerreche

Translation and footnotes by Kristin BrickerLa Jornada, November 10, 2007

Las Abejas from Chenalhó is an organization that professes non-violent principles. Time and time again they've declared that they don't want revenge for the Acrtal massacre, but that they won't give up their demand for justice so that incidents like that don't happen again.

"The New Security Culture" Boris Beauregard

It’s a New Security Culture! A message from Boris Beauregard celebrating the World Security Days: "Never before in the history of the world, there has been such a need to respond effectively to critical events. In today’s complex world where the solutions to your security concerns are no longer straightforward, it is more difficult than ever to successfully protect interests against diverse and intricate dangers."


Below his keynote speech...

"Precarious Labor: A Feminist Viewpoint" Silvia Federici

The Art of Rent / A series of open seminars *


Thursday 5 June, 4 to 7pm Room 4.08, Francis Bancroft Building Queen Mary University of London, Mile Endhttp://www.generation-online.org/other/artofrent.htm

STEFANO HARNEY - Queen Mary University of London

JUDITH REVEL - Sorbonne University, Paris

ALBERTO DE NICOLA - ESC atelier occupato, Roma (www.escatelier.net)

RAUL SANCHEZ - UniNomada, Madrid (www.universidadnomada.net)

On Tuesday, June 10, at 7:00pm, the Anarchist Forum will present "Thus Spoke The Spectacle", a live music video critique of media-saturated culture. The performance, based on Guy Debord's landmark Situationist work "The Society of the Spectacle," combines original music with bit and pieces of the media barrage reassembled to draw out their hidden meanings. The Spectacle, according to Debord is "the world of illusion where all attention and consciousness converge," constituting a unified thought-world constructed daily through communication technology. The Spectacle is

Solidarity is a Weapon! Benefit for Marie Mason NYC June 7 A special video for the June 7th Day of National Resistance Against the Green Scare Derrick Jensen

Acclaimed environmental writer, author of ‘Culture of Make Believe’, ‘A Language Older Than Words’, ‘Endgame’, and other works.

Jensen discusses the recent state repression of activist groups (the “Green Scare”), the state of the environmental defense movement, and the fate of our planet.

SEIZED Critical Art Ensemble Institute for Applied Autonomy

June 7 to July 19, 2008 Opening Reception: Saturday, June 7, 8–11pm Admission is FREE

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center 341 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14202

Will you join us in the middle of a whirlwind?

In the Middle of a Whirlwind: 2008 Convention Protests, Movement and Movements A one-off online journal of theory, art, activism and organizing out now!

Coordinated by: Team Colors Collective

Published by: The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest Press


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