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IFPI Forces Danish ISP to Block The Pirate Bay Ernesto

The battle between the IFPI and the Pirate Bay continues. A Danish court ruled in favor of the IFPI, and ordered the Danish ISP "Tele2?$B!m (DMT2-Tele2) to block all access to the popular BitTorrent tracker. The Pirate Bay, currently ranked 28th in the list of most visited sites in Denmark, is working on countermeasures.

After a long procrastination in fighting out whatever issue broke the info exchange slash code site, and an even longer process of converting that slash code site to drupal, we're just about done.

At this point, all stories, users, comments have been moved over. slash user's journal entries are now blog posts.

Thanks to those that attended the workshop at NYC Drupal Camp 3 for which conversion from slash to drupal was started. Details on the conversion can be found at http://eric.openflows.com/node/26

Behind the fire: Ben Dangl on struggles in Latin America

Shay Totten

From the Vermont Guardian

Vermont Guardian: In the research for your book, The Price of Fire: Resource Wars and Social Movements in Bolivia, what did you find to be the biggest misconception that people in the United States have about the struggles facing many of the indigenous people in Latin and South America?


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