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In the Middle of a Whirlwind Released

Will you join us in the middle of a whirlwind?

In the Middle of a Whirlwind: 2008 Convention Protests, Movement and Movements A one-off online journal of theory, art, activism and organizing out now!

Coordinated by: Team Colors Collective

Published by: The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest Press

In the Middle of a Whirlwind (Whirlwinds) inquires into current organizing efforts in the United States, and through that process, assembles a strategic analysis of current political composition as a tool for building political power.

Whirlwinds’ strategic context is this summer’s RNC and DNC protests; through these documents and the discussions that erupt from them we hope to directly impact the anti-Convention organizing. In a larger sense, and in the long-term, Whirlwinds is intended to provide a set of useful documents for contemporary radical organizing. Each essay and interview addresses the issues of movement, working class power and composition, and/or gives strategic insight into organizing, and the strengths and weaknesses of current movement/s in the U.S.

Contributions From: Jen Angel | Bay Area Radical Health Collective | Bluestockings Books, Café and Activist Center (written by Malav Kanuga) | George Caffentzis | Chris Carlsson | Maribel Casas-Cortest & Sebastion Cobarrubias (Counter Cartographies Collective) | Emma Cosse (Precarity Map Europe) | CrimethInc. | Direct Action to Stop the War | Domestic Workers United & Right to the City Alliance (written by Harmony Goldberg) | Family Farm Defenders | Silvia Federici | Michael Hardt & El Kimobo in conversation | Brian Holmes | The Icarus Project | IWW Starbucks Workers Union | “I Want To Do This All Day: Redefining Learning & Reinventing Education” (Audio Documentary) | El Kilombo Intergaláctico | Latino Health Outreach Project (written by Jennifer Whitney) | Peter Linebaugh | Brian Marks | Daniel McGowan | Philly’s Pissed & Philly Stands Up (written by Timothy Colman, Esteban Kelly & Em Squires) | Roadblock Earth First! | Restorative Justice Community Action (written by Stevie Peace) | Gigi Roggero (Edu-Factory) | Maggie Schmitt (Precarias a la Dervia) | Ben Shepard | Basav Sen | Smalltown, USA Workers Center | smartMeme | $pread Magazine | Brian Tokar | Daniel Tucker (AREA Chicago) | Ultra-red | US Federation of Workers Cooperatives | United States Social Forum (Documentation Committee; written by Marina Karides) | Art by: David Azzellini & Lize Mogel, Kristine Virsis of Just Seeds, Brett Bloom of Temporary Services, USSMEAC. | Interviews with: Ashanti Alston (by Team Colors), Critical Resistance (by Stevie Peace & Team Colors), Robin D. G. Kelley (by Ben Holtzman) and Unconventional Action (National), Recreate ’68 (Denver) & RNC Welcoming Committee (Twin Cities).

An Appeal for Donations:

Although Whirlwinds is a free online publication there have been considerable expenses in launching this one-off online journal.

Whirlwinds provides detailed analysis, thoughtful criticism, and substantive writing on current organizations and campaigns, as well as dialog in our online forums and at our “Of Friends and Whirlwinds” events. We are requesting financial contributions to cover the expenses Team Colors Collective & The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Press have incurred in launching the site and promoting it to over 400 radical and community spaces across the US.

Make a contribution to Whirlwinds today! Those contributing $20 or more will receive a copy of the “Will you join us in the middle of a whirlwind?” color poster designed by Just Seeds & printed by Eberhardt Press. (Secure, online, credit card payment via Paypal – www.warmachines.info/contacts.html)

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