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"Governance and the Commons," London, June 5

The Art of Rent / A series of open seminars *


Thursday 5 June, 4 to 7pm Room 4.08, Francis Bancroft Building Queen Mary University of London, Mile Endhttp://www.generation-online.org/other/artofrent.htm

STEFANO HARNEY - Queen Mary University of London

JUDITH REVEL - Sorbonne University, Paris

ALBERTO DE NICOLA - ESC atelier occupato, Roma (www.escatelier.net)

RAUL SANCHEZ - UniNomada, Madrid (www.universidadnomada.net)

The Art of Rent is a cycle of 4 meetings that started in January at Queen Mary University of London. This series of public seminars was open to everyone: our experiment with the academic structures to build a sort of open university. Open to London, to everybody who live here or pass through this metropolis. We tried to take the word "metroversity" literally and experiment a metropolitan space inside the university's space itself.

Working with researchers such as Vercellone, Marazzi, Martin, Lapavistas, Mezzadra, Wills, and Biao, we expanded new research tracks like: the "becoming rent of profit" and the new forms of rent within the knowledge economy; the suprime crisis and the financialisation of the everyday life; the political, temporal and spatial redefinition of the border dispositif in the era of globalisation.

With the fourth and final seminar we want to outline a political research around the new apparatuses of governance and the production and institution of the common. On the 5th of June, in an attempt to establish a European network, we will try to mix academic theory with concrete examples of new political institutions, such as Uninomada in Madrid and ESC Aterlier Occupato in Rome.

The Art of Rent series will have a follow-up in November 2008 with a two-day event on the question of metropolis and immaterial labour. All the material, video and audio of these 4 seminars will be available on a free DVD. To receive a copy, contact: artofrent@gmail.com

Website: http://www.generation-online.org/other/artofrent.htm Readings: http://www.generation-online.org/c/c_rent.htm Info: artofrent@gmail.com