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Mobilization for Health Care for All Goes National

http://is.gd/4i2NI, from Healthcare-NOW!

In just two more days, the Mobilization for Health Care for All goes national.

19 Arrested at Aetna's NYC Office Single-Payer Sit-In

Nineteen people have been arrested at Aetna office in New York City during a sit-in to end insurance abuse and to win health care for all!

Video of the event is available here: http://bit.ly/XRg6j

Donald Watson, Founder of Veganism, 1910–2005

London Times

Donald Watson

September 2, 1910 – November 16, 2005

Founder of veganism whose dietary crusade grew to attract a quarter of a million adherents in Britain today

Donald Watson survived to the age of 95; good propaganda in his campaign to convince the world that there is nothing inherently lethal about a vegan diet. He always regarded himself as a propagandist, in the term’s non-pejorative sense. When interviewed at 92 he was pleased to report that he had lived thus far without resort to medication “either orthodox or fringe”, and with hardly a day’s illness.

Avoiding Global Bio-Apartheid

Peter Stoett, Toronto Star

It is a scenario with variations reproduced in countless science fiction
novels and films: A world bifurcated according to immunization. Those with
the proper vaccines or genetic codes live, insecurely, in protected areas;
those without are doomed to die in the forbidden lands.

Such a dystopian image may be less fictional, however, if the international
community does not establish clear ethical guidelines in its response to
pandemics. Of course, many would argue that the mixed approach to HIV/AIDS
already belies such a discriminatory response to killer diseases.

"Anarchism, Nudism, Naturism"

Carlos Ortega

Anarchism and the different Naturist views have always been related. This relationship was quite important at the end of the 1920s. The linking role played by the ‘Sol y Vida’ group was very important. The goal of this group was to take trips and enjoy the open air.

The Naturist athenaeum, ‘Ecléctico’, in Barcelona, was the base from which the activities of the group were launched. First ‘Etica’ and then ‘Iniciales’, which began in 1929, were the publications of the group, which lasted until the Spanish Civil War.

We must be aware that the naturist ideas expressed in them matched the desires that the libertarian youth had of breaking up with the conventions of the bourgeoisie of the time.

bigapple writes:

"Medical Fraud & the HIV-AIDS Deception"
Matthew Grace

Have you or a loved one been told that you are “HIV positive,” or that you have “AIDS?” If so, you do not want to miss Matthew Grace’s upcoming lecture, "Medical Fraud & The HIV-AIDS Deception." IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE and prevent you from a list of untold physical and emotional catastrophes for you and your family and friends. What modern medicine and the media have reported for the past 20 years concerning “AIDS” has been fraudulent, deceptive and downright criminal. You will learn why the ‘HIV tests’ are completely unreliable, and why the only people who are dying of “AIDS” are those who listen to their doctors. All of this material is completely verifiable, and supported by hundreds of highly respected doctors and medical experts but you will never come across this life saving information through any mainstream media outlet.

Anonymous Comrade writes "[from the occasional e-journal of scholar Paul Werner...]
WOID #XII-42. Viva la Muerte

Paul T Werner, New York


The philosopher Hegel wrote of the ancient Egyptians: “The honor paid
to the dead [...] is not burial, but their perennial preservation as
corpses.” He might have been describing the “honor” paid to Terri
Schiavo by the US Congress. The poor woman’s been in a coma for
fifteen years, and thanks to the Republicans she’s on her way to
permanent mummyhood.

Doctor Says Yushchenko Poisoned With Dioxin

Susanna Loof, Associated Press

VIENNA, Austria — Dioxin poisoning caused the mysterious illness of Ukrainian presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko, a doctor said Saturday, adding that the poison could have been put in his soup.

Yushchenko is now in satisfactory condition and dioxin levels in his liver have returned to normal, Dr. Michael Zimpfer, director of Vienna's private Rudolfinerhaus clinic, said at a news conference.

A series of tests run over the past 24 hours provided conclusive evidence of the poisoning, Zimpfer said.

Oread Daily writes:

"A Spine for Senator Specter, More BS From Bush"
Oread Daily

Yesterday, on the morning before World AIDS Day, AIDS activists from ACT UP Philadelphia delivered a giant spine to the home of Senator Arlen Specter to demand that he find the integrity and strength to stand up to the Bush Administration’s attacks on AIDS prevention programs as well as funding cuts against the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

“Arlen Specter talks a great talk about global AIDS, but last week he caved in to pressure from the Bush Administration and cut funding for the Global AIDS Fund,” said ACT UP’s Jose DeMarco. “This cowardly cut happened during the Global Fund’s Board meeting in Tanzania, where African heads of state and people with AIDS from all over the world were insisting that a new round of grants for life-saving programs be launched.”

"One Man's Trash…"

Nicole Bergot, Newsday

Freegans say they dine well — and make an important political statement — by eating food thrown away by stores and restaurants.

Leaning over a black garbage bag on a recent cool night, Adam Weissman uses his bare hands to scoop steaming brown rice and veggies into a plastic container. Alongside him, two friends pull muffins, pasta and sweet potatoes, still warm from a hot buffet, from the pile of trash bags outside Lifethyme, a natural foods market in Greenwich Village.


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