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Bristol Radical History Group presents


March 2007 marks the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the British slave trade. While political reformers like William Wilberforce are traditionally celebrated, less is known about the mass movements which forced the hand of Parliament.

Bristol Radical History Group has planned a program of events to celebrate the real history of abolition. In a series of public lectures, films, and social events entitled 'SLAVERY: THE HIDDEN HISTORY' we will highlight the links between Bristol industry and the slave trade, the radical black abolitionists, the slaves who abolished slavery, and throughout we will question why this history has been hidden.

· Sun March 4th history walk: Black and Blue: Social History of Bristol Glass

· Tue March 6th exhibition : Opening the Archives: The Abolition Movement in Bristol

· Tue March 6th film: "La Ultima Cena"

· Wed March 7th talk: Scandal! The Slave Profiteers

· Thurs March 8th talk: Invisible Abolitionists/ Slaves Who Abolished Slavery adam hochschild & richard hart!

· Fri March 9th pub night: Bristol Abolitionist Pub Night/ SKA LECTURE

· Wed March 14th talk: Caribbean Struggles After Abolition richard hart!

· Thurs March 15th talk: Black Radical Abolitionists

Justseeds Art Show & Street Art Workers release party

Thursday, February 8, 2007, 6-10pm
Ad Hoc Art

49 Bogart St.

Brooklyn NY 11206

Justseeds.org and Visual Resistance present a one-night benefit art
show and sale at Ad Hoc Art, Thursday February 8, 2007.

There will be an exhibition of artists supporting the transformation
of Justseeds into an artist owned and run collective. Art by
Justseeds artists and friends will also be on the sale, with prices
starting at $4. The show will also be the NYC release of the Street
Art Workers (SAW) poster project.

The show will feature over 30 artists from NYC and around the
country, including: Swoon, Chris Stain, Josh MacPhee, RB827,
Christopher Cardinale, Michael De Feo, Kristine Virsis, Elbow-Toe,
GoreB, Imminent Disaster, k.see, Nicolas Lampert, Meredith Stern,
Cristy Road, Pete Yahnke, and many more.

Along with the exhibition of the above artists will be the NYC
release of the Street Art Workers' Land and Globalization poster
project, a collection of 25 posters representing artists from 10
different countries and over 20 different cities.

All proceeds from the show will go toward getting the Justseeds
Artist Cooperative off the ground. Posters, books, and zines start
at $4, with most artwork priced between $10 - 30.


Sat 3rd Feb 2007, Manchester University

There has always been a strong connection historically between
aesthetics and radical politics, and this is no less true for the
global justice movement’s current preoccupation with cultural
approaches to political action. This conference seeks to bring
radical artists, activists, theorists and academics together to
discuss past and present convergences between the theories and
practices of artists and writers and the theories and practices of
movements for radical social change.

There is already a massive amount of literature on Marxist
approaches to aesthetics, art and literature, and whilst
recognising the usefulness of such approaches, this conference will
attempt to engage with these issues from other radical critical
positions - whether they be anarchist, autonomist, ecological or
otherwise. Such perspectives have often been overlooked
historically, but it is arguable that they now more centrally
influence the activities of radical artists and activists.

Fifth Estate Issue Release Party

Monday, January 22th @ 7PM

Co-hosted by Fifth Estate and the 'This is Forever'

Bluestockings Books

172 Allen St. Lower East Side, NYC

Come help celebrate the release of Fifth Estate
#374, produced in New York City for the first time
since the anti-authoritarian journal's 1965 founding
in Detroit! Several New York City contributors will
present perspectives on radical politics, history,
philosophy and culture, potentially including:

precarious labor and resistance;

gender roles at Burning Man;

moving beyond dialectical philosophy;

the history of radical marching bands;

secrecy, the State and contemporary activism;

and mass media’s role in recuperating resistance.

Donation requested, but no one turned away for lack of

The Rapture Project

January 4 - 21, 2007

HERE Arts Center 145 6th Ave.

The Rapture Project is Great Small Works’ newest production, a serio-comic epic spectacle about fundamentalism and American culture and politics. Inspired by rough-and-tumble Sicilian marionettes, current events, popular End Times literature, and day-to-day anxiety, with visual motifs from the Cockettes and 1920’s Christian iconography.

Alternately ridiculous and terrifying, The Rapture Project brings together tabloid newspaper stories, popular literature about Armageddon, and fundamentalist iconography to create an epic spectacle following an unlikely cast of characters from the USA to The Middle East and beyond.

See the Creationist tour of the Grand Canyon and learn the history of the world through Bible-based science.

Enter the world of Muslim squatter punks in Buffalo where young believers try to redefine Islam for the 21st century.

Marvel as the spirit of Susan Sontag debates the Devil.

Be awed as regular American citizens confront the growing power of fundamentalism over their lives and institutions.

Wonder if The Rapture is upon us!


Tactical Retreat, Strategic Escape:

Anarchist Options for the Near Future

Peter Lamborn Wilson’s Annual Chaos Day Lecture

The December Anarchist Forum

On Tuesday, December 12, at 7:30pm, the Libertarian Book Club's Anarchist Forum will present, returning to the city for Chaos Day, the author and radio star Peter Lamborn Wilson, who will speak on some strategies and tactics that might aid anarchists in coping with the world in the sad state that it is. Coping with the world may actually include
escaping from it. After putting his ideas forward, Peter will answer questions and respond to audience comments. Then we may all escape together.

The event will take place at the Brecht Forum, 451 West Street, Manhattan (between Bank and Bethune streets) (212-242-4201). Take an A, C, E, or L train to the 14th Street and 8 th Avenue subway stop or take a 1, 2, or 3
train to the 14th Street and 7 th Avenue stop. Walk South down 8th Ave, and take a right on Bethune. Walk until you hit West Street and take a left.

Everybody is welcome and invited to come and to have their say. There is no set fee for the presentation, but a contribution to aid the LBC is suggested. If you have questions, contact the LBC /Anarchist Forum, 212-979-8353 or e-mail: roberterler@erols.com

ABC No Rio Art Benefit Auction December 15

The Clothesline Show

a benefit art sale for ABC No Rio

156 Rivington Street New York, NY 10002

Thursday December 14 and Friday December 15

7:00 - 10:00pm

ABC No Rio, the Lower East Side gallery and arts
center, will be holding a benefit art sale, the
Clothesline Show, on Thursday December 14 and Friday
December 15 from 7:00 to 10:00pm, on both nights.

This benefit event will feature affordable works on
paper by emerging artists. Work will be presented on
clotheslines strung through ABC No Rio's gallery
space, and will be unframed, two-dimensional work, and
no larger than 11" X 17". Prices will range from $25
to $50.

Proceeds from this benefit art sale will go towards
ABC No Rio's Building Renovation Fund.

auskadi writes:

"Before The Law"

Language, Property, Community, Law — A Workshop

International Institute of Sociology of Law
Oñati, Gipuzcoa, Euskadi, Europe
28 and 29 June 2007. (30 June optional — Basque Country Tour)

Brief Outline
Before The Law will be a two day workshop trying to pick up various threads of interest concerning the interface of communities, whether social, linguistic communities and the forms of mediation effected upon them, or the ways they are put to service by instruments various forms of law and governance, including logics such as intellectual property or sovereignty.



NEW YORK – A weekend of gatherings, memorials, concerts and
conversations will take place over the weekend of Nov. 11 and 12 in New
York City, to remember our dear friend and fallen comrade Brad Will. A
memorial will be held at St. Mark's Church on the Bowery from
1:00pm-5:00pm on Saturday, Nov. 11. Other events are also being planned.

St. Mark's Church is at 131 East 10th Street in Manhattan. It is located
near the No. 6 train subway stop at Astor Place and the R stop at 8th
Street-New York University.

Brad was one of more than a dozen civilians murdered by paramiliaries in
the pay of the ruling party in Oaxaca, Mexico, in recent months. He died
documenting the abuses of Gov. Ulises Ruiz and his thugs against
Oaxaquenos attempting to create direct democracy in their state.
Paramilitaries and government troops continue to violently attack the
grassroots movement there.

All friends of Brad and activists concerned about and dedicated to the
work that he built his life around are welcome at the Sat. memorial. If
you need housing, please write to bradmemorialhousing@gmail.com. If you
would like to participate in planning for the memorial and other events,
please sign up to the discussion list by going to
www.friendsofbradwill.org. Return to this site for more details during
the course of the week.

Support for Lynne Stewart

New York City, Oct. 15-16, 2006

Paul H. Zulkowitz

Friends & Americans

Throughout American history, a number of attorneys have placed people's needs and human rights before personal desire for wealth and position. Most toil in obscurity, defending the indigent in criminal cases that few lawyers care to touch, others support mothers and children in the least glamorous of civil cases, helping them to remain in their homes and to put food on the table.

A few, like the late Bill Kunstler, rise to fame, devote themselves to people's movements, and live their later days, with no lack of stress, but in the comfort of family and friends.

Rarely does an attorney find herself in a controversy as notorious as that of her best known clients; rarely does a grandmother, suffering from cancer, disbarred from her livelihood, ever-vigilant for the rights of all of us, face the fate of a political prisoner, face the abyss of the American (could it happen here?) gulag.


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