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"Before The Law" Conference, Euskadi, June 28-29, 2007

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"Before The Law"

Language, Property, Community, Law — A Workshop

International Institute of Sociology of Law
Oñati, Gipuzcoa, Euskadi, Europe
28 and 29 June 2007. (30 June optional — Basque Country Tour)

Brief Outline
Before The Law will be a two day workshop trying to pick up various threads of interest concerning the interface of communities, whether social, linguistic communities and the forms of mediation effected upon them, or the ways they are put to service by instruments various forms of law and governance, including logics such as intellectual property or sovereignty.Broadly by the term communities we envisage the variety of forms that they may be produced and conceived of in contemporary times, whether the cultural or technological, from the indigenous to the virtual.

The workshop seeks to explore mechanisms of mediation such as intellectual property and sovereignty, the manner in which language and community are captured by these mechanisms along with alternatives to them in the global post or supra national form sovereignty emerging in contemporary times.

The workshop will consist of 4 substantive sessions along with an opening and closing session. The preliminary list of speakers includes:

— Anton Schutz, of Birkbeck College, London who will talk on the subject of vogel frei and homo sacer with a presentation provisionally entitled, Free as the Birds — Homo Sacer in the times that we live.

— Robert Angus Gosford, Australian National University, Canberra, will take up the issue of the refrain with his talk on Bird Stories of the Walpiri People of the Australian Tanami Desert and their organisation and management of Territory.

— Jamie Murray, Liverpool John Moore University, will speak on the refrain and the coming theory of emergent law.

— Martin Hardie, University of New South Wales, Sydney, will discuss in the context of the state of exception the criminalisation of professional cycling, with a presentation provisionally entitled Free to soar like the birds — and always free to fall in the society of the specatcle.

— Jamie King, will address the Great Gnu Pyramid in the context of Intellectual Property, networked-subjects and distributed cooperation.

Contributions are invited from anyone interested that seek to address issues concerning, but not limited to, the law in the age in which we live, and in particular themes such as the 'Refrain', 'societies of control', 'emergent law', nomos, vogel frei/homo sacer/precarity, immaterial labour, the state of exception, the positive possibility, new forms of language and measure, the coming community, their relevance to the society of the spectacle or their reliance upon logics of intellectual property and sovereignty.

If you are interested you should contact and send proposals for presentations or discussion sessions to Martin Hardie as soon as possible. Formal invitations to the workshop shall be posted in late January 2007.

For those interested there is also a wiki available to help with planning, organisation and discusssion, it is found at http://auskadi.omweb.org/modules/wakka/OnatiWorksh op

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