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Constituent Imagination Release Event 5/21 @ Bluestockings

Monday May 21st @ 7PM

Bluestockings Books

172 Allen Street between Stanton and Rivington

Join us for a celebration of the release of Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigations // Collective Theorization. This collection of essays examines the relationship of radical theory to movements for social change, and, in the process, redefines the nature of intellectual practice. Discuss various projects of autonomous knowledge production and research with editors Stevphen Shukaitis, David Graeber, and Erika Biddle and contributors from the book, Jack Bratich, Craig Hughes, and Kevin Van Meter.

2007 CrimethInc. Convergence

Athens, Ohio

July 26-31, 2006

RSVP to crimethincbooking@yahoo.com

Anarchist Camaraderie • Workshops and Discussions •
Direct Action Trainings • Planning for Mobilizations
through 2008 • Prisoner Support • Gift Economics •
Subversive Games • Anti-Capitalist Survival Skills •
Revolutionary Pleasure • Creating a Culture of

Please join us this summer for the sixth annual
CrimethInc. convergence, this time in the countryside
outside lovely Athens, Ohio. To attend, show up at 21
Kern Street, Athens, OH 45701 between noon and 10 pm
on July 25 or 26.

Revolutionary creativity

Isa Tousignant

From Hour

May is the month of anarchy, did you know that? To me, it's a supremely ludicrous idea: that anarchy, by very nature disobedient, could fit itself neatly into a 31-day period of celebration. Shouldn't it be breaking the barriers of May to spread into June, July, August?

Nevertheless, the Festival of Anarchy is on, and celebrations are taking place. For one, the end of the month sees the eighth instalment of the yearly Anarchist Book Fair (May 18-20, mark it on your calendar), and for two, today marks the start of Canada's largest political art show ever: the Art + Anarchy Montreal 2007 exhibition, featuring the work of over 230 politically engaged visual artists from around the world.

Until May 13 at the freshly transformed, hitherto abandoned space that is the Esplanade Loft Project - a 5,000-square-foot temporary gallery in Mile End - the exciting exhibition will display dozens of photos, installations, paintings, sculptures, sketches, etchings, art videos and comic art by established and emerging artists from Montreal, across Canada, the USA and abroad. Among the artists included are Norman Nawrocki, Linda Dawn Hammond, Danielle Sara Frank, Freda Guttman, Stefan Christoff, Alden Penner, Rebecca Bain, Catherine Herrmann, ZIBZ Black Current and Jason Milan Ghikadis. The exhibition integrates and complements an existing, celebrated travelling show, Paper Politics, curated by New York anarchist artist Josh MacPhee, which features 195 international politically and socially engaged prints.

Make Capitalism History

Broaden the Mobilisation Against the G8 Summit
Call to Action by the Interventionist Left

June 2007. A never ending procession of demonstrators from all over the world, protesting against the summit of the G8 states, snakes through the streets of Rostock.

Tens of thousands greet the heads of government as soon as they arrive on the airport's runway and blockade the opulent conference location of Heiligendamm. Over and over again the smooth conduct of the meeting is threatened, as the summit's logistical support is disrupted by creative actions. In the public's eye are not the statements of the powerful, but the multiplicity of protests and resistance.

'Delegitimise the G8' is no longer a mere demand, it is what is actually happening on the streets, at the fences, in the debates in the camps and the countersummit – it is what is globally being recognised as the result of a series of preparatory Rostock Action Conferences.

For over a year, social movements, trade unions, campaigns of engaged Christians, different Non-Governmental Organisations, alterglobalists, the parties of the parliamentary and the networks of the radical left had prepared for this. Their common stance, their political will not to be separated in spite of their differences, rendered both the media's disinformation and the police's repression useless.


Saturday, April 28, 12-5pm

Change You Want to See

84 Haveymayer Street, Brooklyn

Presentations on the theory & practice of tactical media and contemporary protest art, by graduate students in the ITP program at NYU's Tisch School of the arts.

The presenters' talks will be grouped into three panels, to be moderated by their Professor, Marisa Olson (Editor & Curator, Rhizome), on the topics of Play & Consumption; Fear, Spectacle, and the Media; and the Interfaces and Architecture of Control. These panels will consist of both artist talks and analytical essays and audience members will be invited to give feedback on a few works in progress.

Sunday, April 29, 2-4pm

The Subliminal History of New York State is an ongoing multi-tiered project presented through performances, books, songs, and video. Carrie Dashow, working with collaborators (composers, writers, locals, historians), generates participatory multimedia performances in specific localities throughout New York. A tour funded through NYSCA and the New York State Music Fund will incorporate parts of the story, songs, and video as a traveling caravan visits community centers and local historical societies during the Summer of 2007.

This Sunday, Carrie will test new software (written by collaborator Matt Raibert) that allows for the live-editing of 12 video feeds, to create a two channel video projection, shot locally on summer tour stops in upstate NY. She is looking for twelve people or pairs (1-2 people per camera) to shoot video, test drive the live-edit software, and offer constructive feedback.

The workshop will begin with a brief introduction at The Change You Want To See, then videographers will shoot in the neighborhood for a 1/2 hour. Upon returning, participants will watch everyone's shots simultaneously cut live by the new software, and offer input, thoughts, feedback.

Peter Lamborn Wilson, "Hermetics, Art Criticism and Philosophy"

Thursday, April 19, 7pm


School of Visual Arts

209 East 23 Street, 3rd floor

Free and open to the public.

The MFA Art Criticism and Writing Department presents a talk by Peter Lamborn Wilson, a political writer, essayist, and poet. His books include TAZ, Leaving the 19th Century, Orgies of the Hempeaters, Immediatism, Pirate Utopias and Gothick Institutions.

Anarchist Networking Assembly

Sunday April 15

New School 65 Fifth Avenue, NYC - 4-8 PM

Announcing the Anarchist Assembly, to be held to coincide with the first NYC Anarchist Bookfair, to build on the work of the Praxis initiative, the experience of DIssent! in the UK
and now Europe as a whole, and to follow up on proposals
brought by anarchists in Oaxaca

Why a Network?

In North America, there have been, effectively, no such
large-scale actions since Miami, and the limited actions
in New York against the RNC. In part this is due to
repression and the flight of our earlier allies. Yet the
national mood has changed. In the rest of the world, the
post-911 slump has long since begun to reverse itself. The
Dissent! Network formed in the UK for the G8 meetings in
Scotland in 2005 and now functioning in Germany for the G8
2007 has proved that anarchistic networks can take the
lead in organizing effective direct actions in this day
and age. At the same time, in the US, interest in such a
network keeps sputtering along without anything actually
coming together.

This is a crisis we feel for two reasons. First of all,
because existing informal networks have proved clearly
inadequate for large-scale direct action mobilization.
There are hundreds of young people enthusiastic about
organizing new actions and initiatives but with little
experience in how to do so, and hundreds, if not
thousands, of direct action veterans scattered around the
country with years of skills and experience, and almost no
way to bring them together effectively. New generations of
activists literally don’t know who to call. It seems to us
high time we recognize our responsibility to one another,
as a community.

Second of all, a new round of struggle has begun in deadly
earnest in Mexico, most dramatically with the Zapatista’s
Otra Campaña and the uprising in Oaxaca. You don’t have to
be an anarchist to realize that the borders between the US
and Mexico are becoming increasingly artificial and
meaningless (except as a means of oppression).
Increasingly, Mexican anarchists need to able to easily
communicate with American counterparts who may not have
personally done work in Mexico. Like the younger activists
in the US, it is difficult outside the US to know who to
call in some events. There was much talk of this,
particularly from anarchists from Mexico, at the last
Zapatista encuentro in January. European and Asian
activists often voice similar complaints. It seems time,
then, we think about our responsibilities to the global
community of which we are a part as well.

Dreampolitik: Presentation and Brainstorm with Author Steve Duncombe

March 27 - Change You Want to See, NYC

The Change You Want to See is thrilled to host author and activist Steve Duncombe for a presentation and discussion of his acclaimed manifesto Dream: Re-imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy. Beyond talk, this is also an applied strategy session – irrigate the irrational, practice your “spectacular vernacular”, exercise your imagination as we craft a creative street action in support of the Coalition of Imakolee Workers' campaign against McDonald's.

BYOB encouraged, as brainstorm and beer are like butter and bread.

Tuesday, March 27, at 7:30pm
The Change You Want to See Gallery and Convergence Stage
L to Bedford, G to Metropolitan, J/M/Z to Marcy
84 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn NY 11211
917-202-5479 or 646-221-7845

Anonymous Comrade writes:

A series of video vignettes on struggles in Europe and beyond

Screening as part of This Is Forever: From Inquiry to Refusal

A Discussion Series Dedicated to Understanding the Current Composition of
Political Movements and Struggles Using the Lens of Autonomist Thought

All events are held at:

Bluestockings Books, Café, and Activism Center

172 Allen St. Lower East Side, NYC


‘This is Forever’ presents an upcoming event in the series:

Monday, April 16th @ 7PM — $5 to $10 suggested donation

"Precarity": A series of vignettes on struggles in Europe and beyond

“MayDay! MayDay! We are the precarious. We are hireable on demand, available on call, exploitable at will and fireable at whim. We have become skilful jugglers of jobs and contortionists of flexibility. But beware! We are agitating with a common strategy to share our flexfights...” From the occupation of abandoned factories in Argentina, to the interruption of the French prime time news and the devotion to Saint Precarious at the Mayday Parade in Milan, this series of presentations is advertising a new brand of labor activism. A compilation of 17 videos documenting on the rebellion of precarious flexworkers across the continents; selections from the 197 minutes multilingual (English subtitles) will be shown, with discussion to follow.

Series information:

‘This is Forever’ – this is for the future. What we will in the present cracks open the actually-existing to unleash potentials for the yet-to-come. What we affirm now will return to us, accumulating a set of powers and virtues into a body capable of refusing command and of claiming its own irreversible destiny. This is an inquiry into the current composition of political movements and struggle, which seeks to understand acts of refusal that are taking place on the terrain of everyday life and on the level of planetary antagonisms. This is the attempt to theorize from these positions toward new ways of life, and new ways of organizing society.

‘This is Forever’: From Inquiry to Refusal is a series of discussions dedicated to an inquiry into class composition: into the current political composition of movements and struggles particularly in the United States, and generally across the planet; the technical composition of the imposition of work and under capital, in both productive and reproductive spheres, and its changing nature in capitals neoliberal phase; the myriad of mechanisms which capture, overcode, divide, and suppress our desires and creative capacities; and the ways in which act of refusal and resistance are in exodus from the relations of power that define capital and the state-from, as well as the gender binary, heteronormativity, race, legal status, and other socially constructed divisions and power relations.

Series website: WarMachines

"Shut Them Down!"

David Harvie

Tuesday, March 6th @ 7PM — Free


172 Allen Street @ Stanton (1 block south of Houston)

212.777.6028 http://www.bluestockings.com/

The book "Shut Them Down!: The G8, Gleneagles, and the Movement of Movements" is an essential collection on the resistance movement at the G8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland in 2005. Please join David Harvie in stories from the frontlines, accounts of the mobilization, and perhaps share a glimpse future possibilities.


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