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Massive Dutch Protests Planned Against Obliteration of Cultural Funding

Imagine this: you’re an internationally recognised Dutch cultural institution of art/design/media culture. You have a substantial collection; media art, landscape art, but also paintings/ sculptures/ installations/ photography/ film/ design objects/ and artist-activist works in the public space that regenerate your city’s ill-planned urban areas. In short, you host a platform for innovation representing the entire gamut of your discipline. Over the past decades you have made substantial cultural impact in your field and thus you are considered to be a driver of culture. The artists/designers/architects whose works comprise your collection and fill your programming are also recognized internationally, and they often represent the Netherlands all over the world, in biennials and important exhibitions.

And then one day you receive a letter from the new Dutch Ministry of Culture that your funding will be completely withdrawn as of January 1, 2013. What do you do with your collection? Your staff? Your buildings? Your publications? The rest of the year’s programming? What will the artists/activists/designers/architects and your engaged public do, now that they no longer have access to your platform?

Peter Lamborn Wilson on 'Does Anarchism Have a Future in the 21st Century?'
New York City June 22 @ the Anarchist Forum
The Brecht Forum 451 West Street

The Libertarian Book Club,* New York City's oldest continuously active anarchist institution (founded 1946), kicks off a new season of its Anarchist Forum series as legendary underground intellectual Peter Lamborn Wilson, author of Escape From the Nineteenth Century and numerous other books, leads a discussion on the theme: "DOES ANARCHISM HAVE A FUTURE IN THE 21st CENTURY? The prospects for an anarchist revival in the contemporary dystopian world situation. "

Anarchist Forum: "Neither NATO Nor Qaddafi, Thank You!"
Tuesday, April 26, 2011 @ 7PM
Simple Studios
134 W. 29th (2nd floor between 6th & 7th avenues)

Bill Weinberg (until recently of WBAI radio) leads a discussion of anarchist perspectives on Libya, the Arab Spring and the crisis in North Africa, and what has changed with the Western military intervention.

dis-REALITY, OVNI Film Festival 2011
Barcelona, Spain, Feb 22-27, 2011

Observatori de vídeo no identificat.

February 22nd to 27th
Opening 22nd at 8.30 p.m
CCCB - Montalegre 5 - Barcelona

Free admission.

“You are asleep, and your vision is a dream; all you are see is an illusion.” — Mahmud Shabistari, The Secret Garden. Persia, 18th century.

OVNI disReality aims to reflect upon different phenomena of the critique of reality, their repercussions and the horizons that they illuminate, or recall.
Extremely heterogeneous traditions and forms of experience radically question not only the concept of reality, but the very experience of the real.

Dubai in me * Videocracy * Life 2.0 * Paradise Later * Self Fiction * La Guerra apenas ha empezado * Il corpo delle Donne * Consumming Kids * Hashish Army * Costa de Cemento * Science and non-duality * Goldfarmers * Lost Satsanga Nisarghadata * Virtual Nothing * Bitch Academy * Maya by Papaji * Tantra Tibetano * Sufisme d'Afghanistà * Oscuros Portales * In Purgatorio

Archives Consultation: from 23th to 27th February. 5 pm to 11pm. Hall

Screening programme at: http://www.desorg.org

International Symposium in Visual Culture
Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul, Turkey

Faculty of Communications, Department of Photography and Video
May 20-21, 2011
Deadline: 31.3.2011

Mobility and Fantasy in Visual Culture, the first of a series of international symposia on visual culture to be held at Bahçeşehir University, İstanbul, aims to enable discussion and debate on topics critical in the conceptualization, analysis, evaluation of and intervention in visual culture today.

Poster Design Competition for NYC Anarchist Book Fair

What: The NYC Anarchist Book Fair Collective is seeking a poster design for the 2011 NYC Anarchist Book Fair.

When: The deadline to submit a poster design is SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2011

How: When you submit your design:

1. send a color poster design as a jpg file (300 dpi - which means 600 x 600 pixel dimensions for a 2” x 2” image) to compassrose[at]riseup[dot]net net BEFORE the final hour of Sunday, February 27th (early submissions will be accepted!);

2. write “poster submission” in the subject line;

3. also include your name, as well as a contact telephone number and e-mail address;

4. on your proposed poster itself, please include the following information:

5th Annual New York City Anarchist Book Fair 2011
Saturday, April 9 - Sunday, April 10
Judson Memorial Church
55 Washington Square, Manhattan
(near W 4th Subway Station)
Childcare on site. Bring your kids!
Booksellers, workshops, film festival, discussions, kids activities, and more!
Welcome to all! You don’t need to be an anarchist to come! (suggested text)

Poster Selection Show:
All submissions will be printed (by the Book Fair Collective) and displayed at a fundraising party (date at end of Feb/early March and location TBA) at which the poster will be chosen.

International School for Bottom-up Organizing

The International School for Bottom-up Organizing (ISBO) had its first meeting in
October, 2008, with representatives from five countries present.

Ours is an international struggle that must be led by the poorest and
darkest, especially women. We all need the same freedom and equality; we
all have the same oppressors, worldwide. Our movement will work toward an
internationalist, egalitarian world. We foresee a world in which the genius
and creativity of humanity is unleashed, in which all humans share and

"Occupation Turned Free University in Pavia, Italy"
Anonymous Comrade

Here you find a call, addressed to researchers all over Europe, to support the student movement in Pavia (Italy) that is trying to create a mutualistic self-organized space in their city. On Friday 28th of January, students occupied a structure of the University abandoned since 2003. The aim of this action is to create inside that building a range of self-organized autonomous welfare services for students and precarious young workers: a copypoint, a library, a dining hall, a consultancy centre addressed to student (in particular immigrant ones) and precarious workers and a residence hall able to provide them low price housing. Furthermore the aim is also to create an alternative space to organize conferences, seminars and lectures promoting free culture and critical thinking.

Now students in Pavia are involved in a difficult negotiation with the academic institution. In order to help them in realizing this interesting and meaningful venture, some local scholars have written down this call. You can subscribe it sending an e-mail to studentincrisi@gmail.com containing your name and affiliation.

Theorizing Wikileaks
Los Angeles, Feb. 12, 2011

Call for Papers

[“The notion of “heterology” refers to the ways in which the meaningful fabric of the sensible is disturbed: a spectacle does not fit within the sensible framework defined by a network of meanings, an expression does not find its place in the system of the visible coordinates where it appears. The dream of a suitable political work of art is in fact the dream of disrupting the relationship between the visible, the sayable and the thinkable without having to use the terms of a message or a vehicle. It is the dream of an art that would transmit meanings in the form of a rupture with the very logic of meaningful situations. As a matter of fact, political art cannot work in the simple form of a meaningful spectacle that would lead to an “awareness” of the state of the world. Suitable political art would have a double effect: the readability of a political signification and a sensible or perceptual shock caused, conversely, by the uncanny, that which resists signification.” -Ranciere, The Politics of Aesthetics/The Distribution of the Sensible]

Julian Assange describes a "corrosive servility” that has come to infuse present day life and our resignation towards the established political order. As we, as bourgeois bohemians, buy organic at Trader Joe’s, dutifully download Democracy Now episodes and make sure to buy the next Arundhati Roy bestseller as glib gestures of a boutique liberalism in between lining up recommendations for our MFA applications, a tacit acceptance of our impotence in the face of a repugnant sociopolitical order, verging on involuntary complicity, is so hackneyed so as to not even need to be stated.

2011 MLG Institute on Culture and Society
06/20-24/2011, University of Illinois at Chicago

Call for Papers
2011 Marxist Literary Group Institute on Culture and Society
Special Topic: "What Is Revolution?"
Deadline for Proposals: March 1, 2011.

The Marxist Literary Group´s 2011 Institute on Culture and Society
(2011 MLG-ICS) will convene this summer (June 20-24) on the campus of
the University of Illinois at Chicago. As always, any submission that
engages seriously with Marxist thought will be considered, including,
but not limited to, Marxist considerations of literature or literary
considerations of Marxism. This year´s special topic will be "What is
Revolution?" What is class struggle? Can there be one without the
other, as horizon or precondition? How does radical social change take
place? Is it necessary to have a theory of revolution, or is it better
to pursue an intelligent opportunism? Does Marxism require revolution?
Does revolution require class? What would a plausible political
subject, or a plausible subject of history, look like today? Does our
present moment hold any revolutionary possibility? What contemporary
movements, possibilities, and practices hold promise (or do not)? Is
there a plausible relationship today between aesthetic practices and
the end of capitalism (as we know it)? How does one represent what is
only possible, not actual? Is "struggle" another name for the
possible? What is the relationship between politics as such and the
economic as such? What is the relationship between politics and
thinking, between revolution and philosophy? These questions and
others will be the focus of this year´s Institute. Selected papers
will be invited for submission to Mediations (mediationsjournal.org).
Recent years´ programs can be accessed at mlg.eserver.org/the-institute.


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