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CFP Affinities #4 – What is Radical Imagination: Horizons beyond “The Crisis” Edited by Alex Khasnabish and Max Haiven

The social crises of neoliberalism, so evident and provocative throughout the rest of the world, have finally come "home" to the global North in the form of a cataclysmic financial crisis wreaking havoc on the lives of people, workers and communities, intensifying already intolerable injustices and inequalities and justifying the intensification of surveillance, policing and militarization.

The Mapuche Community in Southern Chile Yeupeko-Filkun

A Post-Fordist struggle: Report & reflections on the UK Ford-Visteon dispute 2009

NEW PAMPHLET FROM PAST TENSEpast tense has a new FREE pamphlet available for your delectations

Mayday magazine was launched to improve and liven up political debate amongst those seeking ways forward in the complex world we now live in. The problems of capitalism are huge and myriad, whilst the trauma of Marxism emerging from the domination of orthodox Communist parties has meant that the working class is without mechanisms of self reproduction and independent political development.

Loren Goldner and Howie Seligman, NYC Summer Study Group on Capitalist Crisis

Howie Seligman and I will be doing a 9-week study group in the New York City area on Marxian theory and the current crisis. If you are interested, read on. As the group is limited to 15 people, we will give priority to "advanced beginners" rather than to the pros who tend to predominate on Meltdown. But all applicants are welcome.


The Oakland Rebellions The Unfinished Acts Crew

After its debut at the San Francisco and New York City anarchist bookfairs, we're happy to offer up the final run, all cleaned up and freshly dropped on the internet.

Read it here: http://issuu.com/unfinishedacts/docs/unfinished_acts

Low res for slower connections here: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2009/06/15/18601725.php

Unfinished Acts: The Oakland Rebellions

From the introduction:

Film: Visteon Workers Fight for a Better Deal

The UK education charity and its alternative news channel WORLDbytes has released a filmed report covering the Visteon protests in Enfield. The report draws out the situation workers faced upon being made redundant and what prompted them to take matters into their own hands and occupy the car part factory.

Interviews conducted directly after the workers left the occupation capture the mood at the time: a great uncertainty about what the future holds yet hope and defiance that ultimately led Visteon bosses to meet their demands.

City from Below Issue of the Indypendent Reader

The new issue of Baltimore’s Indypendent Reader, which comes out of the recent “City from Below” gathering, has been released. Information about it below.

Issue #7 Submission Call Journal of Aesthetics and Protest

Go Post-Money!!!

For the 7th issue of the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, we are looking for articles and compendiums in the form of manifestos, alphabets, radical critiques, how-tos, guides or ideas with expository or theoretical or curatorial text about (but not limited to) the following subjects:


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