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dis-REALITY, OVNI Film Festival 2011, Barcelona, Spain, Feb 22-27, 2011

dis-REALITY, OVNI Film Festival 2011
Barcelona, Spain, Feb 22-27, 2011

Observatori de vídeo no identificat.

February 22nd to 27th
Opening 22nd at 8.30 p.m
CCCB - Montalegre 5 - Barcelona

Free admission.

“You are asleep, and your vision is a dream; all you are see is an illusion.” — Mahmud Shabistari, The Secret Garden. Persia, 18th century.

OVNI disReality aims to reflect upon different phenomena of the critique of reality, their repercussions and the horizons that they illuminate, or recall.
Extremely heterogeneous traditions and forms of experience radically question not only the concept of reality, but the very experience of the real.

Dubai in me * Videocracy * Life 2.0 * Paradise Later * Self Fiction * La Guerra apenas ha empezado * Il corpo delle Donne * Consumming Kids * Hashish Army * Costa de Cemento * Science and non-duality * Goldfarmers * Lost Satsanga Nisarghadata * Virtual Nothing * Bitch Academy * Maya by Papaji * Tantra Tibetano * Sufisme d'Afghanistà * Oscuros Portales * In Purgatorio

Archives Consultation: from 23th to 27th February. 5 pm to 11pm. Hall

Screening programme at: http://www.desorg.org