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From WARPORN to PORNWAR, from porn to resistance

How can porn and the production of porn be an instrument of nomad war
against empire? How can the performance of erotic labor for a copyleft
model, outside of financial exchange, inform our bodies, change them,
activate them to a new level of resistance? What if the most desired
kind of images in the economy were available freely and under Creative
Commons licenses?

Matteo Pasquinelli's recent essay "WARPORN! WARPUNK! Autonomous
Videopoesis in wartime"
makes an important link from struggle against
the war in Iraq to autonomous video projects to create new Videopoiesis
that will "activate" bodies in resistance. One component that seems to
be missing is the step from the creation of videos to resistance.
SharingIsSexy.org is one effort that fills in that gap, engaging in
PORNWAR, fighting capitalism, bio-empire, patriarchy and
heteronormativity through the creation of porn. Porn war replaces class
war in this time of the multitude, singularities who don't identify with
"the working class" and whose only sense of the real and drive to
resistance comes from their own bodies.

SharingIsSexy.org is a collaborative open source porn laboratory. We are
a group of queer, tranny and people with othered bodies coming together
to create a site for free porn that is licensed under Creative Commons
(A-NC-SA 3.0). Some of us will be creating our own porn using
photography, video, writing or whatever form suits us. The site will
also be open for anyone to post on, although our collective retains
editorial control to prevent content which is sexist, racist,
homophobic, etc...

Anarchism & Sexuality: ethics, relationships and power

4 November 2006

University of Leeds

Sponsored by the Specialist Group for the Study of Anarchism

Anarchism offers a tremendous body of knowledge and practice
challenging the legitimacy of coercion, domination and rigid social
hierarchies. Sexuality is a realm of social life all too frequently
characterised by (or produced through) hierarchy. Both in theoretical
writing and other forms of social action, anarchist traditions are
rarely acknowledged for their potential in addressing issues of
sexuality. Likewise, in much of the anarchist tradition, sexuality has
been and continues to be all too frequently marginalised. But exciting
things happen in the margins!

The invitation for papers resulted in an unexpected response and we
are able to offer a packed day including six sessions covering a
diverse range of topics. But, you can see for yourself. The full
programme with abstracts is now available online at the conference website.

The Prostitutes' Union

By Madhusree Mukerjee

From the Scientific American

Among the poor and most vulnerable, Smarajit Jana has found
a way to slash the incidence of HIV--by organizing sex
workers as any other labor collective

Blanching at the stench of urine, I stumble up pitch-black,
uneven steps to the top floor, which seems to be a rooftop
on which someone has constructed shacks out of brick,
asbestos and plastic. A shaft of light from a street lamp
falls past tenuous bamboo railings onto a figure in a
glittering white sari. She crouches on the bare brick floor
by the roof's edge, holding a mirror in one hand and a
lipstick in another, using the light to make up. Older
residents of the brothel, who expect no clients, crowd into
a tiny room to tell me their stories. “I've spent my life in
this hell,” says Pushpa Adhikari, an ancient woman with sad
eyes who was sold into sexual slavery at the age of nine.
The others demur: thugs used to terrorize the brothels with
nightly rapes and murders, but now that the prostitutes are
united the hoodlums keep their distance. “It used to be
hell--now it's heaven,” corrects one woman, and even
Adhikari nods.

Freeing the brothels from terror is merely a side effect of
the Sonagachi project, an HIV intervention program named
after the red-light district of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta)
where it began. Rural poverty forces millions of Indian men
to migrate to urban centers in search of a livelihood; there
they visit brothels, pick up the AIDS virus and take it back
to their wives. Truck drivers also infect prostitutes along
the major highways. India already harbors at least five
million cases of HIV--the most in the world after South
Africa--but it is too poor, and its health infrastructure
too weak, to permit reliance on drugs. Only if prostitutes
cease to acquire and transmit the virus can the epidemic be
contained, and Smarajit Jana, a public health scientist, has
found a way to accomplish that.

“I strongly believe that for a program to succeed, the
subjects have to adopt its goals as their own,” he explains.
They have: the sex workers run the HIV program themselves.
Jana persuaded them to form a growing collective that now
includes 60,000 members pledged to condom use. It offers
bank loans, schooling for children, literacy training for
adults, reproductive health care and cheap condoms--and has
virtually eliminated trafficking of women in the locale.
Best of all, the project has kept the HIV prevalence rate
among prostitutes in Sonagachi down to 5 percent, whereas in
the brothels of Mumbai (Bombay) it is around 60. Other
sexually transmitted diseases are down to 1 percent. Jana
now works with CARE in Delhi, assisting other social workers
in similarly transferring their HIV prevention programs to
the people they serve. Such community-led interventions have
become integral to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in
its five-year, $200-million effort to combat AIDS in India.

"Other Loves" in the "Other Campaign"- Oaxaca's Queer Community Looks for Common Ground with the Latest Phase of Zapatista Struggle

By Mark Swier

from Narco News

On his "Other Campaign" stops through Mexico, Zapatista
Subcomandante Marcos regularly invites the participation of
workers, farmers, indigenous peoples, women, youth and
elders in constructing a national anti-capitalist campaign,
"from below and to the left." But perhaps alone among
nationally-recognized political leaders he adds gays and
lesbians -- what he frequently refers to as the community of
"other loves" -- to the list of people who fight for a new
Mexico and who the Zapatistas seek to ally with in a larger
struggle. He has been met along the campaign trail by a
broad spectrum of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender
and Queer (LGBTQ) community, a vital sector of allies who
have shown support both organizationally and individually to
the "Other Campaign" and its goals.

In fact, the EZLN has a long history of drawing connections
between the struggle for dignity and survival of indigenous
people in Chiapas and movements for liberation around the
world. There are plenty of beautiful words that stand as
evidence. The poetics of Marcos have referenced queer
movements at different times for the past 12 years, last
year even challenging Italian soccer giant Inter Milan to a
match, claiming that the Zapatista squad would be
representing with a lineup of queer and transgender players.

However, even in the "alternative media" very little
attention has been paid to the relationship between the
Mexican queer community and the Zapatista struggle. The
Other Journalism decided to begin our coverage of "other
loves in the other campaign" in the majority indigenous city
of Juchitán, Oaxaca, where Marcos visited on February 6, and
where a visible and very "out" queer and transgender
population has long played a significant role in the city's
social, cultural, economic and political life.

"Are You There God? It's Me, Monica"

How Nice Girls Got So Casual About Oral Sex

Caitlin Flanagan,

Atlantic Monthly

The first time I heard a mother of girls talk about the teenage oral-sex craze,
I made her cry. The story she told me — about a bar mitzvah dinner dance on the
North Shore of Chicago, where the girls serviced all the boys on the chartered
bus from the temple to the reception hall — was so preposterous that I burst out
laughing. The thought of thirteen-year-old girls in party dresses performing a
sex act once considered the province of prostitutes (we are talking here about
the on-your-knees variety given to a series of near strangers) was so ludicrous
that all I could do was giggle.

It was as though I had taken lightly the news that a pedophile had moved into my
friend's neighborhood. It was as though I had laughed about a leukemia cluster
or a lethal stretch of freeway. I apologized profusely; I told her I hadn't

The moms in my set are convinced — they're certain; they know for a fact — that
all over the city, in the very best schools, in the nicest families, in the
leafiest neighborhoods, twelve- and thirteen-year-old girls are performing oral
sex on as many boys as they can. They're ducking into janitors' closets between
classes to do it; they're doing it on school buses, and in bathrooms, libraries,
and stairwells. They're making bar mitzvah presents of the act, and performing
it at "train parties": boys lined up on one side of the room, girls working
their way down the row.

Altar Magazine writes:

"Coming Up Short"
Women & Sexuality Film Event
Sunday, February 12, 2006 6:30 PM
Pioneer Theater (155 E. 3rd St. NYC)

Hot and Bothered: Feminist Pornography (Becky Goldberg)
Hot and Bothered: Feminist Pornography takes a rare and empowering look into the pornography industry and feminist community to see how they intertwine within the politics and poetics of female sexuality. It shows women who are committed to making and supporting pornography that includes their feminist values and will go up against an entire industry,
stereotypes, and sexism to get what they want. Who better to claim the adult industry for themselves than the women it depends on?

Silence: In Search of Black Female Sexuality in America (Mya B.)
What would cause black women to become ‘mute’ about their sexuality from generations to come? In this 74-minute documentary, Mya B. entertains us with street interviews juxtaposed with socio-academic experts and
religious leaders talking about contemporary black sexuality that has historically been shrouded in silence.

In Her Image: Producing Womanhood in America (Julia Barry)
We are constantly bombarded with images and messages representing and shaping the lives of women. What are their roots and meanings? How do they effect society's view of women? How do they influence women's lives? In Her Image poses these questions to American audiences through a
multi-media format consisting of images accompanied by original songs.

Filmmakers will be available for Q&A after the films.

Tickets are $9 ($6.50 students/seniors) and can be purchased at http://www.altarmagazine.com. Goody bags filled with items from our sponsors will be distributed to all who attend. Space is limited!

Anonymous Queer Comrade writes

"The 9th Queeruption event will take place in Tel-Aviv in August 2006>

In the last Queeruption* in Barcelona there was a proposal by present Israeli queers to hold the next Queeruption in Tel-Aviv, which was welcome by activists from the Middle East, Europe and North America. The initiative came from our belief that as queers we view ourselves as part of the global struggle for freedom, justice and self determination.

Thousands of LGBT people are expected to attend the World Pride event in Jerusalem in August 2006. This event is also used as a chance for the Israeli office of foreign affairs to hide the government’s war crimes behind a rainbow flag. The slogan of the World Pride Parade is “Love Without Borders”. We believe that love without borders should reject fences and walls, occupation, Apartheid, social injustice and ecological destruction. There has been a global call to boycott this event by various Palestine solidarity groups as well. We feel that it is important to push our solidarity further by coming to Israel and Palestine for a celebration of our diversity, empowerment and resistance.

This is the first time that Queeruption takes place outside the borders of rich western states. This Queeruption will also extend beyond the centralized location in Tel-Aviv, to the West Bank and to spice up the World Pride parade in Jerusalem. There are also possibilities for people interested in staying longer to join solidarity work in the area which we will provide links to. There will be also a group who will come to Tel-Aviv some time before the event to help set things up.

Given the social and cultural situation there are a lot of issues to be considered and discussed during the preparation process and through the event. We need your help, whether you are coming or not, with fundraising, publicity, knowledge, ideas and skills or on ground preparation.

Jennifer Yoder writes
Ohio State Students Support Plaintiff in Case Alleging University Wrongdoing in Rape Case

On June 6, members of a student organization at The Ohio State University sent the president of the school over 500 letters requesting that the university admit to failing to respond appropriately to a rape case in 2002.



It was once remarked by Dr. Laura, "What I did say is that when an individual is not so drawn to a member of the opposite sex, in biology, that's some kind of error." Dr. Laura's distaste of Homosexuality is nothing new, and there has been much advocacy against her on part of these views. Others, who hold similar views, have defended her opinions. However, what she said her, it may hold some kernal of truth. It may very well be truth, that biologically, it is an "error," if such a term has any real meaning, for someone to be Homosexual. By pursuing an individual of the same sex, procreation cannot occur. It becomes an impossibility in this scenario. If the natural purpose of every organism is to procreate, that their offspring may also procreate indefinitely, then I have no argument. If it happens to be true, that the purpose of life is simply procreation, of reproducing the old generation, then I cannot deny the truth of the statement, that Homosexuality is "some kind of error." I can present no argument that I genuinely believe, no objection that I sincerely hold as truth. That is, at least, if it is true, that life holds no purpose than creating offspring.

Panel Recommends Against Drug to Restore Female Sex Drive

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — A hormone patch that works to restore a woman's sex drive should not be approved until additional studies to determine its risk, federal health advisers said Thursday.

The advisers said they were unimpressed with the number of women studied so far as well as the length of the studies.


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