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Anarchism & Sexuality Conference November Leeds

Anarchism & Sexuality: ethics, relationships and power

4 November 2006

University of Leeds

Sponsored by the Specialist Group for the Study of Anarchism

Anarchism offers a tremendous body of knowledge and practice
challenging the legitimacy of coercion, domination and rigid social
hierarchies. Sexuality is a realm of social life all too frequently
characterised by (or produced through) hierarchy. Both in theoretical
writing and other forms of social action, anarchist traditions are
rarely acknowledged for their potential in addressing issues of
sexuality. Likewise, in much of the anarchist tradition, sexuality has
been and continues to be all too frequently marginalised. But exciting
things happen in the margins!

The invitation for papers resulted in an unexpected response and we
are able to offer a packed day including six sessions covering a
diverse range of topics. But, you can see for yourself. The full
programme with abstracts is now available online at the conference website.Please note: while this is clearly an 'intellectual' event, we aim for
the conference to be accessible and engaging to a wider audience than
many conferences held in universities. Folk who want to think, talk
and play with ideas about anarchism and sexuality are all most welcome
to attend!

To register for the event, please send the following items -

* a cheque payable to be University of Leeds for £25 if waged and £5
if low waged, unwaged or otherwise skint

* your e-mail address (or postal address if you don't really do email)

* tell us whether you are happy to be subscribed to the conference
discussion email list

* any dietary requirements

* if you would appreciate having the conference be child friendly.
Ideally, we do not wish to exclude parents and are happy to see if we
can work something out with those of you who may like to bring along

- to Richard Cleminson

School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies
University of Leeds



United Kingdom


TRAVEL: A small budget (£200 in total) is available to support travel
cost of participants, thanks to the SGSA. If you would like to apply
for travel support, please let us know a bit about your personal
circumstances including how much your travel would cost and how much
you would need in order to be able to attend. Please get in touch as
soon as possible if you require travel assistance to allow time to
book the cheapest transport. If you want to share lifts, you can sign
up on Freewheelers at

Note: all rooms are wheelchair accessible.

Please address any questions/comments/concerns to BOTH
Jamie.Heckert@gmail.com & R.M.Cleminson@leeds.ac.uk