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"goscilo" writes:

Stalinka Digital Library Online

The University of Pittsburgh team of Susan Corbesero, Helena Goscilo, and
Petre Petrov takes pleasure in announcing the launch of their STALINKA, a
comprehensive digital library of Staliniana for educational purposes.
STALINKA comprises both visual and verbal texts. The latter, currently
under construction, includes biographical history, annotated bibliographies
of Joseph Stalin's works, a "Who's Who" of individuals and organizations
central to his activities, and critical scholarship on Stalin/ism. The
visual part of the collection (now approximately 370 images) encompasses
representations of Stalin in various genres: portraits, sculptures,
graphics, photographs, and material objects. Hosted by the DRL (Digital
Research Library) within the University Library System (ULS), these images
may be accessed here.

We welcome anyone and everyone to the site, but emphasize that all the
images are copyrighted and may not be disseminated or used outside the
classroom without permission. Enjoy!

Helena Goscilo for the S-Team

Anonymous Comrade writes:

What the Gruesome Images Say

John Chuckman

There is an Internet site that displays extraordinarily gruesome photographs taken by American soldiers in Iraq. Apparently, the owner of the site exchanges access to pornography for soldiers sending him their war pictures.

Digital cameras and the Internet are now providing a real glimpse of war to an American public that still daydreams about fresh-faced boys and girls marching off to do brave deeds on behalf of democracy.

The Pentagon has become concerned about the site, and rightly so. It is a public relations disaster, especially in the Arab world where such pictures must burn deeply.

Queering Development:

Genders, Sexualities and Global Power

Call for Papers

Global development initiatives are designed to eradicate poverty and rethink
social distribution, yet most development theories and policies have yet to
take into consideration the lives and experiences of those who do not fit
within prescribed gender and sexual roles in their societies.

Likewise, to the
extent that most frameworks of development and globalization are
heteronormative and gender-normative, they do not provide the possibility of
imagining a “queer” economic, social or political future.

Queering Development
addresses the often invisible relationship among sexuality, gender identity,
development and globalization in examinations of global poverty and social
change. This volume will bring together scholarship from various disciplines,
including but not limited to feminist economics, sociology, anthropology, and
queer, ethnic and postcolonial studies, to examine the meaning and making of
global development in its queer iterations.

ian@ianpace.com writes:

La Veille Taupe?

Ian Pace

I'm wanting to know more about the French bookshop/publisher La Vieille Taupe, who I've seen often referred to in the context of the Chomsky/Faurisson affair.

It seems this was originally a Marxist organisation specialising in works of the Situationists, writings of Bordiga, etc., then later after a period of closure became associated with Holocaust revisionists (including even some bizarre ultra-leftists who moved towards this position)? If anyone here knows more about this, and especially about whether claims of points of convergence between some of the French ultra-left and far right have any validity to them, I'd be very interested to hear. What connections exist between the two different incarnations of this bookshop/publisher?

There seems so much political capital made out of this by conservatives, anti-Chomsky liberals and others (including Pierre Vidal-Nacquet) that I'm not sure what to make of the whole thing.

"Remembering Julian Beck"

Hanon Reznikov

We are thinking of Julian today, on the twentieth anniversary of his departure from our midst. We remember in living color his voice, his vision, his poetry and the theater he enlarged with them. Tom, Ilion , Malina and myself drove out to Cedar Park Cemetery this morning and gathered at his grave. Judith read Shelley's "The West Wind," which they used to read aloud together and I read the poem below, by Dacia Maraini.


"Now Julian, You Walk Barefoot"

Dacia Maraini

To Julian Beck

Now Julian, you walk barefoot

Now Julian, you eat frozen roses

Now Julian, all the cats have fled

your lap, not even a flea

would take you for its father

In a hall in Cinecittà

you ate pasta and beans

on a plastic plate

Julian, your fingers dirty with green lacquer,

you spoke of liberty,

your mouth full, your eyes laughing

so white

and so full of air

Julian, what was the theatre

under your thin feet

divided in hot and bitter zones

between gushes of an imaginary reality

the geometry of your intelligence

your colorless ascetic's tongue

made you seem a ferocious monk

but you liked touching walls,

bodies, machines, the earth.

Julian, with your face of a predatory bird,

you smoked like an old Turk,

sliding in your black trousers

along the paths of thought

and Judith with her hair swelled

like a wild owl's wing

gold prospectors you and she bent

under the stage's boards

digging for treasure, so she was born

like a mouse between flying stagelights

and you behind

with an acrobat's grace

in winter's glittering evenings between glass panels

and Dutch linens, between taffeta flowers

and paper crowns, Julian when you will look at us

we will already be faraway

and you, great archer in your world

of ringing silences will look at us

through your reversed binoculars

and we will salute each other as from distant ships

raising our arms and a white rag

There is a wonderful tribute to Julian put together by Gary Brackett here
and another by our Italian comrades at here.

"Needed: A People’s Reconstruction"

Naomi Klein

On September 4, six days after Katrina hit, I saw the first glimmer of hope. “The people of New Orleans will not go quietly into the night, scattering across this country to become homeless in countless other cities while federal relief funds are funneled into rebuilding casinos, hotels, chemical plants…. We will not stand idly by while this disaster is used as an opportunity to replace our homes with newly built mansions and condos in a gentrified New Orleans.”

The statement came from Community Labor United, a coalition of low-income groups in New Orleans. It went on to demand that a committee made up of evacuees “oversee FEMA, the Red Cross and other organizations collecting resources on behalf of our people…. We are calling for evacuees from our community to actively participate in the rebuilding of New Orleans.”

Punching Out Collective writes

"Strike!" Sept. 2005
Anarchist News and Commentary

Vol.1, Issue 3
(Ontario Edition)

-CBC Workers Locked Out — J.Shantz
-Community Power vs. Fire-power: Getting to the Root of Gun Violence in Toronto — G.Sweetman
-Anarchy in New Orleans? — P.Lilley
-Labour Day: From Parades to Pickets — J.Shantz
-Bad Boss of the month: Amato Pizza
+ Community Events Listings

Download and distribute!
http://users.resist.ca/~gidget/nefac/strike/strike 3.pdf

Anonymous Comrade writes:

Sleeping Army Press Calls for Writers

Sleeping Army Press is a new zine publisher and distro. Our collective consists of members spread across the country. We are looking for writers who want their work published, edited, and distributed. We are interested in anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist writings on the subjects of: anarchism, war, feminism, gender, animal liberation, class, technology, activism, and movements. Feel free also to contact us with ideas which do not fall into these categories.

Anonymous Comrade writes
Invitation to reflect on Gleneagles G8 counter-summit

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

We are a group of people, based in Manchester and Leeds, who hung out
together during the events surrounding the 2005 Gleneagles G8 Summit.

We are putting together a collection of reflections by people who also
protested against the G8.

Marin Interfaith Task Force on the Americas writes:

"Venezuelan Author to Speak in Marin"

Sept. 3, 2005

Eva Golinger will be the guest speaker at the annual fundraising dinner sponsored by Marin Interfaith Task Force on the Americas, Saturday, September 3.
A Venezuelan-American attorney, Ms.Golinger specializes in international human rights and immigration law. In October 2004 she obtained top secret documents, declassified under the Freedom of Information Act, that demonstrate the U.S. government’s prior knowledge of and complicity in the April 2002 coup d’etat against President Chavez.


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