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"The Politics of the Anti-War Movement"

A Discussion with Bill Weinberg

New York City, September 21, 2005 at 7:30 p.m.

Hard-left elements of the anti-war movement affirm the abstract right of the
Iraqi people to resist the occupation, but fail to grapple with the
realities of Iraq's actually-existing armed resistance. The more moderate
elements dodge the question entirely.

Yet there is an active left opposition in Iraq that opposes the occupation, the
regime it protects, and the jihadi and Baathist "resistance" alike. It is this besieged
opposition, under threat of assassination and persecution, which is fighting to
keep alive elementary freedoms for women, leading labor struggles against
Halliburton and other US contractors, and demanding a secular future for Iraq. For all
the incessant factional splits in the US anti-war movement, providing this
real, progressive Iraqi resistance concrete solidarity is not even on the

Refusing to Pay for War:

A National Strategy Conference

Brooklyn, NY, October 7-9, 2005

St. Vincent Ferrer Church

Brooklyn, NY

Information here.

People who have been involved with war tax resistance (WTR) and allies
are invited to this national strategy conference to strategize new
techniques and directions that respond to the hesitations people have in
becoming war tax resisters, to discuss how to expand outreach to
activists who are not yet WTRs, and to support and energize existing WTR
people and groups. People in the war tax resistance network from around
the country will be joining us, including some who have refused to pay
for war since the inception of the income tax! Rev. Billy and members of
the Stop Shopping Choir will perform on Friday night.

"The Art and Politics of Netporn"

September 30 & October 1 2005

De Badcuyp, Amsterdam


For more information: nieke@networkcultures.org/ 020 5951866

Supported by: Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis and Interactive Media, Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

In the weekend of September 30 and October 1, the ‘Badcuyp’ in
Amsterdam will host the first conference on Internet pornography, entitled ‘The Art & Politcs of Netporn’. This international event, organized by the Institute of Network Cultures, will include
presentations from a broad selection of artists and researchers from all over the world. All of them have been researching the subject of Internet pornography in their own individual ways. The event’s grand finale will be a ‘porn pour porn soiree’, a festive night with
various performances and screenings. The party will kick off with a presentation of Katrien Jacobs’ new book ‘Libidoc’, about her quest for sex artists all around the world.

Even in this modern age, Internet pornography is a subject that makes most people uncomfortable. The common image isn’t pretty, since the subject is mostly related to raunchiness, exploitation, ‘strange people’ with awkward sexual preferences, and dubious networks and practices. The Art and Politics of Netporn wants to draw attention to the other side of this phenomenon by focusing on the political and economical implications of netporn, as well as to the ethical and aesthetic aspects of digital communities (i.e. weblogs, chat groups, mailing lists and webzines). These relatively new forms of
communication enable people to meet up anonymously, form communities, or present themselves while having creative control over the process of communciation.To provide us with an alternative view on netporn, the conference organization has also invited artists whose work
reflects different ideas on sexuality and who have appropriated the language or specific qualities of Internet pornography. The Art and Politics of Netporn challenges the visitors to discuss the current social climate of heightened control over information processes and the power of censorship. Who gets to decide what we are allowed to see, and what are the limits to our freedom?

Anonymous Comrade writes:

100th Anniversary of the Wobblies

New York City, Sept. 13, 2005

A New York City Celebration of the IWW Centenary

Tuesday, September 13, 6:30 PM

CUNY Graduate Center

365 5th Ave. (at 34th St), NYC

— Free Admission —

The hundredth anniversary of the Industrial Workers of the World will be celebrated by artists, historians, musicians and today's Wobbly organizers. The event will feature performances, talks and a slide show commemorating the Wobblies role in Labor history.

Cindy writes:

Renewing the Anarchist Tradition Conference
Plainfield, Vermont, Sept. 23-25, 2005

Space is Limited!
(We're also still accepting presentation proposals!)

The Renewing the Anarchist Tradition (RAT) conference, sponsored by the Institute for Anarchist Studies, aims to provide a scholarly space in which to both reexamine and reinvigorate the social and political tradition of anarchism.

RAT is meant as one contribution to the project of developing a more rigorous as well as contemporary theoretical framework for anarchism, and to assist in nurturing new generations of anti-authoritarian public intellectuals. Thus, as opposed to conferences that attempt to create anarchist organizations, statements of purpose, or focus on "lifestyle anarchism" or how-to workshops, RAT brings together anarchist and libertarian left organizers, scholars, writers, educators, activists, students, and others to explore how we make sense of our own tradition; how we understand anarchism in the context of our lives, movements, and present-day social conditions; and how the conceptual tools that the anarchist tradition provides can and need to be rethought.

The Circus Amok season has begun. If you haven’t seen Amok, well.. now’s your opportunity!


Thurs, Sept 1 Riverside Park (Manhattan), 6pm

Fri, Sept 2 Fort Greene Park (Brooklyn), 6pm

Sat, Sept 3 Coney Island (Brooklyn) 2pm & pm

Sun, Sept 4 Marcus Garvey Park (Manhattan) 4pm

Monday, Sept 5 McCarren Park (Brooklyn) 1pm & 4pm

Thursday, Sept 8 Styvesant Cove (Manhattan) 6pm

Friday, Sept 9 Herbert Von King (Brooklyn) 6pm

Saturday, Sept 10 St. Mary's (Bronx) 4pm

Sunday, Sept 11 Prospect Park (Brooklyn) 1pm & 4pm

Thursday, Sept 15 Union Square Park (Manhattan) 1pm &

Friday, Sept 16 Sunset Park (Brooklyn), 5pm

Sunday, Sept 18 Highland Park (Queens), 4pm

Thursday, Sept 22 Bedford Playground (Brooklyn), 5pm

Friday, Sept 23 Washington Square Park (Manhattan),

Saturday, Sept 24 Rufus King Park (Queens), 2pm & 5pm

Sunday, Sept 25 Tompkins Square Park (Manhattan), 1pm & 4pm

The Connection Between the War Against Terrorism, Economics and Media-Art

Researchers, activists and media-artists meet on the Trans-Siberian train from Moscow to Beijing September 11th –20th 2005.

The conference “Capturing the Moving Minds” gathers a pack of people … artists, economists, researchers, philosophers, activists … who are interested in the new logic of the economy, the new form of war against terrorism and in the new cooperative modes of creation and resistance, together in a space moving in time. Spatially moving bodies and bodies moving in time (through the different time zones) creates an event, a meeting that not really 'is' but 'is going on'.

Is this project about economics, is it political activity or a work of art? This “boundlessness” or “indeterminacy”, which always characterizes the creation of new, is where the energy of the project is coming: The enterprise expresses and exposes itself the “knowledge economy” in which it exists. It is something the orthodox conceptions about work, action, economy and art are unable to grasp. In this organizational experiment everybody is “alone together” like a pack of wolves around a fire having neighbours to the left and to the right but nobody behind their backs exposed to the desert.

KnoMad writes:

First Anniversary Party for PropMag 101
Brooklyn, NY Sept. 3, 2005

Celebrate PropMag's First Birthday!

Saturday, Sept. 3, 2005

No Cover
BANDS, live at 7pm
DJs, spin from 9pm until 4am
PropMag Anniversary Issue & CD Giveaways

Laila Lounge
N. 7th Street (btwn Wythe & Berry)
Williamsburg, Bklyn

Propaganda 101, or PropMag, is a youth-produced news and multimedia source out of Brooklyn and Philly. We are a grassroots movement interested in building community around independent and alternative media sources. Our goal is to merge popular culture with politics, and inspire youth activism.

We believe it is necessary to build this community across geographic and party lines, so PropMag places heavy focus on the internet and podcasting, and increasingly on community-based and national non-profit television outlets. PropMag uses event- and action-oriented organizing to help build this community in Brooklyn and Philly. The quarterly print version of PropMag contributes to these goals.

Strategies of Refusal: Explorations in Autonomist Marxism

Bluestockings • 172 Allen Street between Stanton and Rivington, NYC •

http://www.bluestockings.com • $25 – 50 sliding scale

Sundays 12 – 2 PM from October 9nd – December 4th

Instructors: Jack Z. Bratich & Stevphen Shukaitis

Since the publication of Hardt and Negri's Empire new attention has been brought to a previously ignored current of revolutionary theory and practice, namely that of autonomist Marxism. The attention paid to readings of Negri have tended to neglect the vast wealth of engaged theoretical reflection contained within the history of autonomist thought and organizing from which Negri's work emerges. The course will begin to explore this future behind our backs focusing on key concepts and practices with autonomst Marxism such as class composition analysis, spatial articulations and enclosures, mobility and exodus, the refusal of work, affective labor, biopower, communication and information theory, and current developments in autonomist organizing such as those around precarious labor. It will explore the writing of theorists as Mario Tronti, Paolo Virno, the Midnight Notes Collective, Harry Cleaver, Silvia Federici, Bifo, Leopoldina Fortunati, Ferrucio Gambino, Raniero Panzieri, Sandro Mezzadra, George Caffentzis, Maurizio Lazzarato, Mariarosa Dallacosta, Toni Negri, Félix Guattari, and Alisa Del Re. Having at least a working knowledge of Marxist concepts (and a willingness to critique them) would be very helpful. A majority of the reading will be made available electronically and/or in scanned form.

For more information / readings:
http://www.refusingstructures.net/strategies.htmor strategies@refusingstructures.net

Sponsored by Autonomedia: Substructing the Planetary Work Machine Since 1983

Peter Waterman writes "
Developing a Crucial Social Movement Triangle (1)
The International Colloquium on Anti-Globalism,
Amsab/Institute of Social History,
Gent, Belgium, 09.09.05

Peter Waterman

[This note began as a simple exercise preparatory to attending the Gent Colloquium on Anti-Globalism, September 2005. As I began raking my own mind and surfing the web, however, it took off into something more like a paper. In so far as it reflects on the two colloquium themes and identifies some possibly unfamiliar resources, it occurred to me that it might be of value to others. But in so far as much of it remains speculative, I thought it could only be completed by a Part 2, after the event. It should therefore be considered an incomplete draft. As always, critical feedback will be appreciated and acknowledged.]

Introduction: the crucial triangle

        Hosted by Belgium’s major institute of labour studies, in Gent, a Flemish city with a significant labour movement history, this one-day event can be expected to make a further contribution to the crucial triangular relationship between the trade unions, the global justice and solidarity movement (GJ&SM) and the academy (see further below). Belgium has further stakes in these topics. French-speaking academics have concerned themselves with internationalism, historical and contemporary (Gotovitch and Morelli 2003). Belgium is also the base for Cedetim (Centre Tricontinental) which, through the Forum Mondial des Alternatives has made a considerable contribution to research and documentation on the new global solidarity movements (Amin and Houtart 2002). And Brussels is the base of the International Confederation of Trade Unions and many of the associated Global Unions.


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