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The People's Pension: The Anarchist Origins of Social Security and Today's Battle Over Its Future

Eric Laursen

Wednesday, November 16 at 7:30 pm

One of the hottest US domestic political debates today is over the
future of Social Security. The crown jewel of the New Deal, Social
Security is the basic old-age income protection program for elderly and
disabled American workers. It's also the most successful anti-poverty
program in US history, and has always been overwhelmingly popular.

But a patient, well-funded, and determined conservative coalition has
been fighting to dismantle Social Security for more than 20 years now.
Ultimately, they expect to win. Why?

We will explore the reasons why the closest program the US has to true
mutual aid is in mortal danger. These go back to the original ideas
behind Social Security, which have their roots in the early anarchist
and socialist movements at the beginning of the 19th century. Social
Security and workers' compensation originally were conceived as a
cooperative way for workers to supply each others' mutual needs. In the
late 19th century, the original conception was co-opted by the state.

Sharing is Good

A group of activists is planning to download a song from the internet
in front of the building of the SGAE (the spanish association of
authors and editors, well known for its campaigns against file sharing
in P2P networks). The action will take place on the forth-coming

Slavoj Zizek

"The Ignorance of Chicken:
Who Believes What Today?"

November 18, 2005

Swayduck Auditorium - New School for Social Research, 65 Fifth Avenue, NYC


New School for Social Research in conjunction with Theory Downtown

Slavoj Žižek is a Slovenian sociologist, philosopher and cultural critic. Žižek is a professor at the European Graduate School and a senior researcher at the Institute of Sociology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is a visiting professor at Columbia, Princeton, New School for Social Research, New York, and the University of Michigan. Žižek is well known for his use of the works of Jacques Lacan in a new reading of popular culture. In addition to his work as an interpreter of Lacanian psychoanalysis, he writes on countless topics, such as fundamentalism, tolerance, political correctness, globalization, subjectivity, human rights, Lenin, myth, cyberspace, postmodernism, multiculturalism, David Lynch, and Alfred Hitchcock.

KnoMad writes:

Propaganda 101's "First Saturdays"

New York City, Nov. 5, 2005

Come join the Propaganda 101 Family on Saturday, November 5th, for our second round of "First Saturdays"

Time: 5 PM until whenever
Place: Studio 459.
459 Prospect Place, 3B (b/w Classon and Grand)
Brooklyn, NY

No Cover.
Featuring: Art, DJ's, Propmag Mini Mags, Drinks and Snacks.

Description: Propaganda 101 believes in creativity as a powerful political force, capable of combating the destruction and apathy so prevalent in the world today. Our First Saturdays, which take place at Brooklyn's Studio 459, aim to delight and awaken the senses of a numb society. These monthly gatherings are offered by the Propaganda 101 Family as an eager spark to encourage a broader urban cultural rennaisance. We work to challenge the status quo of not only federal and local politics, but the politics of the art world as well, by creating forums and spaces for writers, visual artists, musicians, and activists to express ideas, showcase talent, meet one another, network, and organize in their local communities and beyond

Propaganda 101 is a youth based, grassroots, multimedia group that works to inject progressive politics into pop culture. See PropMag101 or email info@propmag101.net for more details.

PEN American Center presents:

"State of Emergency:
Readings Against Torture, Arbitrary Detention &

Extraordinary Rendition"

New York City, Nov. 8, 2005

With Edward Albee, Paul Auster, Sandra Cisneros, Don DeLillo, Dave Eggers,
Martín Espada, Philip Gourevitch, Jessica Hagedorn, Heidi Julavits, Nicole
Krauss, Rick Moody, Walter Mosley, Grace Paley, Emma Reverter, Salman
Rushdie, Martha Southgate & Colson Whitehead

Tuesday, November 8, 2005, 7 p.m.

The Great Hall at Cooper Union

7 East 7th Street at Third Avenue

Subway: 6 to Astor Place or the R,W to 8th Street

FREE ADMISSION – Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

For more information: PEN

Lagren writes

European Free Arts Demonstration
Strasbourg, Nov. 12, 2005

European Demonstration of Sound Systems

Meet at 14:00 (13:00 GMT) in Place de la Republique in the center of Strasbourg

We demand the right to exist,

We demand the end of systematic and unjustified repression against us,

We demand the condemnation of countries such as the Tcheck republic for brutally repressing our organised events for no justifiable reason,

We demand the right to be treated as socio-cultural performers; because our events are unrestricted, self -managed and with no financial interest, they fall outside the norm of commercial cultural events,

We demand access to Art and Culture as a fundamental right and its expression to be state-approved,


Against arbitrary repressions of named "Teknival" and "Free Parties".

These events just are an artistic and cultural manifestation of free expression with no commercial purpose, open to all in order to share, develop and enrich their culture.

To ensure that what happened in the Tcheck republic does not happen again!

We will not tolerate that, in a newly emerging constitutional Europe, member nations ignore and destroy our spaces for creative freedom through violent police action or security laws.

We will not give up against these discriminatory actions.

We will not give in to intolerance.

We will not be silenced.

We will carry on and inform the public.

In order to achieve this, WE NEED ALL OF YOU...

Anonymous Comrade writes:

Coming Up Short:
Young Women & Global Women

New York City, Nov. 5 & 13, 2005

Tickets are almost gone for these two film events so get them while you can!

November 5th 6:30PM


GROWING UP FAST (Joanna Lipper)
This documentary follows a group of teen parents through their last months of high school, as they share their personal stories and discuss the difficult decisions, challenges and responsibilities they face. While highlighting the difficulties of teen pregnancy and parenthood, this film also shows the strength, courage, resilience, spirit and self-awareness of these adolescents, and charts their rise to meet the challenge of
supporting their families while simultaneously working to graduate from high school with the help of tutoring and daycare. Filmmaker will be in attendance.

WHY GET MARRIED? (Anne Stirling)
This documentary is evocative and thought-provoking, taking a look at the institution of marriage, how it differs in Canada and the US, and whether it is our nature to want to be in couples or in marriage. The film evolved from a series of interviews spanning three years and two widely flung and disparate settings. Singles, gays, marrieds, divorced, never-marrieds, wedding planners and marriage experts - no one was safe from the
provocative interrogator determined to find the answers to her questions.

November 13th 6:30PM


When the Storm Came is a short documentary profiling Kunnan Pushpora, a village in Indian-Administered Kashmir. Through evocative interviews, the film reconstructs the night of February 23, 1991, when villagers say they were victims of a mass rape at the hands of Indian security forces. When the Storm Came tells the intimate story of a few of the victims and depicts the impact the rape continues to have on the community over a decade later. The film culminates with a stark reminder of the
universality of rape as a 'weapon' in conflict across the globe,
persisting throughout time.

SADAA E ZAN (Renee Bergan)
Filmed in March 2002, Sadaa E Zan collects the voices of several Afghan women living in Kabul, Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan. In a land where 50% of women are widows and nearly everyone has lost a family member, these brave women of all ages, recount their struggles and victories from living under twenty three years of war. From the Soviet invasion to the Civil War to the extremist Taliban, women were always the first victims. With the Taliban now gone, Afghanistan finally finds itself with the possibility of peace. But will it last? This, they believe, is in the hands of the international community. Finally, these women have a way to voice their concerns.

These film screenings will be held at the Pioneer Theater (155 E. 3rd St at Avenue A). Tickets are $9 and everyone who attends will receive a gift bag full of prizes from our sponsors worth over $50. Space is limited. To buy tickets, go to:
November 5th: http://www.tix.com/Event.asp?Event=38405
November 13th: http://www.tix.com/Event.asp?Event=37528

David Harvey, A Brief History of Neoliberalism, Panel Discussion

New York City, Oct. 31, 2005

Please join us in a panel discussion of David Harvey's new book, A Brief History of Neoliberalism (OUP 2005), followed by a reception to celebrate his 70th birthday.

Monday, October 31, 2005, 7:00 p.m.

Elebash Recital Hall, CUNY Graduate Center

[Fifth Ave. just north of 34th St. B, D, F, N, Q, R, V, W to 34th St.-Herald Sq.; PATH to 33d; #6 to 33d; M2, M3, M4, M5, M16, M34, Q32]

Introduction: Bill Kelly, President, Graduate Center

The panelists:

Leo Panitch, Political Science, York University

Katherine Verdery, Anthropology, Graduate Center, CUNY

Giovanni Arrighi, Sociology, Johns Hopkins University

Doug Henwood, The Left Business Observer

David Harvey, Anthropology, Graduate Center

Moderator: Neil Smith, Director, Center for Place, Politics and Culture, Graduate Center

Reception and birthday celebration:

Anthropology Program, Brockway Room, 6th floor (Room 6402)

Co-sponsored by the Center for Place, Politics and Culture, the Oxford University Press, the Ph.D. Program in Anthropology, and the Office of the President

Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Ave (between 34th & 35th Streets) New York, N.Y.

Information: pcp@gc.cuny.edu,
212 817 1876

Radicalism in Labor: Radical Approaches to the Crisis
in the Labor Movement

CUNY Graduate Center , 365 Fifth Avenue (34th St. +
5th Ave.)

Saturday, October 29 10:00AM-4:00PM

Elebash Recital Hall

Register on-site: 9:00-10:00AM

Students: $5 – Public: $10 (cash or check preferred)

Reservations are encouraged for guaranteed seating
Please RSVP to: patrickinglis@gmail.com



Barbara Bowen (Professional Staff Congress-CUNY), Bill
Henning (Communications Workers of America Local
1180), Kathleen Hull (Adjunct Association and
Professor of Humanities, NYU), Mike Phelan (Committee
of Interns and Residents)



Willie Baptist (University of the Poor), Kevin
Fitzpatrick (New York Taxi Workers Alliance ), Saru
Jayaraman (Restaurant Opportunities Center of New
York), Diana Polson (CUNY Graduate Center),
Representative (Kensington Welfare Rights Union)


Stanley Aronowitz (CUNY Graduate Center), Marty
Fishgold (Former President, International Labor
Communications Association), Gerry Hudson (SEIU),
Andrew Ross (American Studies, NYU), Penny Lewis
(Borough of Manhattan Community College), Kim Moody
(Labor Notes)

The Center for the Study of Culture, Technology and

* Phone: 212-817-2001 *

Information: saronowitz@igc.org

"The Ecosocialist Vision"

Joel Kovel

New York City, Nov. 2, 2005

The New SPACE (The New School for Pluralistic Anti-Capitalist Education) Presents:


A Talk by Joel Kovel

Wednesday, November 2 at 7:30 p.m.

We are presently undergoing a profound crisis in the relations between humanity and nature — the outcome of which will determine the shape of the future. It is quite clear, although near-universally denied, that this "ecological crisis" is primarily being driven by the force of capital accumulation. It is also clear that this objectively redefines the mission of radical-left politics, inasmuch as capital is both profoundly ecodestructive and unable to correct itself. Hence a new socialism is needed — an ecosocialism that combines "red" and "green" political agendas. To do this, however, a new sense of vision is required, one capable of imagining the contours of such a socialist world despite the failings of twentieth century socialism and the hegemonic power of capitalism. Join us in a discussion with Joel Kovel.


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