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Issue 3, Summer 2009 Mayday Magazine

Launched for Mayday 2009

Contents; Police violence and its history, the origins of the police and their 2 faced nature, analysis of the Credit Crunch, the global economic meltdown and what it means, John Bowden on the nature of prison, prisoners, solidarity and class struggle behind bars. The editorial introduction covers different struggles and their possibilities, the state of the movement and the way forward. 44 pages inc. cover.


Last Week of "House Magic: Bureau of Foreign Correspondence," May 5-7, 2009

The “House Magic: Bureau of Foreign Correspondence” informational exhibit on European squatted social centers finishes its final week of programming at ABC No Rio. Then it will be boxed up and moved to Queens for the summer. After this week we'll be working on the catalogue zine, which will be a PDF posted in June.


Academic Freedom Controversy at the University of California Santa Barbara Leading Radical Scholar Accused of Anti-Semitism

Professor William Robinson, a world renowned Jewish scholar, is facing charges of Anti-Semitism at the University of California Santa Barbara. A list of his publication and other information about his work can be found at: http://www.soc.ucsb.edu/faculty/robinson/

Reclaim the Heights! Bury the G8! Bring Your Shovels! The Diggers 2.0

APPEAL TO THE GLOBAL MULTITUDES: Seize this chance to build sustainable autonomous community structures! Capital merely engineers destruction and myths of future prosperity. Its crisis should be met with the shock and awe of the full energies of the multitude.

Break your backs creating a post-industrious commons! A call to the global multitude to descend upon Abruzzo for July 7-11, and help rebuild it in the image of the future!

"OVNI 2009: Rhizomes, Liberated Spaces" Abu Ali, OVNI 2009 Barcelona

[Editor's Note: This text introduces Barcelona's OVNI ARXIUS DE L'OBSERVATORI (Observatori de Video no Identificat) radical documentary film festival, May 26-31, 2009. Click above for archive and schedule of screenings.]

"Bail Out the People" Movement Announces Three Important Projects

ATTENTION ACTIVISTS AND ORGANIZERS! The Bail Out the People Movement is announcing three important projects:

Endorse the call | Become a local organizer/volunteer FIRST:

PROTEST THE G20 SUMMIT IN NEW YORK CITY! Saturday, September. 19 & Sunday, September 20, 2009 (tentative dates) ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE– BUT WE MUST FIGHT FOR IT!

Fifth Estate #380 (Spring 2009) issue theme: "Subtext, Subversion & Sabotage" including * Henry Reed – “Between Orwell and McCarthy: The Crucifixion of Marie Mason” * anon – “The Green Scare Rolls On” * Cara Hoffman and Joe Ricker – “The Jumper” * Ambrose Nurra – “Miscarriage” and “Proverb” * Gavin Grindon – “Second-Wave Situationism?” * Jason Cook – “Eschatology” * Jacob Bennett – “An Elegy for Malachi Ritscher” * Jack Bratich - “Subjectivity Rosa: Undercurrent Affairs” and many more...

Announcing the Free Music Archive Dave Mandl

The Free Music Archive is a social music website built around a curated library of free, legal audio. It's spearheaded by WFMU, but the freeform radio station is just one of several major curators collaborating on this project. WFMU is joined by fellow radio stations like KEXP (Seattle), webcasters like DUBLAB (Los Angeles), netlabels (Comfort Stand), venues (ISSUE Project Room), and amazing online collectives like CASH Music.


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