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Fifth Estate Number 380, "Subtext, Subversion & Sabotage" Released

Fifth Estate #380 (Spring 2009) issue theme: "Subtext, Subversion & Sabotage" including * Henry Reed – “Between Orwell and McCarthy: The Crucifixion of Marie Mason” * anon – “The Green Scare Rolls On” * Cara Hoffman and Joe Ricker – “The Jumper” * Ambrose Nurra – “Miscarriage” and “Proverb” * Gavin Grindon – “Second-Wave Situationism?” * Jason Cook – “Eschatology” * Jacob Bennett – “An Elegy for Malachi Ritscher” * Jack Bratich - “Subjectivity Rosa: Undercurrent Affairs” and many more...

* Bianca Shannon – “Tracks” * Walker Lane – “Nope to Hope: False Capital & the Spectacle Triumphant” * Peter Lamborn Wilson – “Seven Subversive InstaSonnets” * Don LaCoss – “Sucker” * Cara Hoffman – “Rachel Pollack is Willing to Change Everything” * Kristian Williams – “Sexual Liberation and the Possibilities of Friendship: Foucauldian Proposals and Anarchist Elaborations” * anon – “Our Hearts Never Hibernate, Neither does the State: An update on the RNC 8” * John Gibler – “ ‘We Will Continue’ - Street Art in Oaxaca” * Charles Hale – “Solidarity in Slowmotion” * Jim Feast – “ ‘The People’s Luck’: Anti-Authoritarian China” * Stevphen Shukaitis – “Workers’ Inquiry, Militant Research, and the Business School”

BOOK REVIEWS * Let There Be Night: Testimony on Behalf of the Dark, edited by Paul Bogard. Review by Don LaCoss * AKIBA: A Gnostic Novel, by p.m. Review by Dave Meesters * CYCLONOPEDIA complicity with anonymous materials, by Reza Negarestani. Review by Peter Lamborn Wilson


issues are $4pdd (US) each and subscriptions are $14 (US), $20 (Mexico & Canada) and $24 (world).


SUBMISSION CALLS for #381 and #382

for #381, SUMMER 2009 Now accepting submissions; no theme. Deadline is June 1, 2009. Write to: fe@fifthestate.org or Fifth Estate, PO Box 201206, Ferndale, MI 48220

for #382, FALL 2009 In honor of Ursula K. LeGuin’s 80th year, the Fifth Estate plans a very special issue with writings by and about this esteemed and visionary author. In particular, we seek artwork, poems, essays, and short stories that explore LeGuin’s living legacy of ambiguous anarchy, of her utopian, feminist, ecological, Taoist, and anti-authoritarian work. Please write with any questions.

Submissions accepted starting July 1, 2009! sunfrog@gmail..com or Fifth Estate, PO Box 6, Liberty, TN 37095