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Symposium on Book & Print Culture

at the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of

Tuesday May 28, 9am-5pm

Clara Benson Building, Room 307

A one-day Symposium at this year's Congress will be an occasion for scholars
working in a broad range of humanities and social science disciplines in
Canadian universities to meet on the common ground of studies of book and
print cultures. The gathering will celebrate and draw upon an impressive
body of academic activity within Canada, and at the same time, extend its
disciplinary boundaries and increase its numbers.

9:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks:

Leslie Howsam (University of Windsor), General Editor, University of Toronto
Press series in Book and Print Culture

9: 30 Betty A. Schellenberg (Simon Fraser University)

"Remembering Beyond 'The Great Forgetting': Women Writers, Literary History,
and Print-Culture Studies"

10:15 coffee

10:30 Jacques Michon (Université de Sherbrooke)

"Vingt ans de recherche sur le livre et l'édition"

11:15 Lorraine Janzen Kooistra (Nipissing University)

"Problems in The History of the Book: The Case of Victorian Illustrated

12:00 lunch

1.00 Jeet Heer (York University)

"From Everyday Art to Microfilm: The Challenges of Writing the History of
Newspaper Comics"

1:45 Brian McKillop (Carleton University)

"Researching Mr. Canada: A Prospective Biographer Looks to the Sources"

2:30 coffee

2:45 George Elliott Clarke (University of Toronto)

"Landing a Voice: Locating the Early Dionne Brand"

3:30 to 4.30 Discussion of future Congress events featuring Book and Print
Culture Studies.


Dear Friends,

Leonard Peltier's next interim parole hearing has been scheduled for July
1st, 2002. Letters of support are urgently needed.

NL-Design and Paradiso present



PARADISO – AMSTERDAM - friday May 17 - 2002

Start at 2 PM

Browserday, the international competition for new media designers, is
coming back to Amsterdam. After Browserdays in New York and Berlin, the next
event will take place at Paradiso on 17 May 2002. In 1998, the first
Browserday was staged in the midst of the so-called 'Browserwar' between
Netscape and Microsoft. Ever since the question who owns infrastructure and
thus determines the ways in which billions of people communicate has become
increasingly urgent. The techno-economic battleground has shifted from the
Internet to mobile networks but the issues are still the same: who sets the
standards and owns them? What degree of freedom does the user have and what
is the role of designers in this fast changing world of new media? Almost 35
young designers will present their alternative proposals that leave the
existing software and interface culture far behind.


The networks have liberated themselves from their cables. Electroclouds blow
through the streets. The heavy desktop computers of yesteryear have shrunk
and accompany us everywhere and nowhere. The unbearable lightness of the
media makes us feel uneasy about the almost perfect accessability of the
world. The invisible abundance of signs takes users into a technological
unconscious. For the moment all problems seem to be solved. But who are the
ones that invite us to this technological wonderland? Are wireless networks
part of society or are we mere paying guests of this cell space; clients
granted access only after having paid? Does wireless mean powerless? Can we
act against wireless devices being tapped? Are there public spaces on the
network that aren't being run by the big telecoms? What do the tiny screens
look like that offer more facilities than sending text messages or photos?


Anonymous Comrade writes "Forward far & wide!

Harry Cleaver, autonomist, author, academic, and activist; will be speaking on Long Island, NY on May 4th at a Long Island Free Space event. Author of 'Reading Capital Politically' (anti-thesis/ak press) and long time proponent of autonomist Marxism, it is rare that we have the opportunity to hear from this exciting individual in this area.

Also that nite the Freespace will be hosting its regular DIY Flea Market w/ potluck & wares for sale/trade & Kevin Svorak, an NYC activist who is now in
Palestine, is also booked to speak that night!

Where: Ethical Humanist Building - www.ehsli.org for directions - (Freespace Offices) in Garden City, Long Island, NY

What Time: the event at which Harry will be speaking goes from 7 to 11, Harry will go on at about 8:30

How Much: $5, money goes to opening a social center here on the Island


From NYC, take LIRR train from Penn Station to Mineola, from Mineola Station walk 1 block south to Old County Rd. and make a right... walk for 5 min, until you see a water tower on your left & the Ethical Humanist Building immediately after





The Indypendent writes: The New York City Independent Media Center has just published the April edition of The Indypendent . This month's newspaper is based on the theme "Our World In Peril."

Welcome to the online version of The Indypendent , the monthly newspaper of the New York City Independent Media Center. This month's newspaper is based on the theme "Our World In Peril." We hope you enjoy the stories. Below is an overview of the issue with links, as well as a full listing of articles. The Indypendent is run entirely by volunteers and relies on the generosity of its supporters. Please consider supporting independent journalism by subscribing to the paper today. If you are interested in getting involved email imc-nyc-print@indymedia.org.


The Northeastern Anarchist #4 (spring/summer 2002)
Magazine of the Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC)

"Class Struggle Beyond Anti-Globalization Protest"

Single copies are $5ppd ($6 international); subscriptions are $15ppd ($18
international). For distribution, bundle orders are $3 per copy for three
or more copies, and $2.50 for ten or more. Checks and money orders can be
made out to "Northeastern Anarchist" and sent to:

The Northeastern Anarchist

PO Box 230685

Boston, MA 02123, USA

email: sabate 36

For more information about NEFAC...

nefac (English)

nefac (French)

Hi everybody.

I have now finally started updating and revising the Anarchist Yellow Pages,
which unfortunately has become very outdated by now. You can see what I have
done so far at ayp.
You can all help out by checking out your local area, and email comments,
corrections and additions to nihil

If I manage to put together a fairly updated list, there will be a new paper
version later this year.

The Anarchist Yellow Pages is made possible by the help of anarchists and
subversives everywhere. If you want to be involved in the making of the AYP,
please join the AYP email-list. Send an email to majordomo
with the command "subscribe ayp" in the body of the message. (Up till now
this email-list has been inactive, but I hope this will change.)


Felix Frost

Citizens' Coal Council writes "Join
members of the Citizens' Coal Council, members of the UMWA, and other concerned
citizens at the Massey Company Stockholders' Meeting on April 16.


will be leaving from Southwest Virginia! The ride and meals will be provided by
UMWA and the Citizens' Coal Council.


TACT1 writes "


As soon as they first hit the headlines in the press hysteria before MayDay 2001, the W.O.M.B.L.E.S. have been relentlessly harassed by the police. Falsely portrayed in the media as violent criminals out for trouble, their only crime is to stand up for themselves - in a culture where the police look more like robocops in their stab-proof vests and NATO helmets, the WOMBLES are attacked because they have white overalls on and cushions stuffed up their jumpers!


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