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A Secret Conference Thought to Rule the World

Alan Cowell & David M. Halbfinger, New York Times

Since its first meeting 50 years ago, the Bilderberg conference, a secretive gathering of global power brokers, has inspired layer upon layer of conspiracy theories, which it has done little to dispute. Over the years, the deeds laid at the conference's devious door have included the creation of the European Union, the invasion of Iraq and the bombing of Serbia — all to service its most cherished goal: the creation of a world government.

The conspiracy theories bubbled to the surface anew last week, after it was reported that a well-received speech by Senator John Edwards at the conference last month in Stresa, Italy, was one reason for his selection as John Kerry's vice-presidential running mate.

Fukuyama Withdraws Bush Support

Zaman Online

Famous academic Francis Fukuyama, one of the founding fathers of the neo-conservative movement that underlies the policies of US President George W. Bush's administration, said on July 13 that he would not vote for the incumbent in the November 2 US Presidential election.

In addition to distancing himself from the current administration, Fukuyama told Time magazine that his old friend, US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, should resign.

SUNY Buffalo Art:

It's Not Bio-Terror, But Is It Illegal Anyway?

Al Matthews,
CNN Headline News

(CNN) — SUNY Buffalo art professor Steven Kurtz, his publisher, and their scientific and artistic colleagues are embroiled in court proceedings that began as a full federal bio-terrorism investigation, and ended up as charges of wire and mail fraud.

"Pinched RNC Demonstrators Can Expect Jail Time"

Dan Janison, Newsday

New York City is ready for the prospect of holding in custody hundreds of demonstrators who may be arrested next month during the Republican National Convention, Correction Commissioner Martin Horn said yesterday.

"We have a plan," Horn said.

Several hundred detainees can be held if necessary in the Manhattan court complex but even large numbers of arrests "are not expected to have a substantial impact on our average daily population," Horn said.

"We expect most of these individuals will be released at arrest and pay fines, to the extent they are charged with disorderly conduct," Horn told the Board of Corrections in a public meeting.

Horn discussed the issue in broad terms, after it was broached by board chairman Stanley Kreitman. Horn noted that since court activity usually slows in late August, the holding pens are less busy at that time.

"US 'May Delay Vote If Attacked'"

BBC News

The Bush administration is reported to be investigating the possibility of postponing the presidential election in the event of a terror attack.

US counter-terrorism officials are examining what steps would be needed to permit a delay, Newsweek reports.

Artist Likely To Plead Not Guilty Over Bacteria

James Adams, Toronto Globe and Mail

TORONTO — A Buffalo artist and university professor is expected to plead not guilty today to charges that he illegally obtained biological materials that U.S. federal authorities continue to investigate as having possible bioterror potential.

"Fahrenheit 911" Now Available for Download!

[but not from us!]

Michael Moore's new film has been much anticipated in the file sharing world, and it became obvious that several different release groups would compete to see who could produce the most polished encode.

There is now a second version, surely of much higher quality (It is a Telesynch) released by the celebrated Centropy, it's one file just under 700Mb and encoded in Xvid. The quality is extremely good and the film is complete. It has been tested by our top scientists ;-)

You can find it here:

Details on how to download it continue below.

Seeing as people seem quite enthusiastic about downloading, check out the online archive of independent and copyleft productions at:
New Global Vision

and the video footage sharing project at V2V.

Will Michael Moore's Facts Check Out?

Philip Shenon, 2912db05cb9917f">New York Times

Michael Moore is not coy about his hopes for "Fahrenheit
9/11," his blistering documentary attack on President Bush
and the war in Iraq. He wants it to be remembered as the
first big-audience, election-year film that helped unseat a

The New York Times, in Editors' Note, Finds Much to Fault in its
Iraq WMD Coverage

Greg Mitchell, Editor & Publisher Online

NEW YORK — After months of criticism of The New York Times' coverage of
weapons of mass destruction in Iraq — mainly directed at star
reporter Judith Miller — the paper's editors, in an extraordinary
note to readers this morning, finally tackled the subject,
acknowledging it was "past time" they do so. Following the sudden
fall last week of Ahmad Chalabi, Miller's most famous source, they
probably had no choice.

While it does not, in some ways, go nearly far enough, and is buried
on Page A10, this low-key but scathing self-rebuke is nothing less
than a primer on how not to do journalism, particularly if you are an
enormously influential newspaper with a costly invasion of another
nation at stake.

Bush to Defend Iraq Policy in Monday Night Speech
CBC News

WASHINGTON — Hoping to convince Americans that Iraq hasn't been a terrible mistake and that he has a workable plan for creating a democracy there, U.S. President George W. Bush begins a series of speeches on Monday.

Bush will speak Monday evening at the Army War College in Carlisle, Pa., knowing that he will be heard around the world.

The speech will lay out Bush's plan for the United States to be a "partner with the Iraqi people," said White House spokesman Scott Mclellan.

Bush won't set out a time for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq, Mclellan said. Events in Iraq are "at a critical stage, and the stakes are high," he said.


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